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I have found it quite difficult to find patterns while starting my scroll saw hobby. That is the main reason for this link page. It does not guide you to pages that get you farther and farther off track of what you want and I know what you want. Ideas right?

The links here may sound totally unrelated until you visit them. I have spent many hours searching high and low to find different angles on locating patterns and I have found you some pots of gold my friend.

These patterns belong to other people but they may give you an idea for your own. I tried to link directly to the pattern pages, but you may have to surf the sites briefly.

There are some good places to search for pattern ideas such as places that make stencils, graphics,cliparts, flash tattoo patterns, etc. should be your first stop. Great examples of patterns are possible from stencils. great page that makes steel silhouettes. are designs for glass that can be a good sorce. this one for some more designs. is vehicle graphics that have some good ideas. is a bullitin board for scrollers

The following are the normal scrollsaw links I have so far. Mail me if you would like yours posted here as well. If you have a scroll saw, i'm interested.

Scroll Saw Workshop- - - The best scroll saw magazine on the market in my opinion Patterns for wooden gear clocks that Jeff Schierenbeck designs.

Great new site for scrollers- - - -scroll saw pattern center

http;// Scroll Saw Ass. of the world info and meny links to scroller sites. man scrolls for a living (what more can I say)? sorce for patterns. patterns and original work. is outstanding work. You have to see this level of scrolling.

Mikes Workshop== (flying Dutchman Blades) Looking for blades?

This is a site starting up that shows some great portrait work


------------------------------more to come------------------------------

If you have encountered sites that would help someone in this hobby that offers free patterns or informative information on this hobby, please send me the link and I will review it and paste it to my links page.My goal in this page is to give the scroller every tool possible to find patterns and to enjoy the hobby without spending tons of money on buying common patterns that they can find for free.Please direct questions or comments to my e-mail link below.