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(put just one sheet of paper in your printer unless you want to print the whole page)Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then press the P key to print(or click on file at the upper left hand corner of your screen and choose print on the menu that drops down).(Some patterns may look or work better if enlarged )

You can also right click and choose save and save this picture in a file or copy it and paste it to a graphic program of your choice.

This is the newest free pattern to this site.I post my all-time newest patterns on my club site first and then here for easier archiving.Take a look at my new club site and check the pattern there to see if you can find an even newer one for free.((Click Here to go to my new online scroll saw club))

Here is a fun dolphin pattern that I have made for you.

Enjoy and remember where you got it.

I offer this to you for 100% free.Why? Maybe I am loosing it but I feel that the joy I had creating and cutting this out needs to be shared on a larger scale than patterns that are for sale.Of all the patterns that I offer on my site just one sold at a craft show will generate a very good profit.If you want to repay my generosity just buy one of my books.Its just $14.95 and it shows you how I create my masterpieces.It also contains 55 good patterns.My next book and future books will not let you down either.I put a lot of hard work and time into my books and I make sure that they are patterns that appeal to a wide range of people and they can be cut out.I currently spend about $10.00 for materials and sell my finished pieces for around $45.00.I dont know about you but thats a profit I can live with since I dont do this full time yet.

I have had some people take advantage of my generosity so I have to set ground rules that must be followed or I will remove my entire site from the internet without hesitation.I can take a few punches from people who steal my hard work and I have done just that.Thanks to all of you that help me to keep a look out for people who take advantage of me and fellow pattern makers.

The few common sence ground rules are as follows:

1) Do not post my free patterns on any website without my permission in whole or part.

2) Do not re-sell my patterns (I did the work.Why should you profit when you did not play a part in the creation of the pattern.)

3) Give me credit for my efforts(This is more of a request.I hate to think that people are taking the credit for the work that I do.Anyone can cut out a pre-made pattern.If asked or if it seems appropriate or respectful, give me a plug for my hard work.)

4)Do not publish my work in whole or part in any publication without my written permission.The very work of the artist at the moment he or she is done with the pattern is automatically copyrite protected.Check the law.

I state these common sence things because I have to.I thought it was evident but recently I have learned that there are people who dont respect others work.

Have fun with this pattern.There will never be another quite like it and I offer it to you for free.

Check my archives of free patterns for more.Click here

I have been buisy with the new book comming out on the Civil War that will contain excellent patterns.I have beefed up my graphics learning and have created very crisp and clean lines on the patterns.I hope you like it.

I am now taking orders for signed copies of my book, "Scroll Saw Portraits"on my homepage.Print out the order form and mail it out with payment for a signed book.

Gary Browning



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