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Free Pattern Archive

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Due to popular demand I offer you my free pattern archive

These patterns are free and will be updated frequently .It is my privilage to offer these to you.You may print out and give away as many of these as you like but I ask that you give me credit for making them and tell others of my site and book that is soon to be in print.I will not allow you to re-sell the patterns as your own. It takes great effort to offer these to you for free and I want to continue this as long as you respect my minimal demands.Enjoy and visit often. --Gary Browning

(you should be able to print it out after you link to its page.You may have to adjust it to get it to the right dimensions that you want)

Cochise - - -- - - - -- - - -Indian pattern

Hank Williams------ A country western star

Beatles Pattern------A good pattern of a timeless band

The King (close)----I was told this one looks like a witch when its turned upside down.

Celtic Dragons-------Great dragon pattern

Big spyder------ - - - - - - - This is a fun spyder pattern

Clint Eastwood- - - - - - - The man, myth and legend

Puppy with Boot- - - - - - cute pattern

Devito - - - - - - - - - - -Great beginner pattern

Wolf ----------------wolf portrait

Earnhardt- - - - - - -My tribute to Earnhardt

Marine Corps pattern----- Eagle Globe and Anchor

John Goodman--Good portrait

2-Cats---------------These are some cute cats

Maximus------------From the movie "Gladiator"

Shirley Temple--here is A fun pattern

Dorothy--------------Judy Garland

Monroe --------------Famous star/fun one and good seller

Charlie Chaplin---This pattern is made by Allan Fryer

apple-pear------- Generic pattern

cupid ---------------Generic pattern

Many more to come.....


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