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1985 JET

I have had a few folks ask me what kind of scroll saw I use. For those of you that care here is a quick shot of my 350 pound workhorse. It is a 1985 Jet. The arm on top does not move. Pistons move the blade and it requires oil to function. Its smother than any machine that I have ever used and its so massive that the vibration is very low if any at all. It has a belt that can be changed to different sprocket groves for different speeds. It has about a 27inch clearance and a nice table. It has attachments to keep the blade straight and a dust blower, but I feel that these get in the way when I am going to town on a project. Dont ask me where you can pick one of these up because I am pretty sure they dont make them like this now. I purchased it off of a man who thought I would use it more often than he did. He gave me a very good price for it and it feels like my birthday every time I get on it to do some of my work. I started on a Delta 16 inch and it is still a good little machine that I use for straight cuts and odd projects. Thanks for taking the time to read about my friend and work partner that I am proud to own and display.