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** New News ** Just starting up a new website to sell patterns at a very reasonable price. Click Here to check it out. See you there.




Hello Scrollers!!

 I am still around and I still love to scroll. Life throws you a few challenges as you all know and we strive to work through them the best we can. We all have a common desire to always return to what feels comfortable and right to us. For me the disign side of scrolling is what I like to do and the cutting is just the cherry on top. If their is a way you can brighten anothers day with scrolling or make a few bucks to fund the hobby you like then go for it. What you get out of scrolling far out weighs what you put into it. It's not as hard as it looks. You just need to get that first couple cuts under your belt and go ahead and make those mistakes that cause the kids to cover their ears. You need to make mistakes to learn from them but you need to jump back on that horse and continue on to find the true pleasure in this great craft, art and hobby.

  There are many forms of scrolling but I tend to stick with "portrait scrolling". It is a type of fretwork that brings realism and character into the wood. Once learned portrait pattern making will allow you to creat custom patterns of your very own. Until you put some time into the design side of portrait scrolling or if you just like to cut wood, I have some patterns that are ready to go now.

 My book explains how to make the portrait patterns. This website has some very interesting links and ideas to further enhance and suppliment the book. I also have a few pattern books. The patterns on this website that are for sale are mainly to fund the cost of keeping up this website. As I sell more patterns I will get the adds removed. I know everyone hates them as much as I do. If you have any ideas for patterns that you would like to see on my site please let me know.