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  The White Hope Orphanage

 We specialize in caring for unique and special children.  The children in the orphanage include elves, drow, lycanthropes, selkies, sprites, dragons, and more.  We're even equipped to deal with young dragons in the event the need should arise.

Our Mission:  To provide the best possible care to the many orphans found in Rhydin.  We specialize in providing for the needs of unique, special, and magical children. 

Who We Help: Given the number of wars, disasters, murders, and atrocities that happen daily in Rhydin, it is no surprise many orphans are to be found there.  We primarily take in the children that most are unlikely to even be able to deal with. Most cities have orphanages to care for normal children and we're more than happy to assist them should they be in need.  We maintain contacts with as many of these orphanages as possible and they send us the children they are not equipped to deal with.

Where We're Located: We have branches in the cities of Moonblade and Taglios.  These two cities were selected as the locations to build our permanent orphanages after exhaustive research.  We wished to find places in Rhydin where unique children could be raised in a safe, secure environment.  The sister cities of Moonblade and Taglios were judged to be the best locations where we could build when all the relevant factors were considered.

Our Facilities:  To enable us to provide for the needs of the more unusual children, our orphanages have facilities that are quite unique.  Each orphanage is a large complex of buildings costing as much as a small keep and including such fine amenities as properly constructed underground lair to keep the young dragons comfortable.  We also have training facilities to be able to manage the unique skills of many of our children.  All these unique facilities cost quite a bit of money and we do definitely appreciate donations.

Our Staff:  We have a small, but dedicated staff.  All of our staff members are well trained in the arts of magic, university educated, and have experience in dealing with many different varieties of children.

Learning More About Us:

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