This is Master St. Germain - the Violet flame and Star of  David



I bid you good afternoon, my beloved light workers. Long have you labored in the vineyards for this moment to arrive, for your Golden Age does await on Earth though it appears the exact opposite. We do say that the light worker will have success in her efforts and yawned her imagining at the moment.


All hands are needed on board, for this is a momentous occasion of joy and a fruitful recognition of her labors in the vineyard of the kingdom.


The kingdom of God and the New Earth are intertwined as the great one, Jesus, taught.

Many admire and love Him but will not listen in the inner planes. Listen in the inner planes today to the Master, for He is guiding this light and this project.


I send forth my violet ray flame of transformation and healing to the planet, and we ask your continued prayers and meditations on the Lightbody to send forth a very powerful ray to the Middle East right now.


The Mer Ka Ba  meditation using the Star of David, as we know, sends immediate help to all peoples, not just Israel - but all the areas of the Middle East - for it is the vehicle which we enter , and it is the vehicle upon which we leave this plane., beloveds, that you are guided in every moment even when working overtime on your projects, as this channel has done so diligently for so many years. Diana stands in light and has been Ascended Master since her transition should anyone question that. She has been among the Essenes and we have known her for many periods of your Earth history. She was grandmother to the great one Jesus and mother of the Blessed Virgin.


We, in the ascendant realms, are overlighting all of the good work that is coming out everywhere amidst all the confusion that appears to be on this plane. We tell you that we are in the end times and as such we can expect more confusion and more of the light and shadow consciousness. The more you can stay in the light despite the dismal news every day presented on your television screens, the more you hold the potential for that peace that awaits in the New Earth as well as on this Earth.


My hands are upon each one blessing you and touching you and alighting the Violet flame above your head.  Be at peace in your meditations today.  I am St. Germain.



As channeled by Marcia McMahon c. 2014