About Reiki- What is Reiki Healing?

Welcome to my site, Divine Connections for Reiki healing!  It’s not by accident you are here, and I am thrilled to be able to assist you on your healing journey. Isn’t that what life is all about, helping each other to grow and to reclaim our natural state of health?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by laying on hands and can be easily learned by anyone.” ( Rand, W. www.reiki.org, 09) William Rand’s site is an excellent source of material, and he provides more compiled information than I have seen anywhere on how Reiki developed.  I have also studied with two excellent teachers.

Reiki is a natural method of relaxation and healing energy that is transmitted from the hands of the practicioner to the client. Each Reiki practioner needs to take training and attunement to do reiki; and it can be learned by anyone. I am a level II Reiki practitioner in the traditional Usui method. I have been attuned to Reiki by Sr. Ann Mathieu, of Springfield, and by Brenda Peterson, a Rainbow Reiki Master in Dalton City, Il. These are my teachers, and I have my certificates, all based on the traditional Usui line of Reiki, developed originally in Japan by Dr. Usui a marvelous healer and human being.

The energy is often felt through the hands of the person administering it, and as well by the client as a healing sensation of heat.

Dr. Usui and His Discovery of Reiki

Dr. Usui in Japan first discovered Reiki while in meditation on Mount Kumara.  He fasted for 21 days in deep meditation on a true quest for the technique of healing, much as Jesus went to the desert to pray.  Exhausted and ready to give up, Dr. Usui, after that time he felt that he received information on the 21st day!  What he discovered enable him to heal using his hands and the Divine or Universal energy!

Many people have noted the similarity of the laying on of hands in Christian healing and the techniques in Dr. Usui’s method; however Reiki has no religious creed; and is therefore available to anyone- believer or non-believer. In fact no belief is necessary! His success broadened in Japan to include many patients, whom he lovingly healed. He began to teach Usui Reiki and to pass it along in what is called attunements to his students, so that there developed stages to mastery. A Reiki Master can now teach Reiki while a level II practitioner is able to administer Reiki with symbols and do distance healing., as well as the laying on of hands in the traditional hand positions. This information is passed down from teacher to student!

 In the early part of this century, traditional Usui Reiki was expanded upon by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata ( Rand, W. www.reiki.org, 09) who brought it to the United States. Mrs. Tataa received healing from her reiki practitioners in Japan and later moved to the United States where she began to train Reiki Masters.  All three original founders were Reiki masters, but Dr. Usui remains the original master behind it’s discovery and is highly revered by all who practice Reiki. I am a personal student of Dr. Usui, in that he is my spirit guide, directing my hands and working with me in my client sessions, among many other angelic helpers!

The Reiki works all on it’s own, as theorized, just as the stars appear at night and the sun greets the day- all are part of this majestic creation of God or the Divine, all the universe responds to the divine connection- or Universal energy known as Chi or Ki in Japanese! You, as a child of God are no less than the stars and the sun, a divine blueprint, ready to have the divine reconnection in a reiki treatment!

Hence my name for my site- I believe that the Divine Connection is doing the healing, and know it to be true.  Do you know this for yourself?  If not why not try a Reiki treatment soon?  Let the Universal energy or Rei- Divine or Ki- energy restore your chakras, your body, your mind and spirit to a sense of peace and healing! 

You will be amazed at how you feel afterward! :Healing Art:AAMichael2small.jpg

Did you know that now the National Institutes of Health is conducting a study of the effectiveness of Reiki on pain management? It’s true. More information will be forthcoming as I continue to research this scientific study of Reiki.



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