Testimonials- "The biomat relieved my arthritis pain. CA, Taylorville, Il "

 "It was amazing. The first time I tried it and got it out of the box I put it right on my shoulder pain. It worked so well . I cannot believe how much better I feel! Tina Anderson, Thanks so much , Marcia! "

To read more on the research concerning how the biomat emits negative ions, and far infrared therapy waves of light penetrating the body 6 inches, please reference The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees by Dr. Yoshimizu of Japan. Dr.
Yoshimizu uses the biomat successfully in his Garden clinic to in japan.

For more information see his book on amazon.com

Thank you so much, Marcia for sharing the biomat with me. I felt amazing after use with the biomat and it relaxed my muscles and spine. I really want to buy one now! Charlotte, Taylorville Il

I personally use the biomat daily to relieve back pain, and it is truly a blessing. As we age we need more negative ion therapy and heat for arthritis! The biomat soothes my muscles and aches and pains in bak in the colder weather!  I simply love it! Judy R, Taylorville, IL