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Character/Actress Information

Piper Halliwell

Born August 7, 1973 she is a Leo (Charmed Mag #1)

Piper originally the middle Halliwell sister later becomes the oldest sister after Prue's death. Piper went to college to become a Chef, her first major job was the Chef at Quake. Piper later became the manager of Quake then quit to realize her dream of owning her own resturant. Instead she opened a club named P3 (aka Power of Three or Prue, Piper, and Phoebe) becasue it was much cheaper then starting her own resturant.

Pipeer is also the mother of 3 children: Wyatt Matthew, Christopher Perry, and Mellinda Prudence Halliwell. She is also married to their ex-Whitelighter husband Leo.

Holly Marie Combs


Witch: Spell casting and The Power of 3

Temporal Stasis aka Freezing Time and Molecular Combustion aka Blowing things up.

Astral Projection thanks to Prue for teaching Leo before she died.


Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie CombsBirth Name: Holly Marie Combs
Birthdate: December 3, 1973
Birthplace: San Diego, California, and moved with her family to New York when she was 8 years old
Occupation: Actor
Height: 5'3"

Seasons 1 thru 8 (The only cast member to starred in all 178 episodes including the unaired-pilot).

She now has 4 tattoos. The rose on her right shoulder blade, a paisley-type band on her left wrist, a tribal-type band around her right wrist, and a butterfly (new in December 2001) on the inside of her right wrist.

Holly is a pet lover and has 17 pets now. 3 horses, 4 fish, 4 birds, 2 dogs, 2 Cats, 2 rabbits.

Married: Bryan Smith (actor; married in 1993; divorced in 1997)
Married: David W. Donoho (on February 14, 2004)

Children: Two sons Finley Arthur Donoho (born on April 26, 2004) and Riley Edward Donoho (born on October 26, 2006) with husband David Donoho.

Claim to Fame
: Played Tom Skerritt's daughter Kimberly Brock in the Emmy-winning drama Picket Fences (1996-2000)