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2008 Releases

-Trickery Treat (Charmed) by Diana G. Gallagher

Discover the Magic Again!!!

Charmed - The Complete Series (1998)

All 8 season are here in one incredible box set. For details of each season check out the list below.

2007 Releases

-High Spirits (Charmed) by Scott Ciencin
-Leo Rising (Charmed) by Paul Ruditis


-Investigating 'Charmed': The Magic Power of TV (Investigating Cult TV) by Stan Beeler and Karin Beeler

Charmed: The Final Season, get ready for the ultimate ride in supernatural dvd_8entertainment! In Charmed: The Final Season, the magical Halliwell sisters Phoebe, Piper, and Paige face their biggest challenges in love, life, and death as they try one last time to fulfill their destiny! Join them in their fight to protect Leo from the Angel of Death, and witness their devastating battle when demons conspire to take over the Underworld! The Charmed Ones are ready. Are You?

**Final Season includes 'Extra Features'

2006 Releases

-Hurricane Hex (Charmed) by Diana G. Gallagher
-As Puck Would Have It (Charmed) by Paul Ruditis
-Sweet Talkin' Demon (Charmed) by Laura J. Burns
-Light of the World (Charmed) by Scott Ciencin
-House of Shards (Charmed) by Micol Ostow
-Phoebe Who? (Charmed) by Emma Harrison

-Triquetra: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Charmed by Keith Topping
-The Book of Three, Volume 2 (Charmed) by Diana G. Gallagher

Charmed: The Complete Seventh Sesson, the magical Halliwell sisters are called tdvd_7o travel back in time, protect the Innocents from the deadly demon Sarpedon, and keep Zankou from claiming the powerful Book of Shadows. Join the Charmed Ones in the ultimate battle of impending doom when the almighty Avatars from ancient Egypt plot to vanquish anyone who threatens their Utopian transformation of the world! The Power of Three has never ben better!

2005 Releases

-Mystic Knoll (Charmed) by Diana G. Gallagher
-Changeling Places (Charmed) by Micol Ostow
-The Queen's Curse (Charmed) by Emma Harrison
-Picture Perfect (Charmed) by Cameron Dokey
-Demon Doppelgangers (Charmed) by Greg Elliot

-The Warren Witches (Charmed) by Laura J. Burns
-Totally Charmed: Demons, Whitelighters and the Power of Three by Jennifer Crusi

Charmed: The Complete Sixth Season catapults the sisters into action when they, disquised as Valkyries, mdvd_6ust save Leo from an island of gorgeous warrior-maidens; Phoebe and Paige face off with a hungry spider demon that emergest to feed upon Piper; Phoebe accidentally transforms into a genie; and magical go-go boots transport Paige back in time. Mix that with infectious humor, remarkable special effects, and intriguing storylines and you have a perfect brew of supernatural entertainment.

2004 Releases

-Truth and Consequences (Charmed) by Cameron Dokey
-Luck Be a Lady (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge
-Inherit the Witch (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge
-A Tale of Two Pipers (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge
-The Brewing Storm (Charmed) by Paul Ruditis
-Survival of the Fittest (Charmed) by Jeff Mariotte
-Pied Piper (Charmed) by Debbie Viguié

-Charmed: The Book Of Love Spells (Miniature Editions)
-The Book of Three (Charmed) by Diana G. Gallagher

Charmed: The Fifth Season. The Charmed Ones invite you into their irresistible magical dvd_5world of paranormal action, fantasy, and suspense. What else do the Halliwell sisters have in store for you? One of them meets an evil Price Charming: they become mystical comic book super-heroines and gorgeous Greek Goddesses to save the world from wicked demons; they even join forces with Leprechauns! Escape into their magical world... The Charmed Ones welcomes you!


2003 Releases

-Dark Vengeance by Diana G. Gallagher
-Shadow of the Sphinx by Carla Jablonski
-Something Wiccan This Way Comes by Emma Harrison
-Mist and Stone by Diana G. Gallagher
-Mirror Image by Jeff Mariotte
-Between Worlds (Charmed) by Bobbi JG Weiss

-Seasons of the Witch, Vol. 1 (Charmed) by Various Authors


Charmed: The Forth Season filled with deeper, darker and more deflty crafted stories. As Piper and Phoebe dvd_4struggle with the loss of their older sisters, they discover the existence of half-sister Paige Matthews. Possessing the power to orb as a half-Whitelighter, Pagie joins the Halliwell sisters to recreate the maigcal triad that protects the innocent and vanquishes evil. But all may be lost as Cole's demonic side takes over, and Leo must face his past if he is to help the sisters in a battle that could destroy them all.

2002 Releases

-Charmed Again by Elizabeth Lenhard
-Spirit of the Wolf by Diana G. Gallagher
-Garden of Evil by Emma Harrison
-Date with Death by Elizabeth Lenhard

march 2002

Three times is a charm! Charmed: The Complete Third Season has three times the power, as well as all of the dvd_3supernatural thrills and excitement, as the Charmed Ones -- Prue, Piper, and Phoebe -- deal with being modern-day witches. How could life get any more complicated for the Halliwell sisters? One learns that her greates love is also her greatest enemy; another defies The Powers That Be to marry: and tragedy unexpectedly befalls the third, leaving the sisters powerless to stop it. The Perfect potion of suspense! Pure viewing magic.

2001 Releases

-The Gypsy Enchantment by Carla Jablonski
-The Legacy of Merlin by Constance M. Burge
-Soul of the Bride by Constance M. Burge
-Beware What You Wish by Constance M. Burge


The Halliwell sisters are back...and they've got "the powe of three!" Charmed: The Complete Second Season dvd_2casts a spell of excitement, adventure and fun as Prue, Piper, and Phoebe contiunue their journey as modern-day wiches. From the intense season opener, when the trio battles an old foe who attempts to render them powerless, to the suspense-filled, and at times very humorous, season finale, these beautiful heroines will have you wishing for more. Their foes are stronger. Their powers are growing. And the supernatural has even more unique ways of disrupting their drama-filled personal lives just when they seem to get it together.

2000 releases

-The Power of Three (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge
-Kiss of Darkness by Belinda Alexandra
-The Crimson Spell (Charmed) by F. Goldsborough
-Whispers from the Past (Charmed (Sagebrush)) by Rosalind Noonan
-Voodoo Moon by Constance M. Burge
-Haunted by Desire (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge

-The Book of Shadows : The Unofficial Charmed Companion by Ngaire E. Genge


The discovery that they are descendants of a long line of witches finds three sisters battling demons and wdvd_1arlocks - and occasionally each other. When the beautiful Halliwell sisters inherit a house from their grandmother and discover a secret "Book of Shadows," they learn that they each have a unique power. The strong-willed Prue can move objects, reserved Piper is able to freeze time, and the uninhibited Phoebe sees the future. Individually, each is strong, but it is only by putting aside their differences and banding together as the "Power of Three" that they will be able to protect the innocent and vanquish evil. Each exciting episode in this richly layered series is a supernatural adventure brewing with suspense and humor.