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Charmed Episode Information

Season 1

Three sister's discover they are witches, not just ordinary witch but The Charmed Ones. The sister's have to learn to deal with their new powers, relationships, and the evil beings that want to destroy them. From Jeremy, Piper's warlock boyfirend to Tempest the demon who helped kill Andy. Can the Power of Three save them and help them bond as sisters?

Season 5

After losing her husband aka The Source of all evil and their demon baby, Phoebe doesn't run away from her troubles she swims away as a Mermaid. Witches in tights are as fast as the speed of light. After being in a Mummy's tomb, Cole's future will soon be doomed. Piper's twice blessed baby is born, then a mysterious young whitelighter is at the door.

Season 2

Can Prue deal with the death of her long term friend & boyfriend? With all the demon fighting can Piper run a successful nightclub and jungle two very special men? Phoebe and her sisters get a glimpse of their future, but can they change the outcome? If Arroyo fever doesn't kill Piper will the Demon of Illustion and his horror film posse kill her instead? You got to be careful what you witch for in this season.

Season 6

Why is Leo in such a fighting mood when he is surrounded by an island of female warriors? Could it be because The Charmed Ones new whitelighter has a secret or two? Phoebe and Paige are at odds over a man, but not just any man, he's a witch. Has Grams been right all along? That men can't handle magic not even you, King Wyatt. With Genies, Spider Demons, trips to the past, how did Piper and Leo make baby Chris so fast?

Season 3

Will the power of All Hallows Eve be enough to stop a demon from going back in time to wipe out the Halliwell line on the night the legacy is started? Wedding plans are in the works for Piper and Leo, but Prue being the oldest has to get married first. Dad's back. Piper gets possessed, Phoebe gets caught in a curse, but survival was not meant to be for the sister that was born first. Is this the end of the Power of Three? What secrets will the spirits reveal about the past, that could remake the Power of 3?

Season 7

Leo feels betrayed by the elder who took his son away. Seems like everyone in this season is fighting, from Leo, to the bickering Charmed Ones, to Chris and his big brother Wyatt. With The Charmed Ones attacking Elders and demons needing protection, will Leo ever step up and be a real parent? Cole is back for one last dramatic act. He gets the ex-demon Drake to teach Phoebe how to love again. Zankou is the big bad this season but his arrogance, like the rest, gets him killed.

Season 4

Prue is gone and she is not coming back. Phoebe is trying to cope and Piper is feels lost and betrayed. Who's the mysterious young woman with the power to orb? Cole and Phoebe get hitched and she's no longer a witch. Bounty hunters, vampires, and World War II ghost no wonder The Source of all evil is about to croak. Paige goes to the past to learn of her parents death. And a Halliwell baby is destined to be born. Will the sisters chart a new Destiny or continue fighting the war?

Season 8

The Manor has 3 new tenants living with grieving Victor, but are they able to protect him from demons whot want to claim the legendary Halliwell manor? Paige get a eager new charge that becomes part of the family. Piper is on the run. Leo gets taken away. Paige gets married and in the end has 3 babies. Phoebe is in love with a cupid. Billy finds her long lost sister who is programmed to kill the Charmed sisters. When the big battle end, will the Charmed Ones win? Or will they have to reset time to get the battle right?