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Penelope "Penny" "Grams" Johnson

Grams Penny HalliwellMarried Alan Halliwell a mortal (and several others). Born June 23, 1937 in Boston. Her bestfriend Robin killed Alan in 1967. Grams raised the Halliwell girls after their mom died. When the Charmed Ones were young Grams bond their powers to protect them from a warlock named Nickolas. Before her death on March 5, 1998, Grams wanted to cast a spell to keep them from receiving their powers because she didn't think they could handle being witches. They received their powers 6 months after her death.

  • Had the power of telekinesis

Patricia "Patty"

Patty HalliwellMarried Victor Bennett a mortal. Born on April 5, 1950 the only child of Penny and Allen Halliwell. They had three daughters also known as the Charmed Ones. After they divorced Patty had a love affair with her whitelighter Sam Wilder and had a baby girl. Because their union was forbidden, they thought it would be best to give the baby up at birth. Patty and Sam ask that the nun find the baby a good home and that her name begins with the letter P. Patty was killed in February 28, 1978 by a water demon at Camp Skylark.

  • Had the power to freeze time

Victor Bennett

Victor Bennetta mortal married/divorced Patty Halliwell when the girls were very young. Victor didn't want his girls to be raise as witch and knew they would be in constant danger. When Victor first came back into the girls life they Prue didn't trust him. She and Victor never got along, but, when Prue was a sick little girl she was trapped inside of and evil ice cream truck which her father rescued her from. Then he walked out on them. Today, Victor is a big part of his girls life and even helped raise his grandsons after the Charmed Ones faked their own deaths in 2005. According to Chris, Victor becomes a major part of his life after Piper dies when he is 14 years old.

Sam Wilder

Sam Wilderwas Teacher of the Year in 1872 when he lived in New York City. He fell in love with his charge Patty Halliwell. When Patty was killed by a water demon Sam clipped his wings and lived 20 years of his life at the camp where Patty died trying to keep others from being killed. Sam help the Charmed Ones kill the water demon by risking his own life to save theirs. He and Patty reunited in the afterlife. Paige was assign to Sam's case not knowing that he was her father. Sam and Paige only bonded briefly and have only seen each other two times.

  • Sam has the power to orb, sensing, and healing

Inspector Andy Trudeau

Andy Trudeaugrew up with Prue and Piper. In high school Prue and Andy dated. After high school they went their separate way. Andy married/divorced Susan Trudeau. Prue and Andy meet again when Phoebe was taken to the hospital after she try to stop her premonition of 2 young boys from being hit by a car. The couple tried dating but after Prue cast a truth spell on Andy to see if he could handle knowning her secret she called it quits on the relationship. Andy eventually found out the sisters secret. He had always believed there was other unexplained things in the world, but never new it was demons and witches. Or did he? Little Piper use to freeze little Andy and Grams would erase his memory to protect the girls secret. Andy was killed by Inspector Rodriguez a demon posing as a cop 1999.

Darryl and Sheila Morris

Darryl and Sheila MorrisThe couple have 2 sons. After the death of his partner Andy Trudeau, Lieutenant Morris learned the secret of the Charmed Ones. Darryl and his wife has spent over 6 years helping the sisters protect their secret. While helping Paige and Phoebe stop a phantasm, they were all caught on tape by Inspector Sheridan. The Cleaners steppe d into clean up their magical mess, framing Darryl for murder. Seconds away from being electrocuted, The Tribunal (2 Elders and 2 Demon) reversed their decision and spared his life and found that Barbas was behind the whole thing. Darryl remembering how close he came to death decided that he was never going to risk his life or his families helping the sisters.

Leo Wyatt (Handyman, Whitelighter, Elder, and Avatar)

Piper and Leowas married to Lillian and studying to be a doctor when he was killed in World War II. Leo receive the purple heart but doesn't like to talk about it. In 1967, Leo use to hang out at Halliwell Manor partying with Grams and other witches and whitelighters. Leo first laid eyes on Piper when he bumped into her on the street. She was walking with Prue who was asking her to be her maid of honor in Prue and Rodger's wedding. Once Piper and Phoebe stopped fighting over Leo, he and Piper started dating. Like Patty and Sam, whitelighters and witches were forbidden to become involved tried to keep their relationship a secret. The elders finally let the couple marry and they had 2 sons: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell and Christopher Halliwell. When the Charmed Ones went to the future Piper discovered that her and Leo had a daughter named Melinda, but that future was change with the birth of Wyatt. However, after the Charmed Ones faught their last big battle and got their lives back they had their 3rd child, a daughter. Once the Charmed Ones reclaimed magic school Leo went back to teaching the next generation of witches. Piper and Leo separated many times during their marriage. Leo was born on May 6, 1924 he is a Taurus. He died on November 14, 1942.

  • Some Powers: orbing, sensing, healing, glamouring, can speak the language of his charges, and can shoot electricity from his hands.

Cole Turner aka Belthazor (The Source an Avatar)

Cole Turneris half demon half human born in 1885 to California state assemblyman Benjamin Colerige Turner and a demon mother named Elizabeth. Cole was raised in the underworld after his demon mother killed his father in 1888. He was an upper level demon posing as an ADA sent to get close to the Charmed Ones. Cole and Phoebe met while she and Prue were trying to stop a Guardian demon. Cole's love for Phoebe caused him to kill the Triad making him a target for The Source's bounty hunters. A potion caused Cole to loose his powers. Cole and Phoebe eventually married. With the help of the Seer, Cole became the new Source with Phoebe by his side as Queen. Phoebe became pregnant with an evil offspring. Phoebe and her sisters had no choice but to Belthazorvanquish Cole aka The Source. The Seer wanting to take over as leader of the underworld magically took Phoebe's unborn son into her own body. The baby's powers were to much for the Seer to handle and she was killed. Cole was vanquished to the demonic wasteland where he picked up several powers helping him to ecaped. He wanted to continue his life with Phoebe, but she did not share the same feeling with and finally divorced him. When Cole became an Avatar he went back to the year 2001 before the sisters met Paige to try and change history so he and Phoebe could be married again. Paige was accidently sent back to 2001 and with her sisters of 2001 vanquish Cole once and for all. Cole died in 2003 (but in the past of 2001) he was over 100 years old but wouldn't admit it.

  • Some Powers: Shimmering, glamouring, fire balls, telekinesis he was at one time indestructible

Henry Mitchell

Paige and HenryHe is a parole officer Paige meets while trying to help her new charge, Speed from getting involved with a gang of bad teens. Paige's relationship with Henry moved really fast. He was shot during a bank hold-up and for the first time Paige healed him by herself. Paige later share her magical secret with him, which didn't scare him off. Henry was so in love with Paige that he faught with another suitor Simon Theotu Reginald Marks for her hand. Simon claimed that according to 40 of the most powerful oracles and soothsayers from around the globe, plus a wizard or two that he and Paige were to be ultimate power couple. Henry asked Paige to marry him on top of the Bay Bridge and she said "YES". They were married in 2006 during their engagement party. Henry and Paige have 3 kids together, Little Henry, and twin girls. Henry still works as a parole officer and Paige helps new witches come into their own.


Phoebe and CoopCoop is a cupid that was sent by the Elders to help Phoebe find love, or so she thinks. Coop had to first get Phoebe to open her heart to love. So he took her on a journey into the past to see some of her past relationships. Phoebe started that Coop was the man for her but thought that it would be forbidden love like Piper and Leo. Future Wyatt spilled the beans that Phoebe and Coop were together by calling him Uncle Coop. The Elders sent Coop to Phoebe and their love would not be forbidden. Phoebe and Coop married and had 3 little girls. The two of them are so in love they become like one and all Phoebe has to do is think about Coop and he's there.

  • Coop's powers: teleportation, time travel, normal cupids ability to find love for people. Some powers are connected to his ring.

Christy and Billie Jenkins

Billie and Christyare two sisters witches. While the Charmed Ones were pretending to be dead to the world, Paige's whitelighter half was called to the aide of Billie (right). Once Billie found out who Joe/Paige and her cousins really were she wanted them to teach her everything they knew about being a witch. Billie came into her powers late in her teen years. Witches and demons wasn't a topic in her house growing up. Billie had a sister Christy (left) that was kidnapped 15 yrs ago. It wasn't until Billie went up against a Dogan demon that she realized with the help of a memory spell that Christy was kidnapped by demons. Christy was kept in a cave and brainwashed by the Triad to take out the Charmed Ones with the help of her sister the Ultimate Power. Christy with the help of their childhood imaginary friend Dumain finally convinced Billie to kill the Charmed Ones. In the end Billie realized the Triad was behind the plot and that she had been tricked. Billie decided to help the Charmed Ones end the final battle and ended up killing her own sister, Christy. The Jenkins sisters get their powers from their mother Helen's mother. However, their parents, Helen and Carl don't have powers it skipped a generation.

  • Christy's powers: telepathy, and pyrokinetic. Billie's powers: telekensis, projection, and telepathy.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

Baby Wyattborn February 2, 2003, the oldest son of Piper and Leo was born six weeks premature. Demons unearthed a quatrain from a wise apothecary's tomb. That said, "When three planets burn as one over a sky of dancing light, and magic will rest for a holy day to welcome a twice blessed child". The Aurora Borealis, the planetary alignment, the wiccan Sabbath were the signs that let them know that the baby was about to be born. Victor (the Charmed Ones father) unknowingly married a demon named Doris who was trying to steal the Evil Adult Wyattbaby as soon as it was born. Despite all the demons efforts Piper safely gave birth to her baby. But to the shock of the whole family he was not the baby girl she saw in her future. Several demons tried to steal baby Wyatt but he had a force field to protect him at birth and in the womb. Phoebe along with Paige, Leo, and Victor watching nearby, delivered Wyatt on the dining room table. No one really knows for sure what caused Wyatt to become evil in the future (constant demon attacks, Gideon trying to kill him, or Vicus the demon turning his bear evil) but thanks to his brother Chris and his family's love the future was changed.

  • Half whitelighter/half witch he has the power of telekinetic orbing, orbing, conjuring, force field, projection, sensing, and has power over the sword Excalibur.

Christopher Perry Halliwell

Baby Christopheris Piper and Leo's youngest son who came back from the future (bottom pick) to save his older brother Wyatt from becoming evil. Chris' intentions were good but his methods where questionable. Chris was the trigger that made Leo an Elder, something he felt he needed to do to become the Charmed Ones' whitelighter. Chris caused his father Leo to be trapped on Valhalla fighting for his life as a warrior as well. During Phoebe's vision quest she figured out who Chris really was. However, with all his good intention and meddling in his Adult Christopherparents affairs he almost cause them to missed his conception date. Chris and Leo didn't get along the majority of the time he was the Charmed Ones' whitelighter until Phoebe the Genie made his wish for Leo to forgive him come true. During delivery Piper started hemorrhaging so Chris by C-Seciton. Elder Gideon stabbed future Chris, causing him to died the day Baby Chris was born. Baby Chris unlike his brother did not have a force field to protect him in the womb and was born with his active powers in a dormant state. Little Wyatt was the first to know when Chris got his powers. Grandpa Victor asked baby Chris to use his powers to find little Wyatt after he was lured out of the house by Dumain tricked him into helping Billie and Christy before the Final Battle.

  • Half witch/half whitlighter. He has the power of telekinetic orbing, sensing, and orbing.