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Halliwell ManorHalliwell Manor has housed three generations since it was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1906 when it was completely destroyed. The original house was built in 1898 and located in the San Francisco on 1329 Prescott Street. Charmed Blooper: In episode 7, The Fourth Sister, Leo puts up lost cat flyers for Kit the Cat with the address 7571 Prescott Street. Since then the address has been changed to 1329 Prescott street and has stayed that way ever since.

The Halliwell Manor was built on the Spiritual Nexus. Metaphysical mythology believed that when a geographical point is equidistant from the five spiritual elements, it's a place of great power. The 5 Spritual Elements are: The Bay (water), Natural hot springs (fire), Kenwood Park (wood), Twin peaks, highest point in the city (earth), and Mountain Lake Park (metal) where the sisters panned for gold as kids. Putting the Manor in the center of a pentagram a battleground for good and evil.

The first generation to live in the manor were 3 cousins P. Bowen, P. Russell, and P. Baxter (the Charmed Ones Great-Grandmother). The cousins ran a Speakeasy out of the manor. P. Russell (died in the house), Phoebe's past life, read client fortunes. P. Bowen, Prue's past life, was a photographer, and P. Baxter, Piper's past life provided the entertainment with the help of her piano playing husband Gordon Johnson. Penelope "Grams" Johnson and her husband Alan Halliwell owned the house next with their daughter Patty. In the 1960's, they opened the house to several witches and whitelighters (including a young Leo) for parties. Alan Halliwell was killed in the Manor in January 1967. After Grams died in 1998, the house was left to the Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and now Paige. Victor Bennett now holds the deed to the Manor and P3. Several evil beings have tried to take over the manor including Cole, Zankou, and Phoebe when she was possessed, to name a few. During the big battle with Zankou at the end of Season 7, The Charmed Ones had to use the "How to Banish a Suxen" spell, which is Nexus spelled backwards. It was a spell put into the Book of Shadows to destroy the Nexus in case evil ever got control of it.

Phoebe and Wyatt were the only two family members born inside the Manor. This made it easy for the Woogyman to possess Phoebe, because she is the most connected to the house.

The Halliwell Manor was destroy in the eighth and final season of Charmed durning the original big battle with the Ultimate Power aka Billie and Christie. Billie and The Charmed Ones went back in time to right before the battle began and successfully changed the outcome and in doing so restored the Manor back to it historical splendor for all the future generations of Halliwell off-springs and friends to enjoy.

In reality: The real house can be found in Los Angeles and its interior is largely different from the ones used in the show. The real house has been used many times for exterior shots only. It is located at 1329 Carroll Ave in the Echo Park Section of Los Angeles.

Prue and RogerThe Museum of Natural History was where Prue worked in the first episode. She worked there with her ex-finance' until he stole the Beals Exhibition from her. Prue had been on the project since its inception, and the curator who secured the entire exhibition.

Unaware of her powers, Prue used them on Roger. She first made his pen burst in his pocket, then caused his own tie to strangled him. Prue then quit her job and later began working at Bucklands Auction House. .

Prue's OfficeBuckland Auction House was Prue's next job (picture is of Prue's office and the pilar outside Buckland). She worked for Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, or at least that is what she thought. Rex and Hannah were actually warlocks commissioned by the Source to identify and take out the Charmed Ones. Prue has encountered other evil beings at Buckland like: Matthew Tate the warlock from the 1600 who jump from her 12 story window, Nicholas after Abraxas resurrected him, Gavin the warlock from the future, and Malcolm the warlock trapped in a painting.

She also dated two co-workers Alan Stein and Jack Sheridan while working there. She quit when Buckland's standards went down and they were only focused on making money and not the authenticity of merchandise. Prue then became staff photographer at 415 magazine.

QuakeQuake- is the resturant Piper worked in at the start of the series. Piper auditioned her Roast Pork with Gratin of Florence Fennel and Penne with a Port Giblet Sauce for Chef Moore. She got the job and later became the manager after Chef Moore suddenly quit and flew back to France.

Quake became the Charmed Ones hang out after a long day battling demons during season 1. They have came across alot of dates, and evil beings in Quake, like Stephan the photographer aka Javna the demon who stole youth, and Jack Manford (Piper's date she got after casting a spell), to name a few.

Dining RoomHalliwell Manor Dinning Room is where family meals are served, where Piper's birthday dinner / food fight, and where Phoebe would sometimes write her Ask Phoebe column.

The day Piper went into labor magic was taken from the world. Demons held Piper hostage hoping to steal the baby as soon as it was born. Piper late gave birth to baby Wyatt, who was born on the dinning room table. Paige, Leo, and Victor watched as Phoebe delivered the twice blessed baby boy (not girl) into the world. Magic was then restored.

KitchenHalliwell Manor Kitchen is another well used room in the Manor. The Kitchen is where the Charmed Ones cook up their potions. It is where Piper cooks for her family and friends and it is where all four of the Halliwell sisters go to get their morning cup-o-joe.

The kitchen has been home to Belthazor's flesh in the freezer, it was converted into a magic double of Cole's coronation sight by a wizard helping the Charmed Ones steal the Grimoir, and it is where Jason Dean saw the Charmed Ones use magic for the first time. The Charmed Ones orbed in thinking that Jason was still in the dining room. When he saw them he passed out.

AtticThe Halliwell Manor Attic is where the famed Book of Shadow is kept. The Attic is on the third floor of the Manor. Grams kept the attic locked making it off limited to the sisters. Grams suffered a fatal heart attack when leaving the attic in 1998. When Phoebe came home from New York the family spirit board sent her to the Attic (which no one has ever been able to get into) where she found the Book of Shadows locked in an old trunk.

The attic also contains many of the families heirlooms including the Doll house replica of the Halliwell Manor. The sisters spend alot of time in the attic creating potions, writting spells, scrying and discussing how to stop the days evil.

Many evils have been vanquished in the attic including: Jeremy Burns (Piper's warlock boyfriend), The Source of all evil, and Nicholas the Warlock. Abraxas stole the Book of Shadows while in a vortex inside the wall of the attic, and where Chris and his girlfriend Bianca go to and from the future through a portal drawn on the wall in the shape of a triquetra.

Police StationSan Francisco Police Station is where Inspectors Darryl Morris and Andy Trudeau worked starting in Season 1. Over the years Prue, Leo / Jeric, Paige, Chris and Jenny Bennett / Maya Holmes aka Piper have all been arrested. Prue was arrested for allegedly murdering a guy at a bar in Season 3. Leo posed as Jeric a mummy lovin' killer in Season 5, to keep Darryl from losing his promotion. Paige was arrested for felony hit and run in Season 5 after Dex a demon working with Cole causes her to get into a car accident while talking on her cell phone with Phoebe. Chris was arrested in Season 6 for stealing a car to chase after Mr. Wrong and because Evil Chris assulted Darryl. Jenny Bennett aka Piper was arrested because she looked liked Maya Holmes who was wanted for murder by Walter Nance who set her up.

Other Police that worked at the Station include, Inspector Cortez, Inspector Rodriguez the demon who killed Andy, Inspector Sheridan, and Paige's husband Parole officer Henry Mitchell, to name a few.

P3 Before and AfterP3 originally named The Industrial Zone and sold to Piper by SWA Properties with the help of her Banker friend Rob. P3 stands for Piper, Prue and Phoebe or the Power of Three. P3 was once change to The Spot but quickly changed back to P3.

P3 has seen many bands in the 7 years it has been open for business. Bands: Season 2-Dishwalla, The Cranberries, Janice Robinson, Goo Goo Dolls, and Paula Cole. Season 3- Barenaked Ladies, SnakeRiver Conspiracy, Marvelous 3, Idol, Fastball, Box, and Orgy. Season 4-Dave Navarro and Rebekah Ryan. Season 5-The Flaming Lips, Michelle Branch, Beth Orton, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, and LouderMilk. Season 6-Smash Mouth, Steadman, Ziggy Marley, and Andy Stochansky. Season 7-The Donnas and Collective Souls, and the Demon Drake De'mon. Season 8-Liz Phair.

P3 has been the Charmed Ones hang out since it opened in Season 2. Paige, also hung out there before she knew she was a Charmed One.

Phoebe's CollegeCollege-in Season 2 Phoebe decided to go back to College to get a degree in Psychology (picture is of Phoebe in the library a ghost).

Evil has been at her school. Cole Turner tracked Phoebe at school to start his evil plan of getting close to the Halliwell's. While studying for a big psychology exam Phoebe was seduced by a spirit. Later, during her exam she was attacked again by the same spirit. On Valentines Day, Phoebe study group recorded her reading a spell from a book and used her words to change a snake, pig, and a rabbit into dates for the Valentines Day dance. While studying in the library a fellow student Charlene was kill by the demon Libris. Phoebe had to help Charlene realize she was dead so she could move on.

Phoebe after nearly being sued for giving bad advice in her 'Ask Phoebe' column decided to returned to college in Season 7 to get her graduates degree so she would have professional creditials and hopefully make her a better columnist.

Cole's ApartmentCole's Apartment is where Cole and Phoebe first made love. Where Phoebe and Leo discovered something was just not right about the ADA Cole Turner. It is also the first place Phoebe ever experienced shimmering when Cole grabbed her and used her as a protection shield to escape being vanquished by Prue, Piper and the Bounty hunter Krell. Cole also kept a secret room in his apartment with athames and other demonic stuff.

MausoleumThe Mausoleum Belthazor's hiding place from demons and bounty hunters because they couldn't track him there. Cole and Phoebe would met there while he was hiding the fact that Phoebe didn't vanquish him like she said she did.

When Phoebe was turned into a Banshee and attacked Cole, Belthazor shimmered them to the mausoleum where they had a big fight.

Up There!Up There! where the Elders are and where all whitelighters go to get information. Up there! they speak a clickity-click type of language and have daily board meetings. The days past slower Up There! At the end of Season 2, Leo took Piper Up There! and she was gone from earth a month not just 1 day like Piper thought.

According to Piper the longer a human is away from Up There! the less you remember about your visit. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe all got to go Up There! to stop Eames a warlock trying for years to gain access to Up There! to kill all the Elders. According to Leo the sisters would get to keep their memory from that visit. Whenever Wyatt is in trouble Leo would take him to see the Elders. Adult Chris has been seen Up There! too.

UnderworldThe Underworld is home to several different breeds of demons like: the Swarm King, Slave King, Zankou, The Source, The Seers, Barbas, to name a few. When Leo goes into the Underworld or the Charmed Ones they have no way of contacting each other unles they are all down there together.

Prue was kidnapped by Zile the demon whom she married while under a spell created from her lipstick by the Dark Priestess Dantalian. Piper was kidnapped by the Source. He tried to use mind control on her to get her to use the relinquishing spell that was in her subconcious.

When the Charmed Ones were sent after there evil counter parts they discover that in the evil world good was undergound and evil roamed San Francisco freely.

Paige's ChurchThe Church with the large gargoyle statue on it's roof is where Paige was left on Aug 2, 1977. Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder appeared to a young nun Sister Agnes in a swirl of lights and asked her to find Paige a good home. This Church is where Paige's adoptive parents the Matthews untended Sunday services.

Piper and Phoebe tracked their new half-sister Paige to this Church and so did Shane / The Source. Sister Agnes had kept Paiges baby blanket (which was embroidered with the letter 'P') there in case she ever came looking for it. This Church is also where Paige first used her Telekinitc Orbing power on a candle some distance away from her.

When Shane / The Source showed up to get Paige away from her sisters the gargoyle statue came to life alerting everyone of the presence of evil.

Sout Bay Social ServicesSouth Bay Social Services is where Paige worked before and after she became a Charmed One. When Paige stole the Book of Shadows she brought it to work to try and make copies of it.

The SBSS has seen it's share of magical beings. Starting with The Source of all evil possessing both Shane (Paiges boyfriend) and Jake Grisant (a man Paige thought was abusing his son), The Evil Enchantress and the Prince, Tyler the Firestarter, and the Shocker Demon, to name a few.

While working there Paige / Phoebe (they had switched bodies) dated Mason Cowan her bosses son. They only went on one date because Paige / Phoebe had issues. Paige was promoted but had to say no because of personal gain. She was promoted again on her on merit but quit to devote herself to the craft.

PenthouseThe Towers or Cole and Phoebe's Penthouse was leased by Cole's law firm for parties. Supposedly the law firm offered Cole the apartment after the party. The penthouse also doubled as Cole's office with his demon assistant Julie working with him. He would have meetings with fellow demons and banded Paige from orbing in at will. Once Cole became the Source of All Evil it was where he would swear in new demons and have meetings about who there next targeted innocents were.

In Season 4 Cole was vanquished for the first time in the penthouse. He later came back in Season 5, and spend his days destroying the penthouse while trying to vanquish himself i.e. trying to chop his own head off.

Bay MirrorThe Bay Mirror Newspaper home of the "Ask Phoebe" column. Phoebe started working at the Bay Mirror during Season 4 shortly after she married Cole Turner. She lucked up on this job because the former advice columnist Karen was infected by a Power Broker. Phoebe trying to keep Karen from loosing her job wrote a very witty column. Karen who really hated her job and boss Elise later told her that it was Phoebe who wrote the column. The "Ask Phoebe" column has since become a big hit.

Phoebe has dated many men at the newspaper: Jason Dean (her boss), Leslie St. Claire (the ghost writer for her column, Dex Lawson (Phoebe / Julie Bennett's husband) the marrige was later annulled, and Michael a co-worker.

Magic SchoolMagic School is a magically protected school created by Elder Gideon to help teach magic to the next generation. The entrance to Magic School appeared in Season 6 in the Stairway of Halliwell Manor. After which it's was moved to an undisclosed location for approx. 1 season until The demon Zankou broke through it's protective barrier. By Season 8 it was completely taken over by demons plus Billy and Christy.

Gideon was the original head master until he was killed, then Paige took over until she got bored, and last was Leo. Some of the faces connected to magic school include: Miss Donovan the librarian, The Mullen Brothers, and ex-demon Drake the literature teacher.

DollhouseThe Dollhouse is a replica of the Halliwell Manor made by Grams. There have been several dollhouses in the attic over the past 8 years (different colors and styles) that have been destroyed during demon battles.

Piper and Leo were first trapped in the dollhouse by Wyatt who wanted to protected his parents from danger. Piper was trapped in it by Zankou while trying to steal the book and the Nexxus, and in Season 8 the Charmed Ones were trapped in it in the UnderWorld by the demons Sevard, Patra, Pilar, and Phoenix. The Dollhouse was destroyed by Piper killing Patra, Pilar, and Phoenix who the sisters tricked into getting trapped in the dollhouse in Season 8.

Bay BridgeGolden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening into the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. It has become a popular hang out for Leo who goes there to think, The Elders use it as a place to communicate with Leo and Paige, Chris has also been frequented the bridge.

On the bridge Leo killed an Elder and later fell from grace to be with Piper and his family. Henry almost fell to his death the first time he was there. Later, on another trip to the bridge, Henry got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Paige. She said Yes of course.

Phoebe's CondoGolden Park Condo's is Phoebe's current residence. She moved out of the Manor when she realized she needed her own space.After calling it quits on her family shortly after Grams died, Phoebe moved to New York because she felt there was nothing in San Francisco for her. However, 6 months after Grams died Phoebe returned home with nothing more then a backpack and a bike. Since then she has lived in a penthouse apartment with her husband Cole Turner and in Hong Kong, China with her newspaper boss / boyfriend Jason Dean. The Condo is also where she spent lots of time with new husband Coop aka cupid.

Billie's DormBillie's Dorm Room where she lead her double life. She kept a stash of vinyl clothing, wigs, and athames from her demon hunting days there. Billie also figured out how to sry for demons using computer technology. She hooked up her srying crystal to her laptop to track demons. Billie thought that fighting demons was way more fun then studying metaphysics (the class she is failing).

Once Paige took Billie under her wing as her charge and she meet the Charmed Ones she rarely hung out in her dorm room. Billie spent most of her time at the manor searching the Book of Shadows to find out who took her sister Christy.

Victor's ApartmentVictor's Apartment is where he's lived since coming back into his daughters lives. While trying to save themselves from the demon Zankou, the Charmed Ones have been known to leave Chris and baby Wyatt there with their grandfather Victor.

Like most of the locations on Charmed Victor's apartment has seen it's share of evil just like everywhere else. Haas and some other demons took on Piper (disguised as Wyatt) and Phoebe (diguised as Victor) at the start of Season 8 to send a message to the demonic world, Dumain was there tricking Wyatt into helping Billie and Christy get the Hollow in the 2nd to last episode.