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Hi and welcome to our family page. I suppose you think that the picture above is our family patriarch. Sorry, there is a bit of resemblance to Jim but you are wrong. Some folks would have you believe that we came from monkeys, not us. Our great, great, great, great, great etc. grandfather and grandmother were Adam and Eve. But a few years back we were adopted into a new family with a new father and His name is Jesus and that family is the family of God. We hope you too can become part of that family.

* JAMES - born 24 August 1951 in London, Ontario to his parents, Hubert and Thelma Lush. Jim will be 50 years old this year. Odds are that he has fewer years ahead then behind but thank God when he leaves this world he will be face to face with his Saviour. His life verse is Romans 8:28 and 29. But lately he has found a real liking to Romans 5:20. He loves to read books, and download articles from the web, basically books and articles on anything but he tends to concentrate on theology, Christianity, religion and of course politics etc.He also likes to walk and read at the same time. So be on the alert. If you ever see somebody walking down the street and reading at the same time, it's probably dad.

* CRISTINA - Jim's better half. She is the keystone to the arch of our family. For Jim, she is the "wind beneath my wing", Cris is the best thing to happen to him other than coming to know Christ. Cris was born in Marveille, France. Her father Albert Wiper was stationed there with the Canadian Air Force. Her birthdate is November 19, 19--. Her life verse is Hebrews 7:25. Cris was saved on a New Years Eve. She has a wonderful testimony to tell. You can visit Cristina at her home page. She is a wonderful wife, friend, lover, mother, daughter. If you get to know her, you will learn to love her. She also is the sane and balanced one in the family. Definately a saint as she puts up with Jim.

* DENISE - our oldest daughter. Denise was born on 23 April 1976. She is presently a single mother whose desire is to go back to school to learn hair dressing. Denise lives on her own. She is the only one of our children who does not know the Lord. She is going through some difficult times. She has two children. Jessica and Noah. You can read more about our first grand child down below under the name Jessica. Noah was born on September 8, 2000. Please pray for our daughter Denise and for Jessica and Noah that God will grant her the strength, courage and wisdom to carry out these new responsibilities as a new mother and that both will come to know the Lord Jesus on a personal level. We are praying that she will do the right thing and get married next year but all we can do is pray.

*MATTHEW - our only son. The real genius in the family. Trust me on this. Matt was born on 5 June 1985. He loves computers, comic books, going to the movies with Dad and Star Wars movies and books. Matt is now in grade 10 and loves the courses that focus on technical things. Matt is working on setting up the web page for our new church. When it is completed we will give you the URL. In the meantime if you would like to see some pictures of Matthew when he was a little boy CLICK HERE

* DANIELLE - our youngest daughter. We call her Princess, She was born on 12 November 1987. Dani loves music, talking on the telephone (We now answer the phone, "Dani Lushes House" LOL), reading, swimming (I think she is part porpoise), and she loves visiting the coffee shops with her dad on the weekends. Her usual order is medium chocolate milk and plain bagel,toasted with not much butter. Like most young girls she likes some of the new groups that come out. We hope and pray that as she grows up and grows in Christ she will find that path that honours God not only in music but in all walks of life. You can visit her at Danielle's Home Page. It's under construction and not completed yet.

* OUR GRANDCHILDREN - our very first grandchild, Jessica Alexandra was born 31 July, 1998 at 3:30 a.m. (what a night) at Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario to our oldest daughter Denise. She was as cute as a button. As a matter of fact, she looks exactly like Dee Dee did when she was first born. Please pray for Denise and Jessica. Denise is not married and we do not know what direction God has for her life. Our prayer is that God will draw them both to Him by His grace. In the sovereign will and providence of God He has given us little Jessica, I call her Izzy, which is short for Ischa which is Hebrew for Jessica. Ischa was Abraham's neice. Not a bad handle hey! We intend to love her unto Christ. Its hard to believe that a year has passed and little Jessica is growing up. Our second grandchild was born on 8 September 2000. His name is Noah. A christian parent's prayers are always that their children will come to know Jesus and walk with Him but sometimes those prayers don't get answered right away. We are praying that Denise and her boyfriend will not only come to know Jesus but please the Lord and get married. Dad and Mom will continue to love them unto Christ regardless. Please pray for Denise and her children and pray that God will work in her life.

* OUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS- Jim's parents have passed on. They were Hubert and Thelma Lush. Dad was from Newfoundland and was extensively involved in the Royal Canadian Legion. He was a sergeant in the war. He entered the European battlezone through Sicily. We are grateful to God for sparing our Dad's life. My mother's brother, Uncle Frank was in Dad's platoon and we was killed in the war. Jim's mom passed away about five years ago due to cancer. She was a gentle soul. Set in her ways but unique in her love. Jim says one of his biggest regrets was not in getting to know his parents better. Cris's parents are Albert and Dorothy Wiper. Albert is a notorious letter to the editor writer. You can read his letters in the local London Free Press. He is know in London as the great letter writer, A.E. Wiper. Cris' mom, Dorothy is not the typical grandmother, she's one better, she's the standard that they are set by. She is a wonderful mother and wonderful grandmother. Please pray for them. This Christmas Cris's sister Cheryl who we believe is a believer bought her dad a Bible for Christmas and he is reading it.

* OUR PETS - we did have two pet hamsters. They were called Pinky and Snowball. Snowball was a little too active for us so he was adopted by a friend of Danielle's. Pinky died about the third week of September 1998. It was a hard time for us as Pinky had been Matthew's pet for about three years. The Lord was good as He allowed us to be home and Pinky died in Matthew's arms. The Lord brought us a new hamster, we named him Digger as he was always digging into his hamster fluff. Still alive and kicking

* OUR HOME CHURCH - at the present time we are praying for God's direction for membership in a church we have been attending for about 2 years. It's name is Glen Cairn Baptist Church. Glen Cairn is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. Previous to that We attended Knollwood Baptist Church, a member of the Fellowship as well for about 7 years and previous to that we attended Victory Heights Baptist Church for about 8 years. Danielle was involved in the Church Christmas Program and Matt is working on the web page. Jim's desire is to teach the adults or get involved in evangelism or small groups

* WORK - Jim is presently employed as the Distribution Manager of a large nationally recognized Medical Supply firm which not only sells domestically but also has a fast and growing international division. Cristina works as a home day care provider for a non- profit agency and has been doing child care for them for about 8 years now. She enjoys children alot and does a wonderful job at her calling.

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