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Myth # 1
Jesus Christ was only a great moral teacher.
Myth # 2
Christianity stifles personal freedom.
Myth # 3
Christianity is just a crutch for the weak and helpless.
Myth # 4
Conversion and religious experience are
the result of social condtioning
Myth # 5
Christians are other-worldy and irrelevant
to life in the 20th century
Myth # 6
Science is in conflict with the Christian faith.
Myth # 7
The Bible is an unreliable set of
documents and cannot be trusted.
Myth # 8
There is no evidence that Jesus christ
rose from the dead.
Myth # 9
The presence of evil and suffering
in the world proves there is no God.
Myth # 10
It doesn't matter what you believe,
because all religions are basically the same.

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