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Welcome to the Church Page .. "ain't it special." These are just a few of our favorite churches as well as some that we have been associated with over the years and others we have located on the world wide web!!! REMEMBER THE LOCAL CHURCH IS GODS ORDAINED MEANS OF CAUSING CHRISTIANS TO GROW. ATTEND CHURCH AND GROW!!!! Visit us again soon.

  • FEBCC - Guelph, Ontario
  • Glen Cairn Baptist Church - London, Ontario
  • Grace Baptist Church - Bloomington, IN. USA
  • Grandview Baptist - Kitchener, Ontario
  • Lakewood Church - big church in Texas, lots of sermons online
  • Lewis Ave. Baptist Church - Temperance, MI, Pastor Les Hobbins
  • Park Lawn Baptist - Toronto, ON
  • Second Baptist Church of Houston Texas - another Texas Church, great flash entrance Stoneycreek Baptist Church - London, Ontario / Pastor Don Howard
  • Summerside Community Baptist - London, Ontario / Pastor Mark Cuthbert
  • West Park Baptist - London, Ontario
  • Woodside Bible Church - Troy, Michigan / Former Dean, LBS, Pastor Doug Schmidt