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Easter Page

Passover-Resurrection Sunday/Easter is April 16

When Is Easter In Other Years

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  • 10 Reasons To Believe Christ Rose From the Dead - from Radion Bible Class
  • Celebrating a Christian Easter
  • Amazing Burial of Jesus - Part One by John MacArthur
  • Amazing Burial of Jesus - Part Two by John MacArthur
  • Historical Evidence on the Resurrection - by William Craig
  • How Can a Christian Parent Celebrate Easter for their kids - INTOUCH Ministry
  • Jesus Christ - His Life, Death and Resurrection
  • Looking at the Cross Frm God's Perspective - by John MacArthur
  • Resurrection- The Key to Everything - by John MacArthur
  • Resurrection of Christ - by B.B. Warfield
  • Resurrection of Jesus - by Louis Bartet
  • Resurrection of Jesus - Part One by John MacArthur
  • Resurrection of Jesus - Part Two by John MacArthur
  • The Resurrection - Gospel Outreach Ministry
  • Why Do We Call It Good Friday?
  • Who Is Jesus?


  • Annie's Easter Page
  • A Physician Looks at Jesus Death
  • Lent and Easter
  • Easter in Cyberspace - no bunnies here
  • CNN - World of Faith - the celebration of Easter
  • Easter Articles
  • Easter Lily - Traditions behind its meaning
  • Facts About the Crucifixion - by Dr. C. Truman Davis (this article on Mormon site, we do not endorse Mormonism)
  • Peggie's Easter Place - one of the best Christian sites on the web
  • Recipes - Easter recipes, Hams, cookies, eggs and much more
  • Twas The Night Before Easter
  • President Bush's Easter 2006 Message -
  • White House Easter Egg Hunt 2006


  • A Companion On the Way - the Emmaus Road
  • A Reminder of Our Worth - at the foot of the Cross
  • A Soldiers View of the Tomb
  • Comprehending The Cross - is it just a trendy fashion accessory
  • Easter Sermon of John Chrysostom - Pastor 400 AD
  • Eloi, Eloi, Lama, Sabachthani - an Easter Poem
  • the Emmaus Road Message - by John R. Cross
  • Fridays Can Be Dull
  • God is Love -by David Tracy
  • Good Friday - a poem
  • Journey to Calvary
  • Letter from Lazarus
  • Psalm 22
  • The Bottom Line on Easter - by Thurman Doman, Retired US Army Chaplain
  • The Imitation of Christ - by Thomas a Kempis
  • The Sand Dollar
  • The Three Wishes - an Easter Story


  • Annie's Easter Page
  • Bobby and Zaggy's Easter Page
  • Easter at Peggie's Place
  • Rosie's Easter Basket
  • Sawhook's Personal Easter Page


  • Barry's Clip Art
  • Christian Graphics
  • Easter Clip Art
  • Easter Graphics
  • Hartman's Clip Art
  • Images of Easter
  • Mandy's Graphics
  • Rosie's Easter Basket
  • Wallpapers for Easter - secular
  • Web Central's Easter Graphics

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