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In Genesis he is the Seed of the Woman

In Exodus he is the Paschal Lamb.

In Leviticus he is the Atonement for Sin.

In Numbers he is the Brazen Serpent.

In Deuteronomy he is the City of Refuge.

In Joshua he is Rahab's Scarlet Cord.

In Judges he is the Angel of the Lord.

In Ruth he is our Kinsman Redeemer.

In I Samuel he is the Slayer of our Enemies.

In II Samuel he is the Gracious King.

In I Kings he is the Builder of His Temple.

In II Kings he is the Great Prophet.

In I Chronicles he is the Ark of Blessing.

In II Chronicles he is the Defender Of His People.

In Ezra he is the Restorer of His People.

In Nehemiah he is the Rememberer of His People.

In Esther he is the Preserver of His People.

In Job he is the Daysman.

In Psalm he is the Good Shepherd.

In Proverbs he is the Wisdom of God.

In Ecclesiastes he is the Teacher of Wisdom.

In Solomon's Song he is the Beloved of His Church.

In Isaiah he is the Substitute for Sinners.

In Jeremiah he is the Lord our Righteousness.

In Lamentations he is the Lord our Portion.

In Ezekiel he is the Glory of the Lord.

In Daniel he is the Messiah the Prince.

In Hosea he is God my Husband.

In Joel he is the Hope of His People.

In Amos he is the Sifter of His People.

In Obadiah he is the Searcher of Hearts.

In Jonah he is the Sovereign Delieverer.

In Micah he is Bethlehem's Infant.

In Nahum he is the Great One.

In Habbakkuk he is the Faithful One.

In Zephaniah he is the Mighty One.

In Haggai he is the Desire of All Nations.

In Zechariah he is the Fountain Opened for Sinners.

In Malachi he is the Sun of Righteousness.

In Matthew he is the Son of David.

In Mark he is the Son of Man.

In Luke he is the Son of God.

In John he is the Lamb of God.

In Acts he is the Ascended Lord.

In Romans he is the Just God our Savior.

In I Corinthians he is the Power of God.

In II Corinthians he is the Reconciler.

In Galatians he is the End of the Law.

In Ephesians he is the Effectual Savior.

In Philippians he is the Joy of Saints.

In Colossians he is the Pre-eminent One.

In I Thessalonians he is the Hope of Salvation.

In II Thessalonians he is the Coming Lord.

In I Timothy he is the Preacher's Doctrine.

In II Timothy he is the Eternal Surety.

In Titus he is the Grace of God.

In Philemon he is the Intercessor.

In Hebrews he is the Fulfillment of the Law.

In James he is the Giver of Grace.

In I Peter he is the Effectual Redeemer.

In II Peter he is the Longsuffering Lord.

In I John he is the Propitiation for Our Sins.

In II John he is the Doctrine of God.

In III John he is the Truth of God.

In Jude he is Our Security

In Revelation he is the Fulness of God.

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