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Social Studies

Check out the cemetery that you are going to visit before hand. See if there are any "famous" people buried there. Since my class visits Spring Grove, this is an easy task. They have an entire publication of Historic and Famous Names in Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum.

The following is the worksheet that is given to the students. Many of the answers they get as they listen during the guided tour. Two to three weeks is given to complete this assignment.

History Assignment for Spring Grove Cemetery

DIRECTIONS: The following is a list of some of the famous people buried at Spring Grove Cemetery. You CAN get 600 points on this assignment.
100 points will count as a test grade in American History. The rest of the points will be used to cover any zeros that you have or to add on to any low grades you have.

There are over fifty names below. You are to choose how you would like to get the required points. The breakdown is as follows:
5 points given for telling what they were famous for. (two or three sentences)
2 points for the year born and the year died
1 point for finding out what section at Spring Grove they are buried in.
2 points for writing down what is written on the headstone.
1 point for an etching of the headstone.
5 points for an actual photograph of the grave that I can keep.
A 10 point bonus will be given to the one person who has the most points.

(the following is the list given for Spring Grove)
Nicholas Longworth Anderson *
Martin Baum *
Johnny Black*
Isaac G. Burnet
Jacob Burnet *
Charles E. Case
Salmon Portland Chase *
Levi Coffin *
Myers Young Cooper*
Jacob Dolson Cox *
Powell Crosley *
Ernest Guy Diehl*
Andrew Erkenbercher*
James Norris Gamble *
Hannah Simpson and Jesse Root Grant *
Henry Knight "Heinie" Groh *
Stuart Louis Jacobus
Bernard Henry Kroger*
Alexander Bonner Latta*
William Haines Lytle *
George McAlpin*
Alexander Hamilton McGuffuey *
William Cooper Proctor *
John White Stevenson
Anges Lake Thatcher
Charles W. West *
Joseph Hooker *
Tyler Davidison
The Fighting McCooks---Alexander McDowell McCook *, Daniel McCook Jr*., Edwin Staton McCook*, and Robert Latimer McCook*
George Washington Neff*
Melancthon Smith Wade *
Lusius Chapin
Orville Francis Woodruff
Thomas Lowry Young *
Lawrence Albert Pape *
Carl West Rich*
Sanford B. Stanberry
Nathan Guilford
Henry F. Farny
Charles Louis Fleischmann *
Nicholas Longworth (there are two of them)*
Adolph Strauch
Wesley Cameron
Francis Dale*
Manning Force*
Charles Harvey Gould *
Waite Hoyt*

Now you are asking "How do I find this information?"
Some of the info you will be able to get from the person giving the tour if you listen closely. They will walk or drive us past some of the famous peoople buried there. If you will learn. You may use any source that you have available. Yes, the net does have some, public libraries, History books. Search... Look for Civil War, Singers, Mayors, Baseball players, painters, actors and Cincinnati History. That should give you a great start. Find a Grave is a great resource on the internet.
Do not count on finding out enough info at the cemetery to pass your test. You will need to work to find the answers.
The names with * next to them, I was able to find with a bit of looking on the internet. Some of them are featured somewhere on the Cemetery Studies pages. If there are more than one person wtih this name, look for the Cincinnati connection. (Also a DUH..if they are still alive then that is not the one you are looking for!)

Other Ideas related to Social Studies
1. Make a family tree of persons buried in a family plot. Using the inscription on the stones, determine relationships, occupations, religious beliefs, curumstances of death, etc.

2. Discover individuals of foreigh origin. Gather evidence from inscriptions on stone as to reasons for immigration to your area. If no evidence is given, research the reasons.

3. Search for evidence of wars, catastrophes, and epidemics from inscriptions on the markers. Research both local and national history for reasons and details about these events.

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