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The following is a list of Links that I have found while "surfing" that I think are either fun or useful. I hope you will find something that you like! If you have a link that you think should be on here, please send it to me!

Cemetery Studies

Just how much learning can take place at a Cemetery? TONS!! Lesson Plans for activities to do while there and in the classroom. Pictures of Spring Grove Cemetery, Student Writings and links to other cemetery pages.

Net Lingo E-Mail-IRC Shorthand

Okay, so *LOL* is an easy one but what about * ROFL*? Do you know what it means? Find out the secret code here.

We Didn't Start the Billy Joel

On this page, you will find the words to the song. Every word then becomes a link. This page alone could send you over 100 different places. Another page that goes great with this site is Images of America -Analyzing Music Videos: Billy Joel This is a page that integrates U. S. History and American Literature Class

Dr. Webster's Site of the day

A cool web site brought to you each day. Try the X of the day. A list of daily "fun" site of the day.

Cool Site of the Day A "Potluck" Site. You never know what you are going to get. One will always be COOL! If you like to try your luck and have enjoyed Cool Site of the Day, don't leave without also trying this one Too Cool Awards

Angee's Best of the Net

Links to lots of other fun and cool pages. Included you will find Downloads, Games, Humour, Educational, Movies/TV, Money, Music, News/Magazines , shopping, Sports, and Web Site Design.

Bureau of Missing Socks

Need to relieve some stress? This is just a good place to visit when you need a good laugh. Be careful though, you just might learn something!

Internet Public Library

At the Internet Public Library, you will find answers to all your questions. There are several different wings in the Library. Examples are: Reading Rooms, Exhibits, Youth Room (this has some great links for the younger bunch) and a Teen Room.

Optical Illusions

This page claims to "The largest collections of illusions on the Internet." See things that are not there. If you like this page you might want to check out 3D World Also to bring up the rear, you can visit The Magic Eye A new illusion is added each week. You can also find out the history of the Magic eye.

Land of Useless Facts

This is just what the title says: Useless Facts. Facts to amaze your friends or the put them to sleep. Updated regularly.

Bert is Evil!

Everyone loves Sesame Street but now you will see the true BERT! Not a page for kids...just a great one for laughs!

Nerd World

Nerd World has it all!!! Please check this out for anything you are looking for. People searches, Museums, Guide to Making Home pages. A one stop "EVERYTHING" guide.

Pre-Hospital Care Simulator

Join Mortimer and Bob on their adventures to save lives. A fun site that (watch out) you just might learn how to give medical help.


So now you have decided to create your own page or you want to spruce yours up some. Try Hari's tutorial and then take a peek at the following helps!
Html Colors
Animated Gif Files
TinyMan Graphics
Toymaker Look at homepage help. However there is a ton of other things on this page that you should really enjoy
Web Design Tips
Web Graphics
Free Clip Art! Hand Painted watercolor designs.
Tim's Icons A Computer Nrrrrd's Hangout filled with HTML help

Internet Reminder Service

This service will send you electronic mail to remind you of any calendar date that is important to you. We'll even remind you of the person you need to remember on that date. Plus the service is FREE!

Savvy Search

If you are tried of going to more than one search to obtain the information that you need, you will find this site very useful. You can enter what you are searching for and Savvy will integrate the results. Very time and effort saving. Another great way to search is Search The Internet with the Internet Sleuth Choose from over 2000 searchable Databases!

The Magic Underwater Kingdom of Zooop

This is a unusal site. There is a huge section called "ART" that has photographs, collages, tiny animations and more. Another section is called "SPINNING DREAMS" you can find dream links, share a dream and even read other dreams.

Center for the Easily Amused

I think that they made this just for me! Try the following: Random Silliness, Other People's Hot Lists, Movies and Television, Sites that do Stuff, Music and Magazines and Short Attention Site. Hundreds of links that are made just to amuse!

The 80's Server

What do you remember from the 80's? Games, Things to Do, Information and Articles. Or perhaps you like my husband think nothing worth remembering happen in the 80's then maybe you should check this one out. Lorriane's Sixties Page Links to Woodstock, Jimi Hendrik, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, JFK and tons more. And of course, we can not skip the seventies. Try Super Seventies Rocksite

Atlantis Virtual Reality Entertainment Resource Guide

This site was built to quench your thirst for Virtual Reality and titillate your imagination. Whether you want to find a place on earth to experience VR, get into the next generation of VR entertainment systems and centers or open your own VR location, these pages will prove to be both entertaining and useful to you. As of today, this resource guide is composed of over 400 pages, a total of 1247 files and more than 49Mb of pictures and movies to download.

Moron Driver

This is where all those people go to learn how to drive you crazy on the highway. Too Funny for words!

Rats to Cats!

Being a Compendium of Light Verse for Old and Young Alike with Satirical Intent for the Amusement and Edification of Both Fanciers and Detractors of the Feline Specie, Illuminated with Fanciful Drawings One to the Page.

Upfront Entertainment Stuff

Welcome to the Up Front asylum; the cyber-site of amusements by and for delightfully disturbed minds. Our unlicensed institution offers no cure for the madness of this world. We do, however, accept some liability for it.

The Blues Brothers who does not love the Blues Brothers? Great page (also I am putting it here because my hubby, UNC, asked me to) You can find the following: Blues Brothers F.A.Q.,Blues Brothers Lyrics, Blues Brothers Movie Transcripts, Blues Brothers Pictures,Blues Brothers Quotes, Blues Brothers Sounds, Blues Brothers Trivia/Games, Other Blues Brothers Links.

The Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers of the world...unite! Here you can find a chat line for the boomers... and many other links for this very wonderful age group!


This page is so wonderful...I love Dr. Seuss! This page is the best one I have seen to learn about the man..the works and see some of the art work


Combine the faces of your favorite or not so favorite people. And if you enjoy making faces...then play with Apple Corps or with Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head Home Page Not only can you find another game there, but you can find out anything you would ever want to know about the GREAT Mr. Potato Head!

It's A Wonderful Life

Are you one of the thousands like me that sit every year and watch this movie every single time that it is on? Then this is the place for you! Photo Album pics from the movie, wavs, Jimmy Stewart links. Bring your tissue and spend some time here.

Humor Files

Did you ever get stuck and just not know a funny comeback to something? Come to this site and check out Comedy one-liners for speakers, comedians, and radio personalities.

Georgia O'Keeffe Gallery

A great place to mellow out and see some really nice art work. Another artist that I have fallen in love with is Anne Geddes A must for anyone that loves to look at pictures of babies! If there are just not enough of those cute little babies there, try this one also Leslie Anne's Anne Geddes Page The Largest Collection of Anne Geddes Artwork and Resources From the Internet Compiled in One Spot...

Not Just for Teachers

Links for teachers, or by teachers. Lots of help for students.

Also try these Not Just For Science Teachers Not Just For Social Studies Teachers Links to tons of History related links, Not Just For Language Arts Teachers and new to the teacher pages Holidays

Clint Eastwood

Everything you have always wanted to know about Clint! The World Wide Web Page is a tribute to one of cinemas most talented and best-loved stars. With a career that spans over five decades -- from television, to movies, to winning Academy Awards, Clint Eastwood has established himself as one of the greatest actors and directors Hollywood has ever seen!

RinglingBarnum Brothers Circus

Visit the Circus from the comfort of your house. Take some time to experience all the miraculous wonders of this tate-of-the- art silicon cyberspectacular -- designed to dazzle and delight Children Of All

You didn't find anything on this page you liked? Please try, EVEN MORE OF MY FAVORITE AND COOL WEB SITES If you still can not find anything you like, please email me with some things YOU would like to see here! Home Page

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