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General Information

Before going to the cemetery, spend some time on background information.

The students are given the following subjects that they are to research and present to the class. This is usually done as a group or in pairs. The students are taught some about telephone etiquette, since some of this must be by phone.

Epitaphs--The significance of, unusual ones famous ones.

Spring Grove--The history of. (This one might be hard to do if you are using a cemetery that is not very old or big.)

Burial Customs -Local and other cultures.

Average cost of Funerals

Average life spans through the years and how it has changed.

Engravings on tombstones--etc. flowers, birds… what do they mean

Mausoleums, history of , where and when they were used the most.

Wars-Brief Description, years that they took place. (This is helpful for finding evidence of people that died in wars from the Cemetery Packet.)

How monuments are made, materials, methods, price.

This is one of the worksheets that they must take with them to answer.


  • List the different countries and cultures that are represented.
  • What evidence can you find of any of the following: epidemics, plagues, war, catastrophes?
  • How many wars can you find represented by graves?
  • What is the oldest tombstone that you can find?
  • What is the newest tombstone that you can find?
  • Find a tombstone with the same month and day (different year) as your birth date.
  • Find the name of some that is famous. An example. Mel Gibson is still alive, but see if you can find another Mel Gibson that is buried.
  • Write down at least four epitaphs that you find interesting.
  • Pick out at least one tombstone that moved you somehow. Be sure you write down all information about it, including the physical description of it.
  • List all names that are real famous people that are buried here.
  • What indications can you find of the wealth or standard of living some of the people buried here had.
  • Make at least three rubbings of tombstones that you find interesting.

  • This is a "fun" activity that the students love. It serves a great purpose though. It keeps the students focused. I put between 20-25 names on the list.

    Teachers Live Forever

    (The one my students like to see the most....ME!)

    Yes, we the teachers and staff know that at times, each and everyone of you would like to think that your dear teachers have passed on. Now you can let you imagination run wild. Although, your beloved teachers live on, there is a chance that you can find someone with their last name buried at the cemetery. Below is a list of teachers, our superintendent, principal and other key people in our school last names. You are to keep track of how many you can find. After finding the name you must have an adult sign off that they also saw the name. All tally marks will turn into BONUS POINTS for English Class.

    Staff name ____________________________________________________________________
    Staff name ____________________________________________________________________

    And YES..There are times we as teachers…(Well maybe we should not go there.) Let us just say..Here is a chance that you can find your own last name and those of your classmates.

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