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Not Just For English Teachers

Greek Mythology ..... This is an introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology. It combines information from a number of sources and attempts to be a comprehensive reference work. Includes the following: Greek vs. Roman Mythology •The Gods •Heroes •Creatures •Stories •Family Trees •Donald Vish's Greek Mythology

Mythology ..... What do We Have to Offer? Olympian Gods, Rituals and Sacrifices, Greek Mindset, and Politics.

Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts ...

..... Lesson Plans for Kentucky English and Language Arts Teachers

Grammar Page ...

..... GRAMMAR on the WEB ...if you need help ...or want to know more.

The Edgar Allan Poe Crypto Challenge ...

..... Edgar Allan Poe [1809-1849] had a fascination with cryptography. Besides numerous references to secret writings in some of his poems and stories such as The Gold-Bug, he conducted his own "cryptographic challenge" that was published in Alexander's Weekly Messenger beginning in December, 1839.Is this W.B. Tyler's cipher or Poe's? Solving it may help unravel this 150 year-old mystery.

How to Love Your Dog...

..... Teaching resources for "Where the Red Fern Growns", "Shiloh", and "Stone Fox".

Myth Search: Your portal to Mythology on the Web ...

..... Includes myths in the following: The African Diasporas, Arthurian Legends, Celtic Myths, Egyptain Myths, and Greco-Roman Myths

Quotes Search...

..... Put in a key word for a quote and you will get several to choose from.


..... For over a thousand years, storytellers have spun tales of King Arthur of Britain, his Queen Guinevere, and the circle of his noble Knights. Why do these stories endure? How have these songs and stories twisted and turned over the centuries, and how have they defined our expectations of heroism, romance, and adventure? This is Legends, a personal journey through the worlds of Robin Hood, King Arthur, D'Artagnan, and other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and film, from the shores of Avalon to the dungeons of Zenda.

MLA Citation Examples...

..... The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is widely used for identifying research sources. In MLA style you briefly credit sources with parenthetical citations in the text of your paper, and give the complete description of each source in your Works Cited list.

Library of Congress Resources for Greek and Latin Classics.

..... Links to sites dealing with the Greek and Latin Classics

MidLink Magazine ..... An interactive 'zine for middle schoolers to promote creative writing.

BDD: Meet the Authors. ..... Some on the list includes the following: John Grisham, Bill Moyers, Barbara De Angelis, Maya Angelou, Isaac Asimov, Leslie Nielsen, Sara Paretsky, Cindy Crawford, The Reverend Bernice A. King, Tom Robbins, Louis L'Amour, The Reverend Al Sharpton, The Duchess of York, Robert Ludlum, Al Franken, Danielle Steel, Dennis Miller, and Joseph Wambaugh

Mystery of the Old Suitcase ..... You get the clues and you must solve the case!

Select Language Arts ..... Two main groups here.
    1)Elementary English Language Arts (Grades 1 - 5)
    2).Resources for Middle Level English Language Arts (Grades 6 - 9)
    In each group, you will find table of contents and grade level buttons. A "million" of great links.

An English Teachers's Reading ..... An English Teacher's Favorite Readings. Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Kate Chopin and ee cummings. Also visit the homepage on this for a course in writing.

Keats-Shelley Journal Links ..... Selected Web Resources

Language Arts Lesson Plans ..... Taylor Road Middle School has a list of about 25 lesson plans listed. Some topics include "To Kill a Mockingbird", Julius Ceasar and Sentence writing tips.


Teaching Values through Teaching Literature ..... This is a book that can be purchased that presents over forty strategies to develop students' thinking abilities through exploration of ethical and moral dilemmas. Proven teaching ideas for literature instruction use novels, folk literature, poetry, and ethnic literature. Titles include The Pied Piper, The Pearl, The Catcher in the Rye, Things Fall Apart, and 1984. This link though will give you a preview of the book using Huckleberry Finn as an example.

LDC Unit ..... The following 4 - 6 week unit of work was submitted by a student in LDC 951 - 14 ( Secondary Education: English). It is designed to satisfy a number of specific task requirements, including a rationale for choosing the text, a general set of aims for teaching the unit, a list of resources, an outline of some of the observing and monitoring strategies to be used in tracking individual student progress, an assessment package, 4 or 5 examples of specific lesson plans, and a graphic overview of the whole unit (although this last item mostly appears as a separate document). INCLUDES HUCKLEBERRY FINN!

Mark Twain Resourses ..... This page lists resources by or about Mark Twain. They range from texts of his books to an analysis of his character's appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Life of Mark Twain ..... This was created by "Mrs. Pertschuk's Harriton High School 3/4 Block English IIH Class of Rosemont, Pennsylvania in the Lower Merion School District" Links, links and more links dealing with Mark Twain!

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ..... A review by William Dean Howells from the May, 1876, issue of The Atlantic Monthly

Tom Sawyer Homepage ..... Links that include: Browse etext of Tom Sawyer, with illustrations, Browse Tom Sawyer, chapter by chapter, Search MT's works, including Tom Sawyer Selected Illustrations, Contemporary Reviews


HAIKU For People ..... Tells what Haiku is, political influence, How to Write, and some wonderful examples. After visiting there, then go to Computer Generated Haiku Every 20 seconds or so a new Haiku will appear on the screen.

Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages ..... Welcome to The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages, a multimedia feature devoted to poets and poetry, both classic and contemporary. This area is updated regularly, with new readings by poets featured in each issue of the magazine, as well as poetry and essays from The Atlantic's archive.

Poetry World Home Page ..... POETRY WORLD is a web site devoted to poetry and related information, including software tools for poetry writing and for an enriched enjoyment of poetry. There are millions of poets and would-be poets on the Net, and POETRY WORLD has features for poets of all levels of experience: novices, poets of moderate experience, and poetry experts. We even offer a corrective for people who think they don't like poetry. You can explore our pages by consulting the Poetry World Menu.

Mom's Prom Dress - Poetry Page ..... Favorite Poetry by the creator of the page, some sources to help you improve your own poetry and a list of digital magazines and poetry pages from abroad.

English 88, Modern and Contemporary American ...

..... Links to all types of poetry. Too many to count!

Poetry Daily ...

..... A new Poem every day.

Potato Hill Poetry Online ...

..... Potato Hill Poetry is dedicated to the proposition that poetry belongs to us all. Potato Hill Poetry wishes to ignite a passion for poetry in schools across the country. We seek to unite a community of readers and writers willing to play with words and explore the power and mystery of language

AHA! Poetry ...

..... Post your poems for Open Mic Get instant poetry gratification with Ann Cantelow's Interactive Poetry Invention . Read some books of poetry online Find books on, about, or of poetry on The Bookrack Advertise your book or books on The Bookrack Read and write your own book reviews of your favorite reads and more!

Internet Poetry Archive Home page ..... Czeslaw Milosz's Poetry, Seamus Heaney,and Phil Levine.There are only of poems on each page but the best part is that you can hear them!


Romeo and Juliet ..... Based upon the newest movie of Romeo and Juliet, you may meet "Bill" Shakespeare and read the "Elizabethan Times" . Many other links that bring the story into the '90's.

Shakespeare Globe Tour
..... Take a tour of the Globe. There are also many other links to Shakespeare pages. Be sure to go to the "Teacher' Room"

Shakespeare and Renaissance Home Page

..... About twenty different links to pages about Shakespeare.

Entrance to the Shakespeare Web ..... The description on this pages states: " an interactive, hypermedia environment dedicated to the increasingly popular understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare's plays and other works."

Everything Shakespeare ..... This is a site completely devoted to William Shakespeare and to those of you who are seeking knowledge of him and his works.

Romeo & Juliet

..... Study Guide for Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. There is also a link for a list of other Study Guides to Various Works.


West Side Story Musicals ..... Links to other West Side Story Pages and a songlist.

West Side Story ..... Great synopsis of the story.

West Side Story (1961).

..... A review of the movie and some of the song lyrics Home Page

OTHER ..Not just for teacher series pages
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