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The Fighting McCooks The Fighting McCooks

The Fighting McCooks

“One of the best-known Scotch-Irish families who have contributed their full share to the honorable record of that race in the United States are the Ohio McCooks, who acquired a wide reputation during the Civil War as the “Fighting McCooks.””

—Henry Howe
The Fighting McCooks,
Reprinted from The Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Society of America

The "Fighting McCooks," is a nickname given to the McCook family because of their military service during the Civil War. Daniel's McCook contributed nine soldiers to the Union cause including 5 generals. Brother John's family contributed 5 officers. Four of Daniel's family including himself died in the conflict.

The Fighting McCooksA history of the McCooks.
The photos below are of the McCook Monument in Spring Grove Cemetery.

(You may click on the above photos to see enlarged ones)


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