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Ron Harrison Writes...
Wednesday, 15 September 2021
Chad Tate Shelter Insurance Middle School Showcase August 28-29, 2021
Topic: Basketball




Chad Tate Shelter Insurance Middle School Showcase

6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

Madison Central High School, Caudill Middle School & Glenn Marshall Elementary

Richmond, KY

August 28-29, 2021


Saturday August 28th (8th Grade)


Caudill 28  Old Kentucky Home 2 16 – The MVP of the game was Caudill’s 6-0 8th grader Maetlyn Wilson who scored eight points.  Wilson has good size and keeps the ball high and uses her size to great advantage in the paint.  5-2 8th grade Ashlynn Cecil led Old Kentucky Home 2 with seven points.  Cecil is a good ball handler who finishes at the rim.


Clark Moores Middle School 40  St. Joseph 18 – 5-4 8th grade Maria Himes of CMMS was named MVP of the game.  Himes scored 16 points in this game.  Himes is quick with active hands and is a good mid-range scorer.


North Laurel 34  Foley 29 – The MVP of this game was 5-6 7th grader Katie Sams with seven points and had an excellent floor game.  North Laurel is loaded with talent including 5-7 8th grade Cadence Allen and 5-11 7th grade Mariella Claybrook. 


St. Joseph 36  Madison 27 – 5-5 8th grade Gracie Osborne led St. Joseph with 21 points and was named MVP.  Osborne is quick, high energy, and gets to the rim any time she wants to.  5-6 8th grade Jordynn Miles led Madison with 17 points.  Miles is the younger sister of last year’s Miss Basketball Brooklynn Miles and has excellent speed and quickness allowing her to be a terror on defense and hard to contain in the open court.


South Laurel 34  Campbell 16 – 5-8 8th grade Gracie Hoskins was named MVP and led South Laurel with 15 points. 


Rockcastle 40  Old Kentucky Home 1 34 – 5-11 8th grade Macy Spivey was named MVP and led the victors with 14 points.  5-5 Nora Kate Simpson led Old Kentucky Home 1 with 10 points.


South Laurel 43  Knox 26 – 5-10 7th grade Skeeter Mabe was named MVP for South Laurel and recorded 14 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three steals.  5-8 8th grade Gracie Hoskins led South Laurel in scoring with 17 points.  5-4 7th grade Lydia King led Knox with 12 points.


Rockcastle 44  Lexington Catholic 24 – 5-11 8th Grade Taylor King was named MVP and led Rockcastle with 13 points.  5-8 8th grade Bella Bretz led Lexington Catholic with 11 points.


Sunday August 29th (8th Grade)


Knox 32  Madison 20 -5-4 7th grade Lydia King was named MVP and led Knox with 18 points.


Lexington Catholic 26  Caudill 22 – 5-8 8th grade Bella Bretz was named MVP and led Lexington Catholic with 17 points.


Clark Moores Middle School 38  Old Kentucky Home 2 25 – 5-6 7th grade Kennadi Britain was named MVP for CMMS and scored nine points.


Campbell 51  Foley 41 – This was an excellent game with Campbell prevailing in a very competitive game.  5-10 8th grade Annette Miller was named MVP and led Campbell with 23 points.  5-2 8th grade sparkplug guard Jaylynn Goodwin also played well for the victors.  5-8 8th grade Laci Sandlin had an excellent game for Foley and scored 29  points as she repeatedly finished strong at the rim.


Old Kentucky Home 1 54  Clark Moores Middle School 30 – 5-10 8th grade Megan Simpson was strong in the paint, was named MVP, and led OKH1 with 14 points.


Campbell 32  North Laurel 30 – 5-7 7th grade Cameron Buster was named MVP for Campbell.


There was a lot of promising young talent at this event and I will mention several but knowing I probably missed some that will make their mark down the road at the varsity level.  5-8 7th grader Maci Messer (South Laurel) still learning and improving has a high revving motor, rebounds, and can score from mid-range to the three point line.  5-2 8th grader Aubrey Bundy (South Laurel) is quick on quick, high energy, sees the floor, scores, distributes the ball, and creates havoc on defense.  5-10 7th grader Skeeter Mabe (South Laurel) has all the obvious skills but in my opinion what separates her is her high basketball IQ, court vision, and general awareness of the game and how to play it.  5-11 8th grade Taylor King (Rockcastle) dynamic to watch, athletic, basketball IQ, scores at all three levels, versatile skills.  5-11 8th grader Macy Spivey (Rockcastle) athletic leaper, shooter, developing finishing at rim and capable defender.  5-9 8th grader Ella McKinney (Rockcastle) versatile player, solid in all areas, passes the ball, and can shoot the ball.  5-8 8th grader Gracie Hoskins (South Laurel) jet quick, hard worker, and good shooter.  Knows how and when to score.  5-6 7th grade Katie Sams (North Laurel) gives 110% effective slashing to the rim and good rebounder.  5-7 8th grade Cadence Allen (North Laurel) rebounds, finishes at rim and a good mid-range shot.  5-11 7th grade Mariella Claybrook (North Laurel) long wing player, athletic, defender, rim protector, rebounds, and has a decent shot, very high ceiling for her.


5-10 8th grade Annette Miller (Campbell) athletic, strong, can score both inside and outside with excellent range on her shot.  5-2 8th grade Jaylynn Goodwin (Campbell) quick, strong for size, effective with either hand, and distributes the ball.  Quick release on shot  and has good range on her jump shot.  5-6 8th Grade Jordynn Miles (Madison Middle) tremendous speed and quickness allows her to get to rim anytime she wants, streaky shooter when hot can score points in bunches.  Quickness helps her to create havoc on defense.  5-4 8th grade Maria Himes (CMMS) quick, good passer, active hands, good mid-range game.  5-6 7th grader MacKenzie Hensley (Knox) solid guard skills, defends, finishes at rim, basketball IQ, and good shooter.  5-7 7th grader Lydia King (Knox) streaky shooter but when on can score at all levels, good ball handler and always on attack mode on defense.  5-8 8th grader Bella Bretz (Lexington Catholic) versatile swing player with good skills, works hard, and is a consistent scorer.  5-4 8th grader Josie Cox (Lexington Catholic) excellent ball handler and a natural floor general with good skills for age.  5-8 8th Grader Laci Sandlin (Foley) versatile skills, good shooter, finishes at rim in traffic.  5-5 8th grader Gracie Osborne (St. Joseph) active on both ends of the court, quick, finishes at rim, and improving shooter, gets results.  5-8 6th grader Brianna Hensley (Foley) good size, can shoot the ball, good skills for class.  5-10 8th grader Megan Simpson (Old Kentucky Home 1) active and strong in the paint both ends of court.  5-5 8th grader Nora Kate Simpson (Old Kentucky Home 1) versatile performer with good all around game.  5-6 7th grader Kennadi Britain (CMMS) finishes at rim, good shooter, and dfends.


6-0 8th grader Maetlyn Wilson (Caudill) good size establishes position, keeps hands high and uses size to advantage on both ends of the court.  5-2 8th Grade Ashlynn Cecil (Old Kentucky Home 2) handles, gets to the rim, and can shoot the “3” ball.  5-8 8th grader Abby Binkley (Old Kentucky Home 2) good basketball IQ, good mid-range shooter, and can get to the rim.  5-6 8th grade Hayden Whitaker (CMMS) rebounds, good post-up jump shot, and good defender.  5-7 8th grade Josie Powers (CMMS) shooter with range, excellent free throw shooter, can finish at rim.  5-5 8th grader Skylar Collingsworth (CMMS) pure shooter and a capable defender.


Some players were missing today for various reasons and I watched all the 8th grade games and wrote these comments based on my observations and talking to  the coaches.  However I’m sure I missed several players that should have been mentioned.  I hope to see all these young ladies play during the 2021-2022 season.  I missed viewing the 6th and 7th grade games and I understand there were some excellent players and games during this venue.  The talent level appeared to be very good to me and I expect to see several of these girls making an impact at the high school level in the near future.  A special thanks to Chad Tate for the sponsorship and to Dennis Campbell, Brad Lovely and all the volunteers for making this a first class event.






Posted by REH at 5:45 PM EDT
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