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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 23 July 2015
Only Real Republicans Need Apply
Well we saw what they THINK on the Officail LCRCC Discsusion Page 

Another maintenance update, continuing to serve...

Now it seems they have taken their Philosophy into ACTION
I believe in the Republican platform. Thus I want to help Republicans get elected. So I join the local County Central Committee to represent my precinct. I got elected as a precinct representative. The Facebook admin who is not an elected representative, but rather an associate member, chooses to block me from commenting on the page that is supposed to be the official page for the Linn County GOP, yet makes personal attacks about me on that page. I hope someone can let someone know who can do something about it. 

 Quite some time ago I noticed that if I disagreed with Mr Knox my comments disspeared so I decided commenting there was a waste of time


Seems I was not the only one he selectively edits LOL 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:20 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 23 July 2015 6:22 PM CDT
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When No Man Pursueth



Mr Knox was ebullient this morning he was quite Vocal


James Knox shared his post.

Live to post another day... a response to those who care to silence differing views.

Live to Post Again!

Brenda, Taylor, Steve, Jim, Dan, Althea, Bill and John,

I heard I get the opportunity to post another day. This is simply wonderful and I am sure you are just as pleased as I am!!! Or are you? 


Touching but not that accurate.

Our James was not at the meeting last night so he had to get his account second hand

And possibly it was past the Bedtime for some of his friends.

I recall there was a time I too had to be in bed by 8:30 on a school night so I

figure that might explain why some of them are in such a hurry to leave at that time? 


The TRUTH is despite the outraged outbursts of the other side that NOTHING

was done that if passed would have prevented Mr Knox from posting

anything he wished to.

As a matter of fact since Steve West's Motion was narrowly defeated

NOW there are limits on his posting ability.

Let me explain.

Some feel that Party Officials should be absolutely NEUTRAL in Public.

Further some feel that it is an Ethical Violation for someone who has

editorial control of the LCRCC Website and Social Media to say something

Negative about a Candidate,

Even further some feel it is even MORE Unethical if that person is ALSO one of the

Officlal Represntatives of another Candidate.

As Mr Knox is.

I noticed that one of our body took up for Mr Knox I found it amusing that

THEY represnt the Same Candidate as Mr Knox, while the Representative of the

Candidate that was slighted did not Agree with them,

I suppose your view on this subject depends on whether YOUR Candidate has

Aided or Slighted

Exactly the situation that Neutrality by Party Officials is meant to avoid,

Now the voting itself was interesting


Steve West by the way is one of the LCRCC's Oldest and most Distinguished

Members.  He helped his Father Campaign for Eisenhower in 1952 and

became a member of the LCRCC.

So he has been around for a while and did not show up in the last year or so

and decide he already knew everything


His Motion was to Remove Mr Knox as Webmaster and as Admin for any

LCRCC Social Media Websites. 


A vote of NO would reject the Motion a vote of YES would affirm  the motion

There were 17 NOs 17 Yes's and ONE Sanction

The Sanction Ballot was discarded so there being a tie of the Ballots counted

the Motion Failed

I take note that there were actually 18 votes against Mr Knox 


In any case if James had been removed as Webmaster and Social Media

Admin there would have been NO Ethical Barrier for him to Post anything he


As it stands he has been informed to NOT repeat the behavior of that posting

Our James also spoke movingly of his Christian Love for all who do not agree

with him


Know this I pray daily for each of you. For it is my hearts

true desire for all of us to work

together in one unified effort. I pray all of you can someday

let your misguided anger go

and work to always get the Republican cause elevated not

your personal propaganda

that in reality limits any effective efforts you could possibly

have in Linn County, Iowa or

in your own life. I pray you will experience the unlimited love

of my Lord Jesus Christ and

with His love in your heart you can serve unconditionally. 

Like I said Touching isn't it?

But before I got home from work?

Our James had Already reverted to form and shown his TRUE Character.


James Knox shared his photo.
James Knox's photo.

Daniel Kauffman's WINO Group

Whig in Name ONLY...could not be closer to the truth as they are drunk in their power..or lack thereof.



Yes he went right from Christian Love to

You are  Fascists

Why am I not surprised?


 Looks like we are also Ghestspo I figure that is meant 

to be Gestapo,. Matt must be a little tired due to staying over his bedtime last night

Liberals often call Conservatives Nazis or Fascist when they cannot debate

on the field of ideas. It is the Internet equivalent of BAD DOG,

Most don't even know what the words mean.

When I stated that IMO James Knox acted Unethically by slighting an

oppnent of his candidate on a website over which he has editorial control

I was specific about what he had DONE,

When I have stated that the Chair Cindy Golding refused to sign checks that

the body had voted to be paid

I was specific about what she had DONE

Mr Knox and Mr McNeil are just shooing off their mouths.


But I will have to admit THIS took the Cake


Another maintenance update, continuing to serve...




Let me pull out what caught my eye


David Ahart Oh.......did I forget to mention the
trouble makers are not real

3 hrs · Like · 2 



People Who Like This

Why doesn't this little Twerp go tell that to Steve West
A man who campained with his Father for Eisenhower in 1952
Who has been a Member of the Linn County Central Commitee since 1968
Who is a former County Chair?
Yes Davy Boy why don;t you tell Steve West and the Rest of us what REALLY
Makes a Republcan since we seem to need your permission to be one. 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:01 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 23 July 2015 2:51 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Creative Book Keeping

There is always a temptation to put your best foot forward when making a report


BUT when one is trying to find out just how an event DID


And possibly determine how to do it better in the Future


REAL figures are required.


A Claim was made by the Chair Cindy Golding that a figure of $423 was what the LCRCC CLEARED on the Chili Cook Off at the Linn County Fair

According to the Treasurers Report and answers by the Treasurer when his report was given this does not appear to be the case.

 The amounts of $60 before the Fair and $363 during the Fair which add up to $423 were listed in the Treasurers Report as Total Receipts. 

 Expenses were $150 for the Building the Chili Cook Off took place in.

$39.42 Expenses reimbursed to Brenda Hart. 

And there was a  $48.62 Printing cost which was expensed to the Office Budget


The Chair informed the Committee that the $48.62 Printing Costs were applied to the Office Budget because that is how we had approved such expenses in the Budget Adopted


If a Good Faith Effort is being expended to determine exactly how effective our Event was ALL expenses created by having the event must be considered.

Therefore it is evident 


That $60 + $363 - $150 - $48.62 -  $39.42 =  $184.96

Is closer to the real number

Someone did mention that we ALSO brought in $183.74 from a Straw Poll which was part of the Fair Event

Which gives us

 $184.96 + $183.74 - $280  = $88.70

If we are going to include EVERYTHING then we must also include the Cost for the Booth

So we end up with a Profit of $88.70

The Fair can also be considered not as a Fund Raiser in  which it was pretty limited but as Community Outreach


In that it was not too bad


The Tickets were I believe $5 each?

So at the Fair we sold tickets to $363 divided by $5 about 72 people plus the people who might have talked to Lindsey Graham etc 

It is though clear that the Claim made by the Chair Cindy Golding that we CLEARED $423 is


As I understand that the Audit shows that instead of making close to $200 on the Christmas Party we in fact Lost about $200

And considering that we were originally told that the total Receipts for the Fair was what we had Cleared

Due in large part by hiding expenses in other Depts

I am wondering about the Validity of the Claim that the Lincoln Dinner ADDED $1880 to our Treasury.

I think I will be asking our Treasurer Robin Tucker about these matters

When/If I get what I think are solid figures,

I will report them here.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:38 AM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 16 August 2015 12:01 AM CDT
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Monday, 20 July 2015
A Word From The Defense


We have word from Our Webmaster

James Knox

Relating his view on everything.


To paraphrase Kipling it goes like


Help for a Patriot Sullied

A Snow White Spirit Hurt

Help for Our Webmaster's Name

Sore Trampled in the Dirt 

From Alburnett to Walker

Oh Listen to My Song

Our Honorable Gentleman

Has Suffered Grevious Wrong

His Noble Name Was Mentioned

Oh the Burning Black Disgrace

By a Misinformed Blogger

In a Political Ethics Case. 


Or as it appears on His Facebook Wall and about 10 others he placed it on


17 hrs · Edited · 

So often I am asked by other county central committee members "why do the members of Linn county central committee hate you so?"

Well they do not, but a small faction who have been ineffective for years hate my ability to effect positive and productive change despite there lies, attacks and continual anti Knox rhetoric.

That's is usually followed with "we'd love for you to set up our website, we can't believe the generous offer."

 — with Brett Mason and 9 others.
Like   Comment   
Joe StutlerPaul PelletierMatthew O'Neal and 5 others like this.

Actually for my part Hate is maybe a little over the Top,

Intense Dislike is more to the point 

There ARE people for which hate might fit however

There is a young woman in Montana, who at one time was the President of the Montana Young Republicans, and who ran afoul of Mr Knox  where upon he organized a

Denial of Service Attack on her Emails and Facebook accounts

One of his Associates however turned out to be able to distinguish between right and wrong


and recognized unethical behaviour so they made a screen shot of Mr Knox's instructions

You may look at it here and ask yourselves if he has the character of someone  you wish

representing the LCRCC



Now that is the story of someone from Montana who might actually Hate our Webmaster
There is someone else from New Mexico who might also have a grudge.

Steve Brewer, of Rio Rancho, N.M., said he has tried since December to get about $1,900 from Knox for work he performed as the New Mexico manager for Knox's computer business, KBS Computer Solutions Inc.  


New Mexico law requires that pay for a discharged employee be paid within five days of discharge if the wages are a fixed amount.

The law also requires an employer to get written permission from an employee to make deductions from an employee's check, even if the employee is at fault for damages. The only time an employer can make a deduction without written approval is if there was an overpayment 


As for the State of Iowa, I am certain the local business that Mr Knox slandered on the LCRCC Facebook Page and his own

And that he put on quite a few other people's Facebook Page including a Congressman's might not be pleased with him.

I understand they were intending to sue him and the Chair Cindy Golding, but ran into a slight hitch.

It seems to make a case it is helpful to be able to show damages and their business is UP.  


And then in addition there is his minor offence of trying to Vote Illegally.

Now a claim WAS made that Mr Knox voted ACCIDENTLY

Which of course was AFTER he ACCIDENTLY hid a ballot under the table so he could use it. 


Then most recently, we see his abuse of his position of Webmaster which gives him editorial control over all LCRCC Websites and Social Media to make negative remarks about a Candidate running against the one he represents.


As for his claim that those who disagree with these ethical lapses are

"a small faction who have been ineffective for years" 

That is just an example of someone shooting their mouth off about things they really don't know anything about

He seems to think nothing ever got done before he showed up LOL

The Chair before the present one and the Committee went from nothing.

I mean we had to take up a collection to HAVE money to pay for the room  

WE had an attendence about what it is now

We went from that to attendences at meetings of sometimes 200 people and when Steve Armstrong stepped down there was over 20K in the bank

Since then attendence and the Treasury has shrunk

Can anyone who has been around through all the changes in this Century really claim that the Committee is better off since Cindy Golding took the Chair?

But James will spout off his nonsense.

What I find amusing right now is him patting himself on the back about his Webmastering

I don't know about the rest of you, but I just got my August  Meeting announcement and here I thought it was July?

I see we have a August Agenda too!

Hope he is doing a better job with the Websites of other Counties than he is ours. 



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:20 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 22 July 2015 12:00 AM CDT
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When Tact May Not Work


 There are some people who have to have things Spelled Out for them.


In my post the other day  Conflict of Interest 

I relayed the Story of how the Linn County Central Commitee Webmaster

Mr James Knox, someone who has full editorial control over all Linn County

Central Committee Websites  had abused his position and made derogatory r

remarks about one of the Presidential Candidates.,

To make matters worse he is the Official Representative of another Campain

in this area

MOST people realise that the Party and Party Officials at all levels including

the County should maintian a neutral position

This type of think does not seem to occur naturally to Mr Knox

So maybe it should be explained to him at the next

Central Committee Meeting? 


 I am thinking that a motion would be in order 

something along the lines of


Moved: The Linn County Central Committee prohibits

ANY negative comment directed at a Republican

Candidate on ANY Linn County Central Committee

Website or Social Media.  Violations of this Order will
result in the termination of Posting Privileges until
after the Election and if committed by a
Representative of a Campaign  the Secretary will
send a Letter of Complaint to the State Chair of the


In other words you can say anything you want about a Democratic Candidate

Or one of Another Party.

But regarding Republican Candidates confine your remarks to how Great 

You think your Canidate is and as for the other ones?












Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:05 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 20 July 2015 2:14 AM CDT
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Friday, 17 July 2015


The Following is How this article appears on the


Iowa Live Website







Greetings, Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) Officials, and all—

Website , posted on 5-15-15, alerted you to Linn County Republican Central Committee’s (LCRCC) fatal threat to Iowa’s first in the nation caucus.   Two months has passed and the threat has substantially worsened, on your watch.  Your dithering is not working. The following tables show why.  Posturing to promote Ron Corbett for Governor and Cindi Golding for Legislator take precedence over first in the nation caucus.  The LCRCC will be a national embarrassment to itself and to Iowa.  Is this what you want?






Executive Committee Revenue Expected to Increase $9,000 (300%) in 2016, without plans to achieve it. 







4 PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE 80% OF LCRCC DYSFUNCTION .  Source:  Iowalive  7-17-15

DESCRIPTION--Executives in Yellow


Cindi Golding


Brett Mason


James Knox 


Gary Ellis


All Other Contributors




Anyone claiming to have better numbers than those herein is asked to provide them!


Iowalive   A growing network of volunteer citizens and professionals for improving Iowa


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:51 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 18 July 2015 2:31 AM CDT
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Conflict of Interest

Ethics Lie wounded


The other day Mr James Knox the Official Linn County Republican Central Committee Webmaster one of three people who have editorial control over the LCRCC websites posted the following on his personal Facebook Wall.  
 SO I guess I cannot post in the Linn County
GOP again Xxxxxx  ahs flipped. Such ashame too
cause he does have many good things he has done
Of course that was AFTER he posted this
From: "James Knox" <>
Date: July 16, 2015 at 7:01:43 AM CDT
To: "Linn County, Iowa GOP" <>
Subject: [Linn County, Iowa GOP] Seriously another Xxxxx flipflop. I like this...
Reply-To: Reply to Comment <>
   Linn County, Iowa GOP
James Knox
July 16 at 7:01am
Seriously another Xxxxxx flipflop. I like this guy but he is not the candidate many of you proclaim him to be. There is only ONE who ahs done all he said he would, has never flipped and flopped, been consistent on every conservative or constitutional point and has stood completely alone to do the right thing! 
 The Candidate's Name has been Redacted from the above statements.
Now SOME might be tempted to say that derogatgory remarks about a Republican Candiate by a Central Committee Official who has Editorial Contral over ALL LCRCC Websites COULD be Considered
Some might even venture to say that if that person was ALSO an Official Representative of another Campaign
Their Actions had the appearance of a Conflict of Interest and were even more
 But this is not the only time Mr Knox has engaged in such behavior on the LCRCC websites and his own.
Ethical Behaviour does not seem to be a matter of great concern to him
We have seen this before.
The Republican Party is supposed to stand for Personal Responisibility
We are supposed to believe that there should be consequences for an individuals Actions.
But like when Mr  Knox slandered a local business on the LCRCC Facebook page and his own
Or like when he was caught trying to accidently vote (after he accidently hid a ballot he had gotten ahold of under his table)
There will probably be NO Consequences for this Unethical Behavior

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:15 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 17 July 2015 3:32 AM CDT
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Thursday, 16 July 2015
If You Are Not Part Of The Solution

The LCRCC PTBs and I have some things in Common


We complain about each other.
I complain about multiple and redundant posts on the LCRCC Facebook Group and Fan Page Walls.
I complain about the May Minutes being missing from the
Linn County GOP Website's Minutes Page 
I also ask why these things are not resolved since it would be a matter of minutes to do so IMO 
They in turn have their OWN complaints for instance in

What happens when we go to the county fair?

They state: Our complainer couldn't help at the fair. None of his fellow complainers could also help at the fair 

Let me take the last part first.  I did see one of my friends in a photo from the  Fair as for the rest of my friends?

For some reason they do not come and ask my permission about what they should or should not do so I don't know how many other friends of mine were at the Fair or Not.

As for me.

No I was not there.

It is odd. You can TELL people you work Nights and Sleep Days but sometimes they just don't seem to LISTEN

The Chili Cook Off was between 11 AM and 1 PM?

For me that is like a Normal Person being somewhere between 2 AM and 4 AM

Is it that some of them are Hearing Challenged?

How many of the LCRCC would show up for an event held at 2 AM to 4 AM

I work Nights and sleep DAYS

BTW since unlike almost everyone else in the LCRCC I do work nights in order to make the Central Committee Meetings I take a Vacation Day

How many other members would make that committment? 

That however is not the only reason I was not there.

I understand the event was held in a metal building the end of June?

I have had One Heart Attack 3 Stints put in, Open Heart Surgery with a Quintuple Bypass (that is 5), by choice I don't do High Heat and Humidity that ranks up there with shoveling heavy snow when it is real cold

Not in my best interest

Also before all this came up I made a committment to go to Des Moines to the State Central Committee Meeting and pay for the gasoliine

But DAN you said you needed to sleep at that time of Day?

Right I rode and dozed on the way up,. Went to the Meeting dozed some on the way back and went to bed when I got home.

And some of these matters I relayed to the Secretary when I replied to his voice mail message and email

So the PTBs were aware of some of the reasonswhy I was not at the Fair BEFORE they decided to complain about my absense. 


But let us talk now about Solutions?

We had an effective Communications Sub-Committee, the work of years that met regularly usually about 10 sometimes 15.

Our Co-Chair can testify to that he attended one of our meetings

I do believe that we had more ADMINS than the new Marketing and PR Team has people attending their meetings

Give members of the Old Communications Sub-Committe Admin privileges and the ability to appoint other Admins AND

We could have the Face Book mess cleaned up in a matter of minutes and make sure redundant duplicate posts are a thing of the Past

Some of this stuff is not Rocket Science

For instance I noticed that there were a lot of new Posts in the Linn County GOP Website dated July 15

Why were the Minutes not fixed at that time.

I do not lnow the system Mr Knox uses for that website but HERE puttting up a Link is quite simple.  Let me give you a demonstation

It is now 3:00 AM

I will type in 

May 2015 Minutes

I will now go and upload the Minutes into my Directory

I will pull up the minutes onto a page so I can copy the URL

I will pull up the icon that makes links on this page

I  put in the URL of the PDF File

Choose Open in another window

Inserted the Link above and 

Made it Bold Face for Ease of Use

It is Now 3:05 AM

I am done  It took all of 5 minutes to do and to type out each step I was taking


Believe me the Old Communications Sub Committee could take care of the Problems on the Facebooks sites

If allowed 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:37 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 16 July 2015 7:24 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015
Little Lost Minutes

The LCRCC has lost its Minutes 

And doesn't know where to find them

Leave them alone and they'll come home

Wagging their tails behind them


Not time itself but the May Minutes of the LCRCC

Seem to have been misplaced


If one goes to the   Linn County GOP Website. 

And puts their cursor over 

About Us

Then Goes to

LCRCC Governing Documents

You will see


Going there You will see this




June 2015 Minutes

April 2015 Minutes

March 2015 Minutes

February 2015 Minutes

January 2015 Minutes

 For 10 Extra Classroom Points can someone tell us what is missing? 

 That is CORRECT

May 2015 Minutes


Now here is a trick

Instead of doing the above

Go to the Main Page and put the word minutes into the search field 


That will take you to THIS PAGE 


LCRCC Executive-Advisory Committee Nov 25 2014 Meeting Minutes

Please find the minutes from the 11/25/14 Executive Advisory meeting. For a downloadable version click here LCRCC Executive-Advisory Committee Nov 25 2014 Meeting Minutes Linn County Republican Central Committee Executive /Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes                                                 11-25-2014 1     Introduction Executive/Advisory Committee  meeting of the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) was held at Cindy Golding’s …

Continue reading »


2015: June 2015 Minutes April 2015 Minutes March 2015 Minutes February 2015 Minutes January 2015 Minutes 2014: November 2014 Minutes October 2014 Minutes September 2014 Monthly Minutes August Monthly Meeting July Monthly Meeting June 2014 Minutes May 2014 Monthly Meeting April 2014 Monthly Meeting March 2014 Monthly Meeting February 2014 Monthly Meeting


LCRCC June Meeting

Linn County Republican Please read me and we hope to see you there! View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward to Friend May Minutes June Agenda   Fast pace running down the road to victory! June 2015 Newsletter. It’s Presidential-time in Iowa.  Don’t you love it?  It’s hard to keep up with which …

Continue reading »

Tags: , 


If you click on



LCRCC June Meeting


You will find yourself HERE






Forward to Friend


May Minutes


June Agenda


Fast pace running down the road to victory!

June 2015 Newsletter.

It’s Presidential-time in Iowa.  Don’t you love it?  It’s hard to keep up with which candidate is where, what is happening when and how to fit it all in to our already busy schedules.
But you know – we are so fortunate to have the chance to meet our future President in a relatively personal setting.  Everywhere I go around the country people ask me “Why Iowa?”  It’s so easy in the busy-ness of our days, to forget how special this is.
Our “First in the Nation” status has also caused some dramatic changes in the way we must do things.  While change can be challenging, it can present new opportunities.
Please come to our next Central Committee meeting (Tuesday, June 16) to learn more about what’s new, what’s changed, all the exciting things happening and how you can participate.
Take part in the Road to Victory 2016 – help us make it happen!

Cindy Golding, Chair
Linn County Republicans

Click here to read or print the agenda



Where the May Minutes are Hidden

On top of the  June Agenda


May Minutes


June Agenda 

Now Why one might ask has our Webmaster not bothered to put the link to the May Minutes in the List of Minutes for 2015?


Maybe this from his personal Facebook Page can enlighten us? 


I just love to help fellow conservative get their word out. I think I am up to 20 R central Committee websites at the moment.

Like ·  · 91
Maybe he is too busy elsewhere to do the job of Webmaster on the LCRCC Website?
So much for his claim
" I take too much pride in doing something right" 



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:39 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 15 July 2015 1:56 AM CDT
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Another Knox Mystery
Our James Knox can at times create mysteries
After my last Post
Worth Its Weight In Gold 
This appeared on his Facebook Wall for a short period of time.
The last I looked it was no longer there

Hey Daffy Dan (Kaufmann) maybe you should actually find out who made the posts you seem to be so frustrated with. I can guarantee you it was not me. I take too much pride in doing something right and have always stood up when I do good or bad.

Try looking at the other Admin posters.... There are many who have access from the Chair on down through the marketing team.... I rarely post anything these days as I do not have the time and worked hard to get the group to take ownership.

Like ·  · 1 
Now it IS true that some of the more recent LCRCC Facebook Posts have NOT had multiples
So I was going to give him some consideration of doubt
Then I looked at the following which appears on the LCRCC Facebook Discussion Page

New post (What happens when we go to the county fair?) has been published on Linn County Republicans

What happens when we go to the county fair? Here's what people see: Linn County Republicans at the Fair.Linn County Republicans with Elected...
Like · 
The first thing we notice is that this post is by James Knox
The second thing we notice is that  it is a direct feed by click to this post at the Linn County GOP Website


What happens when we go to the county fair?




What happens when we go to the county fair? Here's what people see:

Linn County Republicans at the Fair.
Linn County Republicans with Elected Representatives at the Fair.
Linn County Republicans and Candidate representatives meeting constituents and engaging them.
Linn County Republicans running a local straw poll.
Linn County Republicans engaging new people to participate in Caucus.
Linn County Republicans drawing Presidential Candidates.
Linn County Republicans garnering TV coverage at the Fair.
Linn County Republicans holding a Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser.
Linn County Republicans improving profitability of Fundraiser for over a fifty fold increase.
Linn County Republicans garnering news coverage in four newspapers.

And, yes, one person complained that two website and facebook posts had pictures sideways. These were corrected within the first hour after posting.

Presidential Candidate and Senator Lindsey Graham did not complain. He was happy to participate at the Fair!

Our complainer couldn't help at the fair. None of his fellow complainers could also help at the fair. Doesn't seem very Fair, does it?

Success is as success does! With thanks to all those who helped – Linn County Republicans appreciates all you do.

Whose Webmaster IS? 
James Knox
And which by the way has the  Lie I mentioned in my Last Post
All of that taken into consideration I give the Deleted Facebook Post put up by Mr Knox on his Facebook Wall


Four Pinnochios

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:25 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 14 July 2015 1:29 AM CDT
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