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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Thursday, 16 July 2015
If You Are Not Part Of The Solution

The LCRCC PTBs and I have some things in Common


We complain about each other.
I complain about multiple and redundant posts on the LCRCC Facebook Group and Fan Page Walls.
I complain about the May Minutes being missing from the
Linn County GOP Website's Minutes Page 
I also ask why these things are not resolved since it would be a matter of minutes to do so IMO 
They in turn have their OWN complaints for instance in

What happens when we go to the county fair?

They state: Our complainer couldn't help at the fair. None of his fellow complainers could also help at the fair 

Let me take the last part first.  I did see one of my friends in a photo from the  Fair as for the rest of my friends?

For some reason they do not come and ask my permission about what they should or should not do so I don't know how many other friends of mine were at the Fair or Not.

As for me.

No I was not there.

It is odd. You can TELL people you work Nights and Sleep Days but sometimes they just don't seem to LISTEN

The Chili Cook Off was between 11 AM and 1 PM?

For me that is like a Normal Person being somewhere between 2 AM and 4 AM

Is it that some of them are Hearing Challenged?

How many of the LCRCC would show up for an event held at 2 AM to 4 AM

I work Nights and sleep DAYS

BTW since unlike almost everyone else in the LCRCC I do work nights in order to make the Central Committee Meetings I take a Vacation Day

How many other members would make that committment? 

That however is not the only reason I was not there.

I understand the event was held in a metal building the end of June?

I have had One Heart Attack 3 Stints put in, Open Heart Surgery with a Quintuple Bypass (that is 5), by choice I don't do High Heat and Humidity that ranks up there with shoveling heavy snow when it is real cold

Not in my best interest

Also before all this came up I made a committment to go to Des Moines to the State Central Committee Meeting and pay for the gasoliine

But DAN you said you needed to sleep at that time of Day?

Right I rode and dozed on the way up,. Went to the Meeting dozed some on the way back and went to bed when I got home.

And some of these matters I relayed to the Secretary when I replied to his voice mail message and email

So the PTBs were aware of some of the reasonswhy I was not at the Fair BEFORE they decided to complain about my absense. 


But let us talk now about Solutions?

We had an effective Communications Sub-Committee, the work of years that met regularly usually about 10 sometimes 15.

Our Co-Chair can testify to that he attended one of our meetings

I do believe that we had more ADMINS than the new Marketing and PR Team has people attending their meetings

Give members of the Old Communications Sub-Committe Admin privileges and the ability to appoint other Admins AND

We could have the Face Book mess cleaned up in a matter of minutes and make sure redundant duplicate posts are a thing of the Past

Some of this stuff is not Rocket Science

For instance I noticed that there were a lot of new Posts in the Linn County GOP Website dated July 15

Why were the Minutes not fixed at that time.

I do not lnow the system Mr Knox uses for that website but HERE puttting up a Link is quite simple.  Let me give you a demonstation

It is now 3:00 AM

I will type in 

May 2015 Minutes

I will now go and upload the Minutes into my Directory

I will pull up the minutes onto a page so I can copy the URL

I will pull up the icon that makes links on this page

I  put in the URL of the PDF File

Choose Open in another window

Inserted the Link above and 

Made it Bold Face for Ease of Use

It is Now 3:05 AM

I am done  It took all of 5 minutes to do and to type out each step I was taking


Believe me the Old Communications Sub Committee could take care of the Problems on the Facebooks sites

If allowed 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:37 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 16 July 2015 7:24 AM CDT
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