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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Monday, 6 July 2015
If You Can't Even Run A Facebook Page?


I received the following from one of my Readers
Dan, this is  one of the many participants on the previous committee known as the Communications Committee.

Since the Communications Committee was annihilated by the current administration through shady tactics, could you please ask the body through your the following questions.

My first question is how many people were on the previous committee with the administration of both the website and the Facebook page?

 I at least and would love to see an improvement on the Linn County Republican Central Committee website and Facebook page.

My second question is are you aware if the current executives allow anybody but the webmaster to be in control of the information being posted on the Facebook and website? 

The reason I asked that is because it appears that the webmaster and the executives that are currently listed as administrators don't seem to have the time to do a professional or even a half ass job.

 My last question to you
What can we do as central committee members to help the Communications Committee effort performed by the webmaster for the Linn County Central Committee website? 
 I will try to address each question in order
 The former Communications Sub Committee met on Saturday Nights at the Starlite and usually had at least 10 members attending sometimes as many as 15.  
The Very last meeting we held before we were purged was attended by both the Treasurer and the Co-Chair so anyone who wishes to verify my statement can ask Mr Mason
We had about 5 or 6 Admins if memory serves 3 who were active most of the time and 3 who could step in and pick up the slack if one of the primary Admins were gone for some reason 
As for the present situation, To my knowledge there are only THREE Admins the Chair Cindy Golding the Co Chair Brett Mason and the Webmaster James Knox.
I have observed Brett Mason doing some Admin activity. I am not certain how much the Chair Cindy Golding or the Webmaster James Knox are doing considering the pathetic condition of the LCRCC's Facebook Fan Page 
To answer the last quesiton. The Body needs to recognize that what we have now is not working.  We DID have a vibrant effective and structured Communications Sub Committee with a very good attendence,
We replaced it with a Marketing & PR Team that has almost no attendence or engagement of the membership
One of the last meetings I have heard about the only member of the original 4 there was the Team Leader Frank Sladek so there was only ONE voting member. I really do not think that constitutes a quorum, his son and two  people who were on the former Communications Sub Committee
In other words they Broke Something that did not need Fixed and Replaced it with somehting that IMO is not Working
NONE of the original Team INCLUDING the Team Leader were allowed to have Admin privileges  
The Body needs to use its Constitutional Powers and Order several changes
One Everyone on a Team should have Voting Rights
Two Everyone should be allowed to decide what Team THEY want to be on and not leave it up to the Team Leaders
Obviously if only one of the original members of a Team is showing up and no one else is bothering to,
There is something wrong.  
I have copied and pasted Two glaring examples of the Problems on the LCRCC's official Political Organization Facebook Fanpage 
We keep getting told we have an IT Professional as Webmaster?

Just look at these two posts on the officlal Linn County GOP Poltical Organization Facebook Fanpage 

LCRCC News! Click here to read more... Senator Lindsey Graham at Linn County Fair

New post added at Linn County Republicans - Senator Lindsey Graham at Linn County Fair

Senator Lindsey Graham sharing his three point plan for bringing a solid future to America. Join us!

LCRCC News! Click here to read more... Linn County GOP Chili Cook-Off at the Fair

New post added at Linn County Republicans - Linn County GOP Chili Cook-Off at the Fair

Check out the Chili Cook-Off getting started right now! Linn County Fair Queen Sierra Dougherty and Princess Sara Kettle camp helping greet attendees, along with fellow dignitaries Sen. Lindsey Graham,...
Not only are the posts duplicated as most of them on this page are
But the poster did not even bother to put the photos up correctly.
Check the dates they have been up for almost Two weeks and NO One with Admin privileges has bothered to fix that mess.
No wonder we are told Linn County is the laughing stock of Iowa 
If we had the Old Communications Sub Committee back in order, with the Admin privileges needed to do the work
We would not have had this mess in the first place and if we recalled those members we had then
It would take LESS than ONE Day to Clean Up the Mess
Something needs to be done that is for sure
We need to go back to when the Body actually got to do its job without having its hands tied behind its back
If you cannot run a Facebook Page how can anyone expect you to run a Central Committee or a County Caucus?

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:36 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 8 July 2015 3:10 AM CDT
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