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Samuel Adams

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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Friday, 31 July 2015
Mañana, mañana


I have a Sci Fi Con to attend
So there will be a Hot Issues hiatus
Till probably the middle of next week 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 31 July 2015 4:18 AM CDT
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Thursday, 30 July 2015
Bless His Heart

Down South there is a Custom

You can say just about anyting you want to about someone,

But if you follow that up with

"Bless their Heart"

It becomes acceptable 

Years ago I saw an extreme example of this in Lexington.

A guy was standing on a street corner Bible in hand telling people that they were the --- well let's just say his vocabulary of epithets was amazing

He would end each rant with the phrase.  "If you don't have Christ in your heart"

I remember thinking at the time that what he was doing might not be the best way to witness for his faith,


Both of these came to mind the when I found out that someone had been describing what they thought of me and then capping it off with a prayer request



Okay I am going to say this. Dan Kauffman of Linn County GOP is a bold face liar!! Sadly he has nothing worthy in his life so he focuses all his time on attacking Republicans who produce results something I guess he cannot do. SO tired of his accepted lies.
I ask my prayer warrior friends to pray with me that this poor soul may find contentment in some positive output and that the Spirit of Jesus Christ will live in his heart.

  • Matthew O'Neal and 3 others like this.
  • James Knox It took Dan Kaufmann about 30 minutes to post this and further his attack. This post was not intended to be a presentation of cases and evidence, but a request of all my prayer warrior friends to pray for this very troubled soul and pary his ehart is filled with happiness, purpose through God's will.


Like all those years ago in Lexington my reaction was if they do not intend it to be a presentation of cases and evidence?
Maybe they should not have started off with the claim that I am a -- what was it?
Oh Yes  A Bold Face Liar 
Because in my last post I feel I did the Evidence part quite well. 
As for my soul being Troubled?
I have not noticed that but I am puzzled about one thing
Why do people Lie about things that are matters of public record?
As far as the issue of Robert's Rules of Order and Past Motions go.
Anyone can put jknox65 into Google image and see who that is.
Anyone can do a Google search for  "robert's rules of order discussion forum"
And Find  RONR Forum
Where one can put jkox65 into the Search field. 
And see the question Mr jknox65 asked 
When do passed Motions expire? 
It is not like it's Rocket Science
So why does jknox65 get so excited about someone pointing these things out?
Maybe jknox65 has trouble distinguishing the The Truth from The False


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:22 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 16 August 2015 12:34 AM CDT
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Someone IS a Liar
James Knox just honored me with a mention on his  Facebook Wall

Okay I am going to say this. Dan Kauffman of Linn County GOP is a bold face liar!! Sadly he ahs nothing worthy in his life so he focuses all his time on attacking Republicans who produce results something I guess he cannot do. SO tired of his accepted lies.

I ask my prayer warrior friends to pray with me that this poor soul may find contentment in some positive output and that the Spirit of Jesus Christ will live in his heart.
The odd thing is that there is no mention at all
Or example of what i am accused of lyintg about.
When I call attention to what I claim is untrue I am very specific
For instance when the Executive Board claimed that All motions made before their electiono were voided by that.
I pointed out that Mr James Knox in the form of Jknox65 asked that very question of the Robert's Rules of Order Discussion Board and was told
I can provide SCREEN SHOTS of that event.
 3 replies to this topic

#1 jknox65

  • Members
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Posted 28 January 2015 - 08:37 AM

I was wondering if motions that had passed during a previous Executive boards rein, do these carry over to the new presiding officers? Do motions bind the hands of a new body after an election? I would thing by-law changes would but I am uncertain about motions?


Can someone advise and reference where it may or may not support the expunging of previous sessions passed motions?


Hieu H. Huynh

  • Members
  • 917 posts
  • LocationSoutheast Florida

Posted 28 January 2015 - 08:45 AM

"Unless an adopted main motion specifies a time for the termination of its effect, it continues in force until it is rescinded." (RONR 11th ed., p. 111, ** footnote)

I find his accusations unaccompanied by nothing but hot air amusing
I also do not in the least beleive that someone who starts a post off with such hostility really means what they end it with
That is probably just for the audience. 
I will repeat what the Body was told was not True
I am not the one Lying
Mr Knox should look in a mirror and save his prayers for himself.
He is the one who needs them, 
PS Put  jknox65 into Google Images and see whose face shows up LOL 
Mr Knox responds
  • Matthew O'Neal and 3 others like this.
  • James Knox It took Dan Kaufmann about 30 minutes to post this and further his attack. This post was not intended to be a presentation of cases and evidence, but a request of all my prayer warrior friends to pray for this very troubled soul and pary his ehart is filled with happiness, purpose through God's will.
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  • Julie Evans Praying
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Well James maybe it was not that spiritual to start a tirade about me being a bold face lier
I mean that does put some doubt as to the sincerity of your good wishes LOL 
Besides you told you I was not happy and filled with Gods Will? 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:14 AM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 8 August 2015 11:09 PM CDT
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If It's Not Broke

There is a saying, "If it's not broke, don't fix it".

A Good addition would be, "But if you just HAVE to fix it, try not to completely destroy it" 

Back in March the Central Committee was told that we HAD to completely redo EVERYTHING

All the previous  organization that  was the work of years must be cast aside and we had to reorganize.

We were told that Robert's Rules of Order REQUIRED it.

That ALL motions made prior to the Officer's Election were voided by that. 

Not true,

Our Webmaster James Knox asked the Online Discussion Board that very question and was told 


They even told him the basis for that answer could be found on page 111 of the Newly Revised Robert's Rules of Order 11th Edition in the footnote at the bottom of the page, 

As I recall that claim was made by the Chair again in the May Meeting and a Member tried to enter that passage into the Record but was declared

Out of Order by the Chair

Who STATED that that section would be.  "Taken under advisement by the Executive Commitee and they would DELIBERATE on it"

Notice Cindy Golding did NOT say that the Body would be informed of the result of their deliberations

And so far that indeed has not happened,

We were also informed that they had sought Parliamentary adivice from 3 persons including Mr David Chung who is acknowledged as one of the leading GOP experts in the field

However they did NOT mention what that advice WAS.

My information is that from Mr Chung it was the SAME as the Robert's Rules of Order Discussion Board. 


So all the Sub Commitees were Deep Sixed and replaced with Teams who only had 5 voting members. disenfranchising any othe Committee Person who might be on the Team mostly chosen by the Executive Committee.

One of the Sub Committees replaced was the Communications Sub Commitee

Which had met mostly at the Starlite on Saturday nights for years

Usually 10 up 15 attending. Our Co -Chair attended the Last as it turns out meeting so he can verify that

I understand that the Team which replaced it has met 3 times since March?

And the last time the only voting member was the Team Leader and there were 3 other people there,

His Son and two people who were on the Old Communications Sub Committee

It would appear that the improvement and reorganization has for all intents and purposes completely destroyed any functioning Communication organization.

The odd thing is that those who formed the Old Sub Committee got in the habit of fellowshiping on Saturday  Nights so they still meet

And the attendence of that no longer official group is 3 to 4 times that of the new Team

One of them told me that he used to be on 3 Sub-Committees and thought he was contributing

But now he is not on any Team and sees no reason to be on one

Because he would have NO Say in it in any event

I for the life of me do not understand how the Executives hope to acheive their goal of


Involve and re-engage disenfranchised Republicans  


By disenfranchising Republicans 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:27 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 30 July 2015 2:16 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Some of us made a Road Trip recently to the Lee County Fund Raiser.

It is to tell the truth something I look forward to,

We have been doing this for years,

It is nice to get out, support other Counties, Network and see what they do to make an effective event. 

One thing that is constant

The Fund Raiser is always the Last Saturday in July

That Continuity IMO makes it an effective event

How effective?

Take a look.


They had about 220 people show up.

They had to pull in some extra tables.

Now the Tickets were $25 and the meal, which was quite tasty btw cost them $15.

They also had an auction.

Some of the Pies brought as much  as $100.

Tha might surprise some people, but this has become a tradition and there are people who every year compete with each other to see who will get the best pies. 


I would say the Auction probably paid for the Room and extra expenses with something left over

I expect Lee County might have cleared between $2000 and $3000 on their event at a guess

Now remember they are about 1/4 the size of Linn County and it is in heavy Democrat Terrritory. 

Linn County also had a fund raiser recently

Our Chili Cook Off

Which in the last 3 years has been held in the Spring, the Fall and the dead of Summer this year at the Linn County Fair


Unfortunately each time we have moved the Chili Cook Off the Take on it has gone down

The Good News is that we already have a Winter Event so the Chili Cook Off will have to stay in Spring, Summer or Fall. 


Some may not agree, but it seems to me Continuity Works

It creates Traditions that can be built upon

Moving things around all the time?

Does not create stability

Deciding when to do something at the last minute does not help either

Before there was even mention of doing the Cook Off at the County Fair I for one had already made a commitment for that Saturday

The October before I was actully 1/6th of their ticket sales. 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:02 AM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 29 July 2015 2:11 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015
About That First Amendment


There has been a lot of confusion about some events at the July Linn County Central Committee Meeting

There was a motion concerning the LCRCC Webmaster

Claims have ranged from

They are trying to limit Mr Knox First Amendment  Rights and his Freedom of speech

To a claim made by the Co Chair on the First District  GOP Facebook Page that

We were trying to remove him from the organization.

There is not one bit of Truth in any of these charges.

Now those who were not at the meeting and got their information second hand do have an excuse if they were misled

Those however who WERE at the meeting and were able to hear the Motion made by Steve West have NO excuse

If they continue to claim that Mr West said anything but what he actually said they will be in fact Lying

I am going to upload the audio File of the meeting here and give the Time Mark were Mr West made his motion and now NO ONE will have any excuses if they distort what he actually said


      July 2015 LCRCC Meeting 


If you go to 1:32:40 you can hear Mr West's Motion for yourself

You can hear there is NO portion of it which calls for his removal from the Linn County Central Committee

You can hear that Mr West was making his motion because he  felt that it was wrong for someone with Editorial Control over the LCRCC Website and Social Media and was an Official Representative of a Candidate to be making any negative remarks about another Candidate.

You will also hear Mr West say quite clearly that Mr Knox had every right to post whatever he wanted to on his own websites, just not on the LCRCC Websites and Not as a Webmaster or Social Admin,.

That ought to take care of any lingering misreprsentations that anyone was trying to "silence" Mr Knox

The Motion did NOT in any way call for James Knox to be silenced; it called for him to be relieved of the ability to speak on behalf of the  LCRCC via official digital communication. 


There was some other misunderstanding. One of our members later thanked Mr Knox for his post and claimed we needed the Truth about the candidates 


Jim, thanks for your response. I welcome your

inputs, even if they are unflattering or negative in

regard to a candidate or issue I support


We need to be aware of the "WHOLE" truth, and not

just the parts we like. We need to go and  


"Do our homework"

to rebut the charges, statemetns, or 

 positions we believe are unwarranted or just

plain wrong. We should not be lazy in our defense

or pursuit of the truth and you are a catalyst in 

this cause

What the gentleman over looks is that the major offense was the Conflict of Interests,

In fact as Mr West stated if the motion had passed Mr Knox could have posted what he wanted to his hearts content 


As it stands he CANNOT post as he did the other day

He is ON NOTICE which you may find at Time Mark 1:41

The Chair is ON RECORD as stating that

Mr Knox was Ordered to Remove the Offending Post

Mr Knox was REBUKED for Posting the Offending Post

Mr Knox was ORDERED to NOT REPEAT any such post.

Note the people who made and supported the Motion Tuesday Night

Are NOT responsible for that outcome

The CHAIR is

And if Mr Knox offends again?

I for one am interested in seeing what the consequences might be 


So it would appear that all the claims that the motion was meant to silence Mr Knox was false

The claim that the motion was meant to remove Mr Knox from the organization was false 

However there WAS an incident where someone DID use their power to silence someone

Mr Knox made Mocking references to one of our Committee Members on the Official LCRCC Facebook Page

AND when he tried to respond he found Mr Knox had him BLOCKED

The gentleman tried to join the page multiple times so he could defend himself but every attempt was rejected

Interesting the James Knox can falsely claim others tried to silence him when they did not

While at the same time silencing someone else

In the words of Ted Cruz

  “It Is Very Interesting To See Those Who Profess To Believe In Free Speech Are The Ones Afraid Of Speech”










Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:18 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 10:12 AM CDT
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Monday, 27 July 2015
Is This All They Have?

James Knox and a few of his posse were sniggering over on the Official Linn County GOP Discussion Fascebook Page about the above the other day.

Here is their exchange


James Knox's photo.

Daniel Kauffman's WINO Group

Whig in Name ONLY...could not be closer to the truth as they are drunk in their power..or lack thereof.



Yes I spent about 5 or 10 minutes experimenting with changing the name of that Facebook Page

And I used Whig Club


BTW In particular, the Whigs supported the supremacy of Congress over the Presidency 


So one wonders if they prefer the supremacy of the President over Congress? 

 Or is it a case of never attribute to Malice that whihch can be explained by Ingorance.

I will confess when earlier in that same day Mr Knox expressed that he was filled with Christian Love and held no animosity and was praying for all his detractors

I believed that about as much as I believe that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: wants Peace and would NEVER conceive of bulding a nuclear device

I mean behind James Knox's protestations of forgiveness and Christian charity I seemed to hear a faint  "Death to Dan Kauffman"

So that day I went to sleep with in the words of W C Fields, "The Calm Confidence of a Christian holding Four Aces" that by the time I awoke and finished work and was able to go online the TRUE Moral Character of James Knox would resurface.

And of course I was not dissppointed

I gazed upon the Litany on the LCRCC Facebook Fan page

James Knox Paul I'd feel safe in saying they act like fascists not Republicans open to freedom and liberty.

 Yes I thought THERE is the REAL James Knox


Then there was  

Matthew O'Neal Ghestspo

July 22 at 10:09pm · Like · 1 

I think that is supposed to be Gestapo

But let's give Matt an A for effort, he tries so hard 

 Mr Ahart thought the entire thing was so funny that one wonders if he has a posterior left


David Ahart Whig Club LMAO!

July 22 at 11:01pm · Like · 1 

 But does anyone notice what is missing?

When I make a claim about someone I can specify why I make it and give details.

For instance if I say the Chair Cindy Golding has violated the County Constitution,

I can specify that the Body gave instructions for a debt to be paid and she refused to sign the checks. That is a matter of public Record. 

If I say the Chair Cindy Golding is in Breach of the By Laws

I can point out that there is a check; a piece of physical evidence that she used to make a payment that does NOT have at that time Treasurers signature

THAT is a Breach of our By Laws

If I claim that James Knox has abused his powers of Webmaster and Admin for the LCRCC,

I can point to the FACT that Mr Knox used the LCRCC Facebook Page to defame a Local Republican Business and FORMER very good donator to the Central Committee

I can Point out the FACT that Mr Knox made disparaging remarks about a candidate on a site over which he has editorial control and the FACT that he is also representing another Candidate which constitutes a Conflict of Interest and a Breach of Ethics 


Now there IS one thing Mr Knox and I agree on


James Knox I got a notice...maybe they cancelled it...See screen shot, you cant make this stuff up

July 22 at 10:54am · Like 


Screen shots and you can't make this stuff up LOL


SO since he has shared a screen shot of ME let me share a screen shot of Mr Knox from the Billings Gazette in Montana



It seem James was commenting on the Gazette under assumed names and this time forgot he was Nancy L and signed his real name 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:50 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 27 July 2015 10:27 AM CDT
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Friday, 24 July 2015
Before The Chrysanthemum Throne


The other night there was a confrontation on the subject of Ethics at the Linn

County Central Committee.

One side maintianed that if a person had Editorial Control over the LCRCC

Website and ALL Social Media and he ALSO was an Official Representative of

a Campaign?

It was an Ethical Breech for him to use his position to make disparaging

comments about another Canidate on the Official Linn County Central

Committee Discusion Board

The other sie held---  You know I am not really sure.--Maybe their

contention is James Knox gets to do anything he wishes to without any

consequences whatsoever.

That WOULD be in Keeping with all the other ethical violations he has

committed in the past.

Since then he and his buddies have been gloating and sniggering over at the

LCRCC Facebook Discussion Page.

It seems those who don't agree with them and the Executive Committee are\



Not Real Republicans

They even have that penned to the top of the page so viewers won't miss  it

Of course as I recall our Chair Brett Mason decided once to claim I was a

Socialist and because he did not know of any Linn County Socialist Party

He put online directions to the Democratic Central Committee meetings

But  I will leave all that Juvenile simpering to them

Because the Hot Issues From Linn County has an

Extradinary Announcement to Make

We had 3 that is THREE count them visits the other day from

The Imperial Enclave in Tokyo!

I am honored.

So let us set aside the stomach souring image of the LCRCC Webmaster

James Knox and his Mistress the County Chair Cincy Golding

And take a look at just what caught the attention of the Imperial Court? 

Anonymous Visitor

IP Name - IP Address 

Date 20 Jul '15, Mon, 05:17:37 Net Speed Cable/DSL

ISP Open Computer Network Browser Firefox 3 

Continent Asia Operating System Windows 8.1 

Country Japan   Screen Resolution 1920x1080

State / Region Tokyo Screen Color 24 Bit (16.7M)

City Tokyo Javascript Enabled


We can use the IP Address to find the Location

IP Address  


At this URL  Whois



Enter Domain Name or IP Address:

That will take you to   a page where you can have 

the location on Google orYahoo Map and

Zoom down




And what post WERE they interested in? 


Well they did go to the Main Page


 But they also went directly to these two posts


 Where Did My First Amendment Go? 

Will The Real Base Please Stand Up


I wonder what Steve Scheffler would think if he

know that an article about him and his Purity Tests

was being perused in the


Japanese Imperial Palace?  

I wonder what our Fan of Jemes Knox David Ahart would think about them

reading the outrageous claim that NO ONE not Scheffler back then or Ahart

now has the right to decide who gets to be a Republican 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 24 July 2015 2:56 AM CDT
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Thursday, 23 July 2015
Only Real Republicans Need Apply
Well we saw what they THINK on the Officail LCRCC Discsusion Page 

Another maintenance update, continuing to serve...

Now it seems they have taken their Philosophy into ACTION
I believe in the Republican platform. Thus I want to help Republicans get elected. So I join the local County Central Committee to represent my precinct. I got elected as a precinct representative. The Facebook admin who is not an elected representative, but rather an associate member, chooses to block me from commenting on the page that is supposed to be the official page for the Linn County GOP, yet makes personal attacks about me on that page. I hope someone can let someone know who can do something about it. 

 Quite some time ago I noticed that if I disagreed with Mr Knox my comments disspeared so I decided commenting there was a waste of time


Seems I was not the only one he selectively edits LOL 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:20 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 23 July 2015 6:22 PM CDT
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When No Man Pursueth



Mr Knox was ebullient this morning he was quite Vocal


James Knox shared his post.

Live to post another day... a response to those who care to silence differing views.

Live to Post Again!

Brenda, Taylor, Steve, Jim, Dan, Althea, Bill and John,

I heard I get the opportunity to post another day. This is simply wonderful and I am sure you are just as pleased as I am!!! Or are you? 


Touching but not that accurate.

Our James was not at the meeting last night so he had to get his account second hand

And possibly it was past the Bedtime for some of his friends.

I recall there was a time I too had to be in bed by 8:30 on a school night so I

figure that might explain why some of them are in such a hurry to leave at that time? 


The TRUTH is despite the outraged outbursts of the other side that NOTHING

was done that if passed would have prevented Mr Knox from posting

anything he wished to.

As a matter of fact since Steve West's Motion was narrowly defeated

NOW there are limits on his posting ability.

Let me explain.

Some feel that Party Officials should be absolutely NEUTRAL in Public.

Further some feel that it is an Ethical Violation for someone who has

editorial control of the LCRCC Website and Social Media to say something

Negative about a Candidate,

Even further some feel it is even MORE Unethical if that person is ALSO one of the

Officlal Represntatives of another Candidate.

As Mr Knox is.

I noticed that one of our body took up for Mr Knox I found it amusing that

THEY represnt the Same Candidate as Mr Knox, while the Representative of the

Candidate that was slighted did not Agree with them,

I suppose your view on this subject depends on whether YOUR Candidate has

Aided or Slighted

Exactly the situation that Neutrality by Party Officials is meant to avoid,

Now the voting itself was interesting


Steve West by the way is one of the LCRCC's Oldest and most Distinguished

Members.  He helped his Father Campaign for Eisenhower in 1952 and

became a member of the LCRCC.

So he has been around for a while and did not show up in the last year or so

and decide he already knew everything


His Motion was to Remove Mr Knox as Webmaster and as Admin for any

LCRCC Social Media Websites. 


A vote of NO would reject the Motion a vote of YES would affirm  the motion

There were 17 NOs 17 Yes's and ONE Sanction

The Sanction Ballot was discarded so there being a tie of the Ballots counted

the Motion Failed

I take note that there were actually 18 votes against Mr Knox 


In any case if James had been removed as Webmaster and Social Media

Admin there would have been NO Ethical Barrier for him to Post anything he


As it stands he has been informed to NOT repeat the behavior of that posting

Our James also spoke movingly of his Christian Love for all who do not agree

with him


Know this I pray daily for each of you. For it is my hearts

true desire for all of us to work

together in one unified effort. I pray all of you can someday

let your misguided anger go

and work to always get the Republican cause elevated not

your personal propaganda

that in reality limits any effective efforts you could possibly

have in Linn County, Iowa or

in your own life. I pray you will experience the unlimited love

of my Lord Jesus Christ and

with His love in your heart you can serve unconditionally. 

Like I said Touching isn't it?

But before I got home from work?

Our James had Already reverted to form and shown his TRUE Character.


James Knox shared his photo.
James Knox's photo.

Daniel Kauffman's WINO Group

Whig in Name ONLY...could not be closer to the truth as they are drunk in their power..or lack thereof.



Yes he went right from Christian Love to

You are  Fascists

Why am I not surprised?


 Looks like we are also Ghestspo I figure that is meant 

to be Gestapo,. Matt must be a little tired due to staying over his bedtime last night

Liberals often call Conservatives Nazis or Fascist when they cannot debate

on the field of ideas. It is the Internet equivalent of BAD DOG,

Most don't even know what the words mean.

When I stated that IMO James Knox acted Unethically by slighting an

oppnent of his candidate on a website over which he has editorial control

I was specific about what he had DONE,

When I have stated that the Chair Cindy Golding refused to sign checks that

the body had voted to be paid

I was specific about what she had DONE

Mr Knox and Mr McNeil are just shooing off their mouths.


But I will have to admit THIS took the Cake


Another maintenance update, continuing to serve...




Let me pull out what caught my eye


David Ahart Oh.......did I forget to mention the
trouble makers are not real

3 hrs · Like · 2 



People Who Like This

Why doesn't this little Twerp go tell that to Steve West
A man who campained with his Father for Eisenhower in 1952
Who has been a Member of the Linn County Central Commitee since 1968
Who is a former County Chair?
Yes Davy Boy why don;t you tell Steve West and the Rest of us what REALLY
Makes a Republcan since we seem to need your permission to be one. 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:01 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 23 July 2015 2:51 AM CDT
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