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Tuesday, 29 November 2005
The Lizard Brain

Some say we humans have been pieced together over the eons. Last added, and first in the brain is the frontal cortex our reasoning centers, the spiritual part the Angel Brain, behind that are the portions that sometimes get us in trouble, call them the Monkey Brain.

But at the back base of the skull, resting on the top of the spine, is the Ancient Reptilian Brain, that brain we had in the beginning.

Now the Lizard Brain knows only 3 things how to Feed, Fight and F^$K. If it can figure out how to do these things without being Eaten, it will do them the same way EVERY TIME.

There are those who think that politicians are a form of Reptile, and they do have certain similarities to the Lizard Brain.

We have a group of Politicians who have been using three simple concepts for almost thirty years without getting eaten/not re-elected, so of course they will do everything the Same Way, EVERY TIME.

These concepts are: Any Military Action is Vietnam, The Military is BAD and we could use that money better elsewhere, and America is ALWAYS at Fault.

We can count on this group to react to ANY geo-political situation in the same manner that has worked for so long.

So when I saw. The Afghanistan Effect in Big Lizards after reading about the lies, the distortions and the twisting of the truth I realized in awe I was in the presence of the Lizard Brain.

But evolution doomed the ancient giants of the Reptile era and in like vein the dinosaurs of the Mainstream Media will be eaten alive by the tiny scurrying blogs and troops returning from the Middle East.

"And just as the Afghanistan Effect was the beginning of the downfall of the Soviet Empire, with its Ministry of Truth that told only lies, so too will the Reverse Afghanistan Effect be the beginning of the end of mainstream media hegemony over "the truth." People have already lost confidence in the news media (note how out of synch the media journalists are with the American people in this poll). And in just a few short months, when massive numbers of troops begin returning home, having secured a tremendous victory in the Mesopotamian heart of the Middle East... well, the MSM may never again regain its face."

Can you say Credibility Gap. and we rest at a precise historical cusp today. Along with the troops returning home, as a legacy of the Cold War at this point in time we have about 25 million Veterans in this country. They, their families and their friends are the largets voting block in this country, and they are beginning to realize just how much and for how long they have been lied to. NOT the Bush lied and they died, but the continuous we will play politic, say one thing now and later lie and say the opposite.

It has been true all through the history of this Nation that any prolonged conflict has ushered in a new body of leaders rising out of that conflict.

The simplistic might conclude that military life gives one a taste and a desire for power.

I choose to believe that SERVICE the ultimate service of protecting the Body Politic by placing one's own body between it and danger engenders a nobility and a desire to continue that service.

The Lizard Brains and the Media Dinosaurs of the Vietnam Era do not realize that their time is passed.

There will be a reckoning when the truth emerges from the troops return. The voice of those who were there and not in hotels in the Green Zone will be heard.

It will be answered by those who once stood and pledged.

"I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

and also by their families and their friends at the polls.

Some realize that the counter balance to Liberty and Freedom is Responsibility and Service, freely offered without coercion. There are those who will never be able to understand this.
But we learn from Protein Wisdom that people are starting to wake up!

"Full disclosure: I am not a pollster, nor am I a licensed statistician?so take my analysis with a grain of salt. But if I?m reading this right, 70% of Americans believe that Democratic party criticism of the war is motivated by partisan political impulses?a desire for power, to put it more forcefully?rather than a desire to help the US win the war in Iraq.


Similarly, 70% of Americans think that the Democrats? attacks on the war are damaging troop morale, which necessarily creates unnecessary problems in battlefield execution.

70% "

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:59 AM CST
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Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005 10:55 AM CST

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