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Friday, 25 November 2005
When I was Ten Years Old
When I was ten years old, we lived on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It's called Midway Island that fits the location for sure.

Yep I am a Navy Brat, there is no was, you are or you aren't a Service Brat, and if you are, you are always one.

I think it was the machine gunfire that woke me up that night. It turned out they were having exercises, but sometimes ten year old boys are not told these things.

I sat in the window and heard the sounds of the guns and looked at the tracers and the anti-aircraft fire against the night sky and I was AFRAID.

I need to date myself, this was a few years before the Cuban Missile Crisis, but even ten year old boys of that era, knew who the Russians were and at that point in time, that night I just knew they had come.

Like I said I was frozen at that window in total terror, UNTIL, I saw the Marines running towards the beach in full kit.

Then I was all in one instant, no longer afraid. I knew that those big strong men, who played with us kids in the sandlot behind their barracks and my Daddy would not let ANYTHING Bad happen to us.

I knew I was safe because the Marines were between me and danger, I do not recall the slightest bit of doubt.

So some may understand how I felt when I read.

This Is How The Left Supports The Troops? in Common Sense Run Wild

Amanda: Do you not feel guilty that you are helping in the killing of innocent Iraqis - what did they do to deserve what has happened to them? You can always choose not to go. As for prayers and sympathy to your family - forget it! And when you get back and realize all the death and destruction (which you helped to cause) is a complete waste - don't say you have not been warned.

That's one sample of many hostile comments left at the blog of Grey Hawk. She's a 35 year old wife mother and U. S. soldier currently stationed in Iraq with the 101ST Airborne Division.

Someone has also managed to hack Grey Hawk's site and was able to prevent her from posting memorials to her fellow soldiers. It's one thing for the left to question the war, I have no problem with that, but to seek out and attack a member of the military is despicable. How's that for supporting the troops?

Most Americans live safe, tranquil lives. They will never know or experience how it feels to know you are going to die horribly and then upon the mere sight of Americans in uniform running to place themselves between you and danger the instantaneous feeling of "I will be safe, I will be protected".

And maggots like those written about in this story do not DESERVE to live in a country where that is the rule

They deserve to live in the kind of country with the kind of regime that does things like this.

In a society where members of the secret police can come, and do come, to your homes and with total impunity, enter your house and take away a parent to be tortured (the sort of torture where they cut out your tongue or amputate your arm at the shoulder), a mother or sister to be raped, a child to be shot in the neck and his body dumped in an unmarked grave.

That, my friend, was life under Saddam Hussein.

Those words were written in Why We Blog ? It Is Not Fundamentalism, It Is Not Blind Allegiance to the White House; It Is Common Sense by the authors of !No Pasaran!

Had I, my wish, I would place those who try to prey on the emotions of our troops in an alternate universe where all they worked so hard to have continue for the Iraqi people did, and let them experience it.

Common Sense Runs Wild ends its post with this information.

UPDATE: In response to this post I'm already getting hate mail and foul comments. Well save your breath idiots. My blog isn't a free speech zone. If you're polite and courteous you're welcome to stay. If not your comment will be deleted and you'll be banned. If you're desperate to spew your filth do it on your own damn blog.

I would feel honored to get such mail. It would tell me I stand on the side of the Light and not on the side of the Darkness.

Thank a Soldier Week is Dec 19 to 25 don't let it pass without doing something about it.

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:32 PM CST
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Updated: Saturday, 26 November 2005 12:23 AM CST

Friday, 25 November 2005 - 3:31 PM CST

Name: Diane
Home Page:

I'm bookmarking the link for Thank a Soldier and I'll see if I'm able to add their video to my site. Great post Dan.

Friday, 25 November 2005 - 3:35 PM CST

Name: ky/kentuckydan
Home Page:

Thank-you Diane both messages need to be spread far and wide, how shamefully our Troops are treated by one side of the political spectrum and some of the simple things we can do to counterbalance it!

"For they have woken a Sleeping Giant and filled it with a terrible resolve"

Saturday, 26 November 2005 - 8:06 PM CST

Name: Laura
Home Page:

Very well said Dan. I grew up a brat just outside of Bragg. I never really had to deal with this leftist liberal ideology until I went to college. I constantly get into it with these people. They just infuriate me. I was talking with a friend recently who is stationed out west. He says its awful where he is and that makes me more sad than angry. These idiots will never know how good they have it because our guys do their jobs protecting us so well.

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