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Tuesday, 1 November 2005
Libertarian Chicks Rock!
I had a blast at ICON 30 it was a welcome break from my normal routine, mentally refreshing, physically? Well that was different. I had to get up when I usually go to sleep and then I had a tendency to stay up to the wee hours of the morning.

So physically draining, yes but there were compensations. Some of them came as a great surprise.

When I first started blogging I expected certain consequences. Intellectual debate, with the possibility that it might extend to ad hominen attacks and character assassination.

There were some results I hoped for. Consensual approval and the respect of my peers. I will admit while I had hopes in time to climb in the blog ratings by due diligence and hard work I did not realize it would happen this quickly and for that I am grateful to ALL my readers and linkers.

There was ONE consequence which came to light at the Con that I had no, repeat NO idea whatsoever that such a thing would occur.

That was beautiful young women asking me if they could hug me because they LIKE what I write in my blog.

Rock Stars have groupies, I am lost here, someone help me out is there a name for this phenomena for bloggers?

In any event, if a foxy looking Libertarian Chick feels inspired by what I write or say about what I write to give a hug, it is not necessary to ask me for permission.

Actually permission would only be required if I happen to be with my girlfriend, and then it is still not necessary to ask ME for permission.

Tanya? Yeah that would be a good Idea. I am not certain about the answer. Who can read the Future?
I do have a first order approximation.

But ZAICHECK I am just trying to mold young minds.

DAH, Dan and when with me, minds are ONLY thing you get to mold!

She is not really very understanding on these matters, but this weekend she was about 6000 miles away, so there was no difficulties.

This girl was not only intellectual perceptive, but she had artistic talents as well.

About right now, some may be thinking I got a hug
because I bought a painting from her.

Not so, oh ye of little faith, I got that painting
the next day at a charity auction so THERE!

Over the next few days after I recoup and get caught up at work I plan a few articles on some topics that came up over the weekend.

I got hit with some sound bites from the other side. I need to formate a response. One with more intellectual foundation, than you are wrong or you are lying.

For instance a few of us were sitting around and it turned out that all at the table were either in the Navy, had been in the Navy or had grown up on Navy bases so the subject of Clinton gutting the military came up.

From another table came the assertion that Clinton had initiated the largest increase in Defense Spending in History.

That was a surprise to me. My perceptions have been he gutted the Navy by reducing the Fleet about 40% and Carrier Battle Groups from 13 to 9.

So I need to do some research. Touch all the bases.
So far it does appear that he indeed did initiate the largest increase in Defense Spending in History, some 112 Billion dollars.

That was after gutting the military budget by, on the order of 50 Billion dollars a year for the previous 5 to 6 years AND since he instituted this policy in 1999 and it was to be spread out over 6 years, most of the increases in Budget expenses occurred on another President's watch Bush's to be exact.

All of that is just top of the head, recital. I need to get the sources and links together, but you do have to admit it was rather clever.

Gut the Defense Budget by over 6 years maybe 200 to 300 Billion then increase it over 6 years by 100 or so Billion and get credit for the largest increase in Defense Spending in History but make someone who comes after you do all the work scrapping up the money? Nice touch.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:41 PM CST
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Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005 7:51 PM CST

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