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Last updated 8-8-2006

NOTE: Some of the stuff on here isn't 100% accurate. I've only done pretty minor updates since 2003, and that's the way it's gonna stay. If you want to know anything recent about me, check my LJ. This site was originally intended to be funny, but what was funny to me in 1999 when I originally made it, frequently just annoys me now. Plus, it's kinda hard to be funny when you have essays about 9/11, heh.

Anyway, don't expect me to update again after this. Most of the functionality has been replaced by LJ and devart, and I don't feel like messing with this thing every time someone farts.

For you AOLers out there, I'm 29/f/Ks. and I would really prefer you not ask for cybersex, propose, or otherwise annoy me if you happen to meet me online. Survivors will be prosecuted to the full extent of my twisted and devious imagination.

I'm a bum. I live with my mom. For all you folks who think I'm just lazy...well I am. I WAS living with a guy I was engaged to (see my section on exes for more details) but we broke up so I moved to this hole in the wall.

Oh and my microwave blew up. This leaves me with an end table, a lamp, a vacuum cleaner, a few plates, and a skillet. Not much in the way of USEFUL posessions, huh? Luckily my mom doesn't seem inclined to kick me out, so I don't have to worry about it just yet. :P

We have a tiger kitty who used to be named Skittles but is now officially called Kitsy, who one of my friends barely managed to save from being run over by a car. He's cute, but tears the place up on a regular basis (i.e. constantly). I swear he's the only S&M kitty in existence. He likes nothing better than to run around the house at 6am while we're TRYING to sleep, and especially enjoys dismantling the Christmas tree in season.

Ok. For everyone who constantly asks me what my interests are, here goes. *deep breath* I like to read (mostly fantasy novels), write (stories, poems, and songs), draw (I suck), paint (I'm actually GOOD at that one), play video games (they're collecting dust), chat (I've currently got 2 mIRC windows and ICQ open besides Netscape) that's about it I think. [Note: I finally switched to IE when Netscape had some weird conflict with our ISP software. That was before we decided to just chuck the software. But IE looks a lot less retarded if nothing else. :P] Unless you count the kinky stuff I do in my spare time. But you didn't really wanna know about that anyway, did you? *smirk*

Well since I've exhausted my supply of useless personal information, in the words of Eric Cartman, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

If you have ideas for content you'd like to see on here,e-mail me and I may actually get around to doing something about it. (Oh, who am I kidding? :P)

My music Some old crappy midi's I wrote years ago. I need to get my keyboard hooked up to this thing & play around. But you know me, I'm lazy. :)

My (old) artwork Steal it and you die. More recent artwork can be found here.

My Pics Finally, I put em up on MY OWN DAMN SITE. Along with some new ones. Unfortunately, the new ones aren't of ME. We need to get a digital camera or something. *sigh*

Talk to my bot She's a weirdo and she doesn't always make sense, but the more humans she talks to the more ideas I'll get for stuff to add to her. NOTE: I haven't actually worked on her in months, but if you REALLY wanna talk to her you can. Or if you'd rather make your own bot, go here.

Stuff about the terrorist attacks No I'm not CNN. I'm not gonna show buildings falling down 50 million times. This is all stuff real people have to say about the tragedy & how it's affected them. No eyewitness accounts, no memoes from a hospital bed. Just people in pain trying to figure out what the hell to do.

What's up in my life (???!!!) right now (Goes up to 2002. 2003 and onward can be found here.

FAQ This is where I answer all the annoying questions people ask me. If you asked me something and I haven't answered it on here, either I haven't checked my email or I forgot you existed. Emails asking for cybersex will be ignored, although I may forward them to this really old ugly guy I know...

Meet my inexplicably numerous online friends! (very old section, most likely these guys have all changed by now but I'm too lazy to update them or add all the new ones)

Listen to me babble about DartMUD (Doesn't actually include very much babbling, oddly enough.)

Sites I Don't Hate (Links not 100% guaranteed to work, since some of these sites may not exist anymore.)

Read about my ex boyfriends (I use the term loosely) Enter at your own risk.

Random weird stuff. May contain Furbies.