Stuff Other People Have Written About The Terrorist Attacks


I've found all this stuff on various message boards recently and decided to put it up so people can hear a variety of opinions/comments/bitchouts about the whole thing. I dunno if you can copyright stuff on a message board but just in case all material in the following links is 2001 by the original author, although in some cases I have no clue in hell who that is. All material in the following links is in the authors' original words, although I've chopped a bit out here and there if they were also talking specifically to another person, and stuff like that.

Anonymous account: It's a typical day in the neighborhood... What happens when you wake up to a disaster? I dunno who this guy is but I think he does a damn good job of expressing how surreal it all felt. Yeah it still feels surreal kinda but I personally am starting to get used to it and just worry about what's gonna happen in the days to come. And yeah I know I'm not saying the funny shit you've come to expect from me but hell this ain't funny shit. If you want funny shit go find a tape of Dan Quayle making a speech and get off the internet ya bum. ;P

Some comments from a NON-radical Muslim It pisses me off that just because SOME Muslims were involved in the attack, innocent Muslims who never stuck their noses in anyone's business are getting attacked by people who want revenge but are too pathetic and stupid to know who the right target for their anger is. So here's my humble little attempt to educate the ignorant about the difference between terrorists and innocents.

This one sounds like a speech but it doesn't suck I have no clue who this guy is, so if he's supposed to be famous I hope he doesn't see this and get all disillusioned. ;P I thought this was rather eloquent in expressing the determination a lot of us are feeling, when we're not crying over lost friends & family or watching falling buildings for the 50 millionth time on CNN. Just remember folks, if we run around attacking the wrong people, we're no better than terrorists ourselves.