Random Ramblings of a Twisted Mind


This is where you get to see how weird I REALLY am. As if you didn't know already. *snicker*

The truth is in there... (11-6-99) A little "essay" I wrote about the truth and why most of us don't know what it is. Prepare to be confused or pissed off. Just don't send me death threats. ;P

New Furby Products (11-16-99) No these aren't official, silly. In fact I'll probably hafta take this down before I get sued by the company that makes them. Enjoy while you can.

Overdose (1-15-01) This is what it felt like when I overdosed 4 years ago. My friends on Dartmud thought I should post something about it, so here it is. And if you aren't likely to ever do drugs let alone overdose, consider it as the closest thing to a near-death experience I've ever had. Either way it's some scary shit.

Dartmud log 1 (submitted by Dorche) I have no clue when this happened but it was probably sometime in early 2000. I've had the log sitting around for ages but until we got a new version of Works to automate it I didn't feel like converting it all to HTML by hand. Anyway this log concerns a gnome mage named Dorche who'd just gotten a nifty spell and didn't realize its effects...

FAQ Not technically a rambling, but I figured I'd stick a link in here anyway, while I still remember the url without having to look it up.