My Artwork - Steal It And You Die


Here's one I painted in early November 2002. It's interesting because it looks like different things when you turn it different directions, which I hadn't intended to do but it happened anyway. I'd tell you what they are, but that'd ruin all the fun. :P

Note: The relative crappiness of this is because I used cheapo paints that I think were made for painting ceramics with.

Right side up
Upside down
Old stuff. Not sure when I drew any of this, but here it is.

A kinda Far-Side-esque snake cartoon
Barry, an old cartoon character I used to draw all the time
The surfer dude knight
Zorg the Evil Snowman

New Artwork

The Spyder Grim Reaper - thanks to Tah for making me scan this in and embarrass the hell outta myself. :P (drawn 5-5-03)

The hell cartoon I had sitting around for months before uploading

More artwork coming, one of these years. I'm lazy, so sue me. :P