If You Call This Life, You Must Be More Pathetic Than I Am


Life sucks. This is the guiding principle in my life. Unless that's an oxymoron. *shrug* Oh well.

Nonsensical Rambling of the Day/Week/Month/Year

My format has changed. I split this thing up according to years so it'd be easier to read. Enjoy, or at least tremble in fear.

Page 1 (1999) This is the longest section, involving a lot of disgusting sappiness about Kayl.

Page 2 (2000-2001) A pretty short section. I didn't write much during those years, so I just stuck em together. Includes an account of a drunken birthday party with my cousin.

Page 3 (2002) Not much in here yet. Maybe I'll actually update my page more now that the format isn't quite as lame. (Don't hold your breath. ;P)

FAQ This is where I answer all the questions ppl annoy me with. Enter at your own risk. Some of it deals with *gasp* thinking.