Sites I Don't Hate


LiveJournal Online journal thingie, mostly filled with angsty teenagers, but there's also plenty of ppl with BRAINS. You can also read my own journal, which I update a lot more frequently than this page.

BeliefNet A site for ppl of any religion to jabber about stuff or to learn about other religions. They even have a rule against trying to convert ppl. Happy happy joy joy.

Slogan Generator This is especially hilarious if you put in dirty words. :P

The Personality Forge Ever wanted to create your own AI, but can't program worth shit? This is the place to go. You can talk to my bot to get a general idea of what you can do with it. (Warning: She's even more insane than I am.)

NICOLE This is a bot that supposedly learns how words are used by analyzing what you say to it. Not a very good conversationalist as yet...she's been taught too many swear words and will frequently tell you to suck her dick. *curses aol users*

JabberWACKY Another bot. This one is a lot more conversational, although weird. It'll usually understand you even if you don't use complete sentences.

WebRPG The place that kicks ass for roleplaying in a freeform environment. Or used to's been ages since I went there regularly.

A Mystical Grove If you're a Wiccan or just wanna know more about it, come here. Message boards, assorted info and links, and a chat room. Oh yeah. And for those of you who have MONEY, it also has an online store so you can get stuff in the mail and have your mom REALLY wonder what you've been doing with your time.

SpiritWeb Another place for Wiccans and other assorted mystical and/or far out people. They even have online classes.

mIRC A really versatile little chat program. Has a complex built-in scripting language.

SpamQuest Alias Maker Make and keep track of aliases for NPCs and commonly used descriptions. Pretty damn useful if you wanna be a DM. (It's a mIRC script.)

Encyclopedia of Mythology Mythology isn't just for breakfast anymore. *burp* I know at least one GM who got some fairly evil ideas from reading some of the articles here. I've found information here that I'd ordinarily hafta search through a whole library to find.

Malebashing Yep folke, it's that time of month again. Wait...what am I saying?

Xena Links Several links my cousin Sarah gave me. Some of them may have questionable material in them but since I've never bothered to visit most of them I don't know.