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Pond Lily Mill Restorations

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Provides Information and Services
Relating to Mill Restoration

Theodore R. Hazen

Master Miller, Millwright, Millstone Dresser; Consultant
on grist mills & flour mills, water wheels & turbines,
millstones, millstone grinding, & millstone dressing;
long & short system roller mills; operating mills & mill restoration.

America's Leading Authority on the Restoration, Operation,
Interpretation and Preservation of Historical Grist and Flour Mills.

Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations
Information & Services Regarding Historical Restoration
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Articles and Information Presented by
Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations
for Educational and Research Purposes

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Introduction to Old Mills & Mill Restoration.

The History of Flour Milling in Early America.

The Automation of Flour Milling in America, Part 1.

Millstone Dressing Tools.

The Technology of Mills, of Winds, Waters, and Tides.

Artifacts Found in Early American Mills, making it look more like a real mill.

A History of the Fitz Water Wheel Company, Hanover, Pennsylvania.

A Miller's Tale: A Day in the Life of a Miller.

Interpretation for Old Mills and Historic Places.

A Mill-Wright Miscellany, or Mills & the Trades Necessary for their Construction, Repair & Operation 200 years ago.

Remembering Paul Roth, Master Miller, Millwright & Millstone Dresser.
A Personal Tribute to Charles Howell, Master Miller, Millwright & Millstone Dresser.

A Personal Remembrance of the Lady Miller: E. Barton McGuire.

A Personal Remembrance of John Blake Campbell, Hydraulic Engineer, Millwright.

Historically: How to Site a Mill.

Readings from the Miller's Bookshelf, Chapters from Reference Books & Trade Journals. 20 Titles, and more to come! These are different from what is listed below. Check it out!

Ed & Fred's Bookmarks!

Graves Mill Then & Now, Lynchburg, Virginia.
Esom Slone's Grist Mill, Virginia's Explore Park, Roanoke, Virginia.

Dellinger Grist Mill on Cane Creek, Bakersville, North Carolina.
Ted Hazen Looks at the Barnitz Mill, Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania.

A Guide to Old Mills and Mill Restorations:

How to Construct a Traditional Wooden Water Wheel and much more!

The Water Wheel Albums: The Good, the Bad, and the Incorrect.

More to Come: Mill Plans, How to Construct Mill Gears, Teeth and Cogs, etc.

Further Educational and Research Resources

Mill : The History and Future of Naturally Powered Buildings, by David Larkin, Paul Rocheleau (Photographer). The counterpart to Barn: The Art of a Working Building. Theodore R. Hazen and Pond Lily Mill Restorations mentioned and quoted in this book!
The Woodson`s Mill Documentary, Woodson's Mill, Lowesville, Virginia. Film video reviewed by Theodore R. Hazen.
Links to Mill Societies and Mill Related Sites: Lots of New Topics and Links!!!

The Milling Web, mill backgrounds, buttons, boarders, icons, and images to create your own mill - water power web site. These are images that I have collected but have not used on my own web site. Coming Soon!

Articles and Images Found in this Site

Pond Lily Mill Restorations Site Index: A complete index with links to all pages and images of this web site (doing my best to keep these pages up to date).

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CONTACT US: If you have a story to tell about a mill, would like to suggest a topic, or add a url link, need help in restoring a mill, have mill parts that are puzzling you, have milling books or magazines to sell, or if you just love old mills as I do, send e-mail to me. Your comments and suggestions about this site are welcomed and encouraged.

Theodore R. Hazen
Pond Lily Mill Restorations


Theodore R. Hazen
Pond Lily Mill Restorations

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