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Pond Lily Mill Restorations

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Provides Information and Services
Relating to Mill Restoration

Theodore R. Hazen

Master Miller, Millwright, Millstone Dresser; Consultant
on grist mills & flour mills, water wheels & turbines,
millstones, millstone grinding, & millstone dressing;
long & short system roller mills; operating mills & mill restoration.

America's Leading Authority on the Restoration, Operation,
Interpretation and Preservation of Historical Grist and Flour Mills.

Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations

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Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations
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Website Disclaimer: The historical and technical information contained in this website represents a lifetime of work and research. It has been carefully check and recheck for historical accuracy before ever presented to the public. In the recording and reporting of Molinological and museological information, and events, USNPS procedures have been followed. Some events depicted in certain posting and threads on this website are my own view point and opinion, and any similarity to any person living or dead, or historical place is merely coincidental.

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Pond Lily Mill Restorations
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CONTACT US: If you have a story to tell about a mill, would like to suggest a topic, or add a url link, need help in restoring a mill, have mill parts that are puzzling you, have milling books or magazines to sell, or if you just love old mills as I do, send e-mail to me. Your comments and suggestions about this site are welcomed and encouraged.

Theodore R. Hazen
Pond Lily Mill Restorations


Theodore R. Hazen
Pond Lily Mill Restorations

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Life and Adventures of America's Most Celebrated Tramp!

The Actual True Life Adventures of A-No.1,
written by himself from personal experiences.
The famous tramp who traveled 500,000 miles for $7.61.
A-No.1 the King of the Hoboes.
The Emperor of the North Pole.
It's not a place, it's a prize!
A-No.1 At Rest At Last
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Photographs of my brother
John E. Hazen's Covered Bridge
in northwestern Pennsylvania.

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