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Readings from the Miller's Bookshelf

The Miller's Bookshelf

The Miller's Bookshelf was often located in the Miller's Office. Here the Miller kept reference books and milling trade journals. Our Miller's Bookshelf will feature abridged topics from some traditional milling books. Depending upon the work, some items may appear with illustrations. The books presented here may rotate over time and new chapters added to currently presented books. The main topics selected are the history of milling, millstones, roller mills, water power and water wheels. While reading, please consider the time period of the work's original composition.

Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations

The American Miller, and Millwright's Assistant, by William Carter Hughes, 1894.
Campbell Water Wheel Company, Water Wheels, Dams, Hydro - Electric
Plants & Water Supply Systems,
by John Blake Campbell, 1932.
The Evolution of the Flour Mill from Prehistoric Ages to Modern Times, by John Elton, October 1905.
Fitz Steel Overshoot Water Wheels, Bulletin No. 70, December 1928.
Flour Milling, by Peter A. Kozmin, 1917.
The Flour Mills of Minneapolis, by Eugene V. Smalley, 1886.
From Wheat to Flour, by Josehine Brandenburg Beardsley, 1937.
The Miller and Milling Engineer, by Charles E. Oliver, 1919.
The Miller and Millwright, by R. James Abernathey, 1904.
The Miller's, Millwright's and Engineer's Guide, by Henry Pallett, 1890.
Milling Studies, by Edgar S. Miller, 1928.
Millstones, An Introduction, Notes by Charles Howell, 1978.
Modern Mechanism, Appleton's Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics. 1892.
Modern Milling, by Robert Grimshaw, 1881.
Notes on Gristmills and Milling in Pennsylvania, by Henry S. Engart, 1933.
The Old Time Water Wheels of America, by Joseph P. Frizell, 1893.
Plan and Power of a Flour Mill of Sixty Years Ago, by Prof. B. W. Dedrick, 1931.
The Practical American Millwright and Miller, by David Craik, 1870.
Practical Hints on Mill Building, by R. James Abernathey, 1880.
Process of Flour Manufacture, by Percy A. Amos, 1912.
The Story of a Grain of Wheat, by William C. Edgar, 1904.
There'll Always be Water Wheels, by Neil M. Clark, December 3, 1955.
A Treatise on Bread, and Bread-Making, by Sylvester Graham, 1837.
The Young Mill-Wright and Miller's Guide, by Oliver Evans, 1795.
Wheat and Its Products, by Andrew Millar, 1916.

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