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Pond Lily Mill Restorations Site Map

Pond Lily Mill Restorations Site Map.

A Road Map (Atlas) of this Site.

Old Fashioned Grist Mill, a drawing for elementary school students showing how a grist mill works.

The Heart of Pond Lily Mill Restorations.

Please Note: This Web Site Grows Almost Daily!
So This Page will Constantly be Under Construction.

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What's New - News & Announcements.

1. More Web Space.
2. Upgrade from PageMill 1.0 to PageMill 3.0.
3. Pond Lily Mill Restorations CD-Rom Version Front Page 2000.
4. Pond Lily Mill Restorations Legal Contract.
5. Pond Lily Mill Restorations Main Menu Page.
6. Another Look at F. A. Drake's Mill, near Cambridge Springs, Pa. 
7.A History of  F. A. Drake's Mill & The Community of Drake's Mills (long version of history).

Just Created:

1. Description of an Early American Mill as Found in Central Pennsylvania, by Dr. W. B. Bigler,  November 1909.
2. Save Virginia's Explore Park from the Developer & Development!
3. The Mystery of the Mill, by Vrest Orton, 1951.
4. Historical Operation of Water Powered Mills in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States.
5. Mills and Their Interpretation.
6. The Brownie and the Fincastle Mill.
7. Remembering Paul Roth.
8. Mock Mills, Restoration Perversion.
9. The Sad Evolution of an Historic Mill into a Mock Mill.
10. The Tub Mill in the Evolution of the Modern Water Turbine.
Historical Operation of Water Powered Mills in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States.Historical Operation of Water Powered Mills in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States.Just Added:
1. The Mill of Roadside America.
2. Winter in the Country.
3. Production After Automation.
4. Interpretive Master Plan (IMP), it sounds painful, but it is not.
5. Example of a Lesson Plan for Rope Making.
6. Experience with Overshot, Undershot and Pitchback Water Wheels.
7. Technology of Merit (System of Merit).
8. Is the Miller a Craftsman?
9. Flour Bolting (Sifting) and Bolting Cloth.

Latest Pages

1. When Photographs Change the Historical Record.
2. Model of an Oliver Evans Automated Flour Mill.
3. Miller Loses Windmill, An Antique Art Print Engraving.
4. The Hand-Mill, Scottish Women Grinding Meal.
5. Letters of Reference.
6. Report on Mills and Millers.
7. More Images of Historical Millers, from old historical photos.
8. A Mill on a Stream is Part of an Organic Process.
9. Milling Design in North America.
10. Basic Principles for the Restoration of Old Mills.

Newest Pages -

1. The Miller, from the Panorama of Professions and Trades; or Every Man's Book, by Edward Hazen.
2. Living History Interpretation.
3. Problems in Interpretation - Buyer Beware!
4. The Miller in the Canterbury Tales, for mature readers only.
5. Architectural Analysis of Peirce Mill and Argyle Mill. Two Mills a Half a Mile apart, and Built by the same Millwright Isaac Pearce.
6. The Techniques Employed in Mill Restoration - Standards and Guidelines for Historical Buildings, and the Odds & Ends of Historic Mill Preservation.
7. Three additional Chapters from the "Miller and Milling Engineer," by Charles E. Oliver, 1919. Chapter 2: Head Miller, Foreman, or Superintendent; Chapter 3: The Manager and Mill Owner; and Chapter 4: Salesman and Salesmanship.
8. Flour Milling in America, A General Overview.
9. More Images of Historical Millers, from Old Historical Photos.
10. Another Look at Mill Artifacts, was Some of these Items really used in an Old Mill.

Other New Pages -

1. More Interior Views of Mills Circa 1850-70, the Return of the Mill Machine.
2. Mill Folklore: "History or Hearsay," part 1.
3. Pond Lily Mill Restorations Site Map.
4. The Duty of the Miller, by Oliver Evans from: "The Young Mill-Wright and Miller's Guide," 1795, William Carter Hughes, under the title: "On the Amount of Help Necessary to be Employed in a Mill of Four Run of Stones, with the Duty of Each Respectively" from: "The American Miller and Millwright's Assistant," 1850, and Henry Pallett from: "The Miller, Millwright's and Engineer's Guide," 1890.
5. Automated Flour Milling Evolves into New Process Milling 1820-60.
6. The Miller's, Millwright's and Engineer's Guide, by Henry Pallett, 1890.
7. 16 Reasons to Use Theodore R. Hazen & Pond Lily Mill Restorations. .
8. Comparison of British and American Mills in the 1780's and 1790's.
9. Problems with Interpretation of Oliver Evans' "The Young Mill-Wright & Miller's Guide."
10. A Personal Remembrance of the Lady Miller: E. Barton McGuire.
11. Interpretative Methods for Understanding the Past.
12. Millstones Don't You Just Love Them!

New Related Web Pages -

1. The Case Study: Heishman's Mill Dam, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
2. Going with the Flow, Historic dams are being razed or altered to allow fish to spawn. Is there another way? Dam Time, Free the water but respect the past,

What Relatied Web Pages are in the Works -

1. My Brother John E. Hazen's Covered Bridge, North East, Pennsylvania.

What's in the Works -

1. Milling Folklore, part 2.
2. Milling Folklore, part 3.
3. From Wheat To Flour, by Josephine Brandenburg Beardsley.
4. Old Mills, by Marion Nicholl Rawson (Chapters 13 to 26).
5. Example #4 National Register Nomination: National Register of Historic Places, Continuation Sheet, Woodson's Mill, Nelson County, Lowesville, Virginia.
6. The Miller and Millwright, by R. James Abernathey, 1904.
7. Practical Hints on Mill Building, by R. James Abernathey, 1880.
8. Milling Studies, by Edgar S. Miller, 1928.
9. Milling Highlights & Oddities, from the pages of "American Miller" magazine.
10. Sound files of a water powered flour mill operating & millstone dressing.

What's are the Possibilities -

1. Another look at the Linchester Mill & Why it should be Restored.
2. "The Early Grist and Flouring Mills of New Jersey," by Harry B. Weiss, & Robert J. Sim.
4. Wherever Water Blooms, by Roger Butterfield, July 26, 1941.
5 Dam Time, Free the water but respect the past: Going With The Flow, by Wayne Curtis, Preservation, July-August 2003.
6. The Miller in Children's Literature: Folklore and Fakelore, the Development of the Fairy Story in Children's Literature.

What's Not -

1. Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page since April-May 1996.
2. Pond Lily Mill Restorations Rate Sheet - Rates Effective as of October 1, 1995.

Beginner's Guide - To Old Mills & Mill Restoration.
The Rules - Rights and Reproductions of Material found in this Web Site.
Building Guide - Restoration & Preservation versus Recreation.
Advice for Your Site -

1. The Milling Web, mill backgrounds, buttons, boarders, icons, and images to create your own mill - water power web site. These are images that I have collected but have not used on my own web site.

Mail Bag - Feedback Forum.
Reviews of this Web Site - Chills, Thrills, and Mills.
Submit Your Links -
Links to Mill Societies, Mill Sites & Other Mill Related Sites.
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Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page - Categories - Zones

1. Miller's Bookshelf - Reference Material.
2. Library & References - Short Articles & Information.
3. Oliver Evans & Automated Flour Milling - Automation of Flour Milling in America.
4. Interpretation for Old Mills and Historic Places - Interpretation of Old Mills, First-Person Interpretation of Old Mills, Lesson Plans, Programs and Handout Material.
5. Restoration & Preservation - Introduction to Old Mills & Mill Restoration.
6. Old Mills - History & Illustrations.
7. Millstone Dressing & Tools - Millstones, Millstone Dressing, The Millstone Dresser and his Tools.
8. Technology of Mills - of Winds, Waters, and Tides.
9. Artifacts of Mills - Artifacts Found in Early American Mills, making it look more like a real mill.
10. The Fitz Water Wheel Company & Their Historical Restorations -
11. The Miller's Tales - The Story and Life of the Miller.
12. Remembering Old Friends- Charles Howell, E. Barton McGuire, John Blake Campbell, and Donald C. Wisensale.
13. Slone's Grist Mill - The Restoration of Esom Slone's Grist Mill, Virginia's Explore Park, Roanoke, Virginia.
14. Other Mills - Peirce Mill, Heishman's Mill, F.A. Drake's Mill, Graves Mill, Dellinger Grist Mill, and Barnitz Mill, Woodson's Mill, and Thresher Mill.
15. Guide to Old Mills -
16. Water Wheels - How to Construct a Traditional Wooden Water Wheel.
17. Water Wheel Albums- The Good, the Bad, and the Incorrect.
18. Education & Research Resources - Interpretation for Old Mills and Historic Places.
19. Articles and Images found in this Site - Indexes by Text & Title of Images.
20. Mill Book Exchange - Buying and Selling.

Other Web Sites -

1. Hazen Family Web Site.
2. A-No.1 At Rest At Last, a Site in Memory of Leon Ray Livingston, A-No.1 the King of the Hoboes.

What's in the Works -

1. Josiah Flynt Stories.
2. The Story of A-No.1, a.k.a Leon Ray Livingston.
3. Early Draft for the Script for Emperor of the North Pole.

Company Information - Our History - Pond Lily Mill Restorations - General Overview.
Product Information -
Services Overview.
General Company Information
- About Theodore R. Hazen.

1. An Account of Theodore R. Hazen, Jr., Qualifications and Experience.
2. Various Background Work Related Skills of Theodore R. Hazen.
3. The Milling Experiences of My Life.
4. Letters of Reference.

General Product Information - Information and Services Available From Pond Lily Mill Restorations.
Company History & Philosophy

1. Our Mission Statement.
2. Why Mills?

Outreach Programs and Workshops -

1. Folklore Workshop: West Virginia Grist Mills. - Week 4, August 1 to 6, 2004. Folklore Workshop, Augusta Heritage Center of Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, West Virginia.
2. Mills and Their Interpretation, Preservation Conference, Partnerships Conference XXX.

Pond Lily Mill Restorations Rates - Pond Lily Mill Restorations Rate Sheet - Job Description, Price Rates: Fixed Fee & Hourly - Daily Rates. Rates Effective as of October 1, 1995. Donate to Pond Lily Mill Restorations Home Page, and show your appreciation. Contribute.

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