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Alphabetical list of Games

Here's a list of various puzzle games from over the years. Whenever possible, I'll even try to add a link to a video demonstration of the games in play, though I cannot guarantee the continued validity of the external links I post here.
Amazing Maze Ghox
Aqua Rush Gigas (both games)
Arkanoid (all games) Gunbarich
Ataxx Gururin
Baku Baku Animal
Hatch Catch
Bal Cube Hatris
Balloon Brothers
Bang Bang Ball Klax
Battle Balls Kollon
Bejeweled (all games) Land Maker
Block Block Loco-Motion
Block Fever Magical Drop (all games)
Block Hole Marble Madness
Block Out Naname de Magic!
Bloxeed Palamedes
Borench Panic Bomber - Bomberman
Breakout (all games) Plotting
Brix Pnickies
Pochi and Nyaa
Cannon Ball Pop 'n Bounce
Canyon Bomber Pop 'n Pop
Chicken Shift Puchi Carat
China Town Puyo Puyo (all games in series)
Circus Puzzle Bobble (all games in series)
Cleopatra Fortune Puzzled
Cluster Buster Puzzle de Pon! (both games)
Columns (all games) Puzzle Quest
Cookie & Bibi (all games) Puzz Loop
Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle Puzznic
Cue Brick Qix (all games)
Daruma Dojo - Mezase, Tachimaro Ou Quester
Deroon Dero Dero Sen-Know
Dr. Mario Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Dream Shopper Taisen Puzzle-Dama (all related games)
Tetris (all possible versions)
Field Goal Tube-It
Flash Point Volfied
Gals Panic! Welltris
Gee Bee (all related games) Zintrick
Gem Smashers Zuma (both games)

List of Shorts and Prototypes

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