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Introduction to this site

Bloxeed thumbnailI have been a fan of puzzle games like Tetris for many years now. Those kind of computer games have always facinated me, and served as a perfect pastime. And as I've discovered, there's been many puzzle games made for years, possibly ever since Atari first came up with Breakout. Even though that may not be a puzzle game in the truest sense, I nevertheless consider Breakout a key lead-in to many puzzle games that came in later years, and it has some similar qualities, since it's meant to be the kind of game you can get really addicted to trying out to see just how long you can go in eliminating all those colored tiles, row by row (even maze and quiz games, depending on the structure, can count). Plus, let's note that Breakout was an inspiration for Arkanoid, which featured even more challenging ideas along the lines of puzzle gimmicks!

So finally, after many years of looking over as many puzzles as possible, I thought to build a website specially dedicated to them, where everybody can get a good look at all the great concepts designed. From tiles to bubbles, there's plenty here. It'll primarily feature games made for arcades, but I will try to add games made for home consoles like Nintendo's and the Playstation. And I encourage everybody to look for these magnificient gems and play them as well! Happy gaming!

About the webmaster

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1974 and moved to Israel in 1983. I played with various video games in my youth, with puzzle/breakout games decidedly making my best experiences. And so, after many years, I thought a website dedicated to them could be a great way to show my appreciation of what's by far the best video games ever.

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