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Recommended Sites

Here's a whole list of some of the best puzzle related sites I can think of for starters, and there's several sites for games that aren't puzzles too. Most of what I'll be putting here are sites with the same program installed, such as N-Blox, but I think it'd be a good idea to list all I can find nevertheless.

Tetris websites

These include Tetris Holdings, the main site in charge of the famous franchise, and also Tetris Friends. There's also Play Tetris Online, which features five different versions of the game. Here's Free Tetris, which may be the main site for Neave's N-Blox. Then there's Tetris Free. And there's even Play Tetris Games, which features several different versions and variants on this famous creation. Below is a list of high scores I recorded for the different versions available that I played.
Miniclip Tetris
Score: 4155
Lines: 124
Level: 8
Score: 25,978
Level: 8
Lines: 79
Tetris Friends
Score: 183121
Level 10
Lines cleared: 181
Tetriminos Locked Down: 489
Singles: 76
Doubles: 23
Triples: 13
Tetrises: 5
Max combos: 29
T-spin: 1
Back to backs: 1

Breakout websites

These include Triplets and Us for a special version. On Free Online Arkanoid Games, you can find links to several games in the style of Breakout too.

Klax websites

These include a special version I've found that looks more isometric than the original. Here is a page from 123 Games.

Bejeweled websites

Here is a site specially for playing an online vesion of the first game, albeit the timed mode. It's even got a special version bearing the original title proposed for the series, "Diamond Mine" available. For the standard mode, you can play at this webpage. For the sequels and other Pop Cap online items, you'll need to go to their own website here, where Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3 can be played online. There's also this webpage and this website. Below are scores I recorded from each game I played; my best to a certain date.
Bejeweled 1
Score: 18315
Gems 932
Gems per minute 98.4
Best move: 1110
Bejeweled 2
Level 28 (Classic)
Score: 560798
Gems: 9788
Longest cascade: 15
Best combo: 15979
Level 4 (Timed)
Score: 99550
Gems: 448
Longest cascade: 7
Best combo: 7000
Bejeweled Twist
Level 12
Score: 144800
Bejeweled 3
Score: 8.757.375
Level 31
Best move: 320.550
Longest cascade: 10
Flame gem: x368
Star gem: x70
Hyper cube: x49

Puyo Puyo websites

Nintendo 8's got an online take on this game, with 2 shapes featured for the puzzle parts.

Puzzle Bobble websites

Y8.Com's got a flash-based version of the game.

Candy Crush websites

Here's a site for playing this game online without having to play it through Facebook.

Zuma websites

This is Zuma Deluxe, which features a flash-powered version of the game. There's also Zuma Deluxe Online, which offers a lot more.

Other sites for computer games

The Internet Archive's got the Internet Arcade, where you can play more than 900 famous old games and counting. So too does Retro Games Online, XL-Atari, SNES Fun, Neo Geo Fun, and Retro Sega. There's also plenty more to be found at RetroGames.CC.

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