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African American Women Cruising The Carribean

Atlanta, GA ( - For decades, African Americans have traveled the world over on vacations, spending 75.2 million dollars in 2002. In fact, one of ten African American households spent at least $1,000 on vacation excluding transportation in 2002. Now, African American women seeking a vacation spot in the Caribbean Islands have a new, unique, one-of-a-kind alternative to reach their destination.

A new company, Ladies Choice Limited (LCL), is offering an innovative and creative way for African American women to relax and unwind. LCL will offer them high-end designer sailing, providing them opportunities to be sailed on luxury sailing yachts in the Caribbean, and simultaneously, the opportunity to engage in a historical/spiritual experience, inspired by interacting with the ocean. By any measure, the business promises to be the next step in vacationing for African American women-personalized, intimate experiences that touch mind, body and soul.

Beginning July 24, 2006, the "Exhale Sail" for African American women begins. They can leave their respective cities and head for St. Thomas where they will ferry over to Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI). Tortola is one of 60 islands (e.g., Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke) in the BVI chain.

"During the day, African American women will sail with dolphins and ride the waves on 42-foot (or larger) Catamaran yachts," said Dr. Carolyn Louper-Morris, chairwoman of LCL. "We want women to free their minds while sailing -- free of hair and skin care maintenance and other mind cluttering things. LCL will expose African American women to the rhythms of the Caribbean Sea."

"Participating in the Ancestral Walks will be the 'quintessential spiritual passage' of the African American woman's sailing voyage," said Dr. DeKimberlen Neely, president of LCL. "They will embark upon a soul searching and cleansing journey, walking the same roads and hills of and listening to the voices of their ancestors." "To date, no other company has targeted African American women for this kind of traveling experience," said Louper-Morris, who created the LCL model based on her personal sailing experiences aboard her designer yacht, the Vanille. William Morris, CEO of LCL, notes that "African American women are not visible in the sailing world and have not had the opportunity to reconnect to the sea the way LCL will enable them to do so. We want them to join the adventure and avail themselves to a quality sailing experience."

The entire LCL sailing experience is designed to help women relinquish their corporate persona and stimulate their consciousness. Women will be encouraged to step into a space where clarity takes over and they begin to experience what Neely calls "a higher chakra that heightens their energy expanding (ergotropic) and energy calming (trophotropic) systems." Neely wants African American women to be able to lock hands with their sisters and take a journey throughout the Diaspora, where, she says, many African American ancestors were claimed by the waters or displaced around the Caribbean Islands.

Louper-Morris and Neely say they want women to absorb and receive the creative juices that will be rejuvenated by a greater life force. "We want them to taste and experience the finest down home Caribbean cooking by native islanders, to come and exhale for one week, sip their favorite beverage and touch the stars at night. We want them to experience the sea and its' life force, and to inhale each island's life and beauty."

In the past 8 months, Louper-Morris, a former Historically Black College and University (HBCU) faculty member at Atlanta University, Central State University and Morris College, as well as successful business owner, has sailed the Caribbean from Trinidad to Tortola.

For more information about Ladies Choice Limited sailing vacations, please contact Dr. DeKimberlen Neely, at, visit the website at, or call Dr. Neely at 877-551-7513.

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