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Dark Freeman is a ticking time bomb,ready to explode.

Desperate to find direction around all the obstacles in his life. Dark is lost and confused and fast. Dark lives between two vastly opposed worlds that demand much of him . One world is that of privilege and opportunity- The University of Chicago. The other is that of violence,fear and unrealized potential-The South Side of Chicago.

He is a student in the first and a resident in the second,but belongs to neither. It is in between these two worlds that Dark must somehow regain his determination to succeed, keep his sanity and most importantly,survive.Trailer

Dark FreemanJason H.Bonner
SophieElizabeth Isibue
RoeEugene Long
DeweySonny Coleman
TroyVivian Green
Written and Directed by D.A.Bullock

All Rights Reserved copyright by Urbandisc 2005/6245
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