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Hip Hop Task Force

Chicago detective Kevin Jones is forced with the toughest challenge of his career when he is summoned to Baltimore by the FBI to assist them on their infamous Hip Hop Task Force unit.

His assignment,go undercover into a hip hop record company as a music producer to find and identify a highly sought after crime lord that is rumored to frequent the label.

During the assignment,Jones develops a close relationship with the CEO of the label Dajuan Manning.

At the same time he falls in love Manning's daugther only to discover that the criminal is someone closer than he was led to believe.

This sudden twist in events begins to complicate his mission as thes new found relationships are put into question. How do you betray a close friend and the woman you now love? Do you chose your badge your or heart?

James Jones Michael Bell Sr.
Brian"Buddha"Pratt Mia Speight
Erin GreenVeronica Holmes
Audrey BurrellEricka Cooke
Gary MahmoudNakia Warren
Derick Fantroy
Written and Directed by Corey Grant

All Rights Reserved copyright by Urbandisc 2005/6245
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