Strange As Angels

This African American movie is about an a friendly independent woman have both mind-blowing sex and a satisfying relationship without giving up her individuality? Sensual Chicago painter Marilyn Ross(Marie-Francoise Theodore,LOVE JONES)struggles with the dilemma as she tries to change her uneventful life.

When she meets newly divorced journalist Rodney Porter(Christian Payton,The Temptations,U.S.MARSHALS) they share a sizzling chemistry,but haunted by prior bad relationships, Marilyn clings to her freedom. Funny,stylish and sophisticated, STRANGE AS ANGELS takes a refreshing,candid look at the complexities of love.(Distributor's Synopsis)

This is a great date movie. The music sets the mood for interesting romantic questions and adventure for the characters. Very stylish,steamy,original and serious along with a dab of humor. The dialogue is fantastic and the pace of the movie is excellent.

This is one of the best African Ameircan romance movies ever made for film or straight to DVD. STRANGE AS ANGELS is one movie that is a must for your DVD collection. This movie has raised the bar for African American romantic movies.

Writer and director Steve Foley did an outstanding job of putting together an execellent cast to tell this beautiful,smooth and romantic movie.(Urbandisc)  Trailer


Marilyn RossMarie-Francoise Theodore
Rodney PorterChristian Payton
Lena StarrJamila Anderson
Earl WillisInny Clemons
Mamie RossMimie Ayers
Vincent OrmanHershel McPherson
Jack CarltonJames Craven
Elise WeaverKarin Smith
Written and Directed by Steve Foley

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