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Make Me Whole
A African American Christian Novel
A Novel Of Christian Fiction

Make Me Whole is an African American Christian novel that will take you on a fascinating journey of three Atlanta women who each battle with their personal demons and everyday-life issues of broken marriages, busted finances, and even an acid career.

Read what Jacky Jayson, Denise "Neicy" Chavez and Prescilla "Cee-Cee" Bates are cooking up in this delicious novel.

Jacky canít seem to commit to a long-term steady jobó or a balanced checkbook. Neicy desires a healthy marriage, but canít seem to turn down the flirtatious attention from other men. And having a comfy lifestyle and church prominence for Cee-Cee takes priority over her husbandís love and devotion These close-knit friends donít brace themselves for a trip to the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Annual Holy Convocation, where the church is celebrating 100 years of grand history and unstoppable faith in Memphis, Tennessee.

What the ladies don't know is that when they get to Memphis, they just may create their own memorable moments that could change the direction of their lives.

Can these ladies learn that God can be the power source to pick up the broken pieces of their lives, plant their feet on solid ground and make them whole? Only God can... Make Me Whole!

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